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Live Feed Updates-August 18-Day 62

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 18-Day 62

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    3:45 BBT

    Steve is the only one awake. He just got done taking a shower and is now cooking himself a pork chop.


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      2:17 Cam 3/4

      John passes Steve in the hall on his way into the bathroom. They fistbump and say "Rock Stars, baby".

      Steve turns to run laughingly into the bathroom with John, saying "We need a five-person name" (for their alliance with Twistins).

      J: You guys come up with it. I don't care.

      S: I suck at naming sh*t.

      Talk appears to be over already but then Steve returns.

      S: Did any info come out after I left? Or were you guys just shootin' sh*t.

      J: We were just shooting sh*t.

      S: Okay. I just think that next week is the wrong week to go after Vanessa. I think once someone comes back in -- then it's done. Do you understand what I'm saying.

      JMac is "yeah"ing along cordially.

      S: That's all.

      J: Go ahead [gesturing Steve to leave] because they're watching on the camera.

      Steve leaves and goes to the backyard.

      S: Johnny Mac thinks we have a final two. It's so cute.

      Then S scurries around the backyard muttering about how he can totally see ... something ... if you walk in ... something ... you could ... something ... and that's what I like ... you can totally see ... there is intellectual gametime ... social and intellectual game time .... [I'm not pretending to get his rambles exactly right or in the right order ... I waited for awhile to see if it was going to make sense and that's what I remember from what I just witnessed.]

      More muttering: and that's what, yes ... you can something, like, watch it ...

      "I want James to go out next week. There's no question about that." "And I need to f***ing work on my relationship with Meg. I need to get Meg to like me." "I have this idea in my head and I keep not doing it. I need to actually go through with it. Hi Meg. ... Can we actually like talk?"

      Some whispering about what he would say to her about covering his butt and putting her on the block.

      He continues pacing around the backyard and practicing how he wants to ease into a conversation with Meg. Then JMac goes to the backyard and Steve goes to the bathroom and takes his mic off.

      [It's 2:21.]

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        8:01 Not a creature is stirring ....


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          9:40AM BBT
          all cams on Austin (1&2 with him in bathroom using hair straightener - 3&4 on her in the kitchen making coffee)

          everyone else still sleeping I guess

          Liz calls out to Austin "should one of my tweets be 'what do you think about Austin's braids?' ( lol)

          he just says 'ha or huh' (not sure which lol) says something about redoing them?

          Liz looking around and whining about finding cinnamon to add to coffee

          (skipping ahead)

          9:47AM Cams 1 & 2 on sleeping HGS
          Cams 3&4 head out to BY with Liz & Austin
          Liz saying they can have morning coffee point to go back to bed
          then she walks over to cuddle Austin

          Austin wondering if a song has been picked to do wake up with

          Liz saying its cold

          Austin saying to camera to type in a song he wants to be chosen for them

          Liz says they are the reigning champs of BB Chef and then talking about her blog .what she should say

          Austin telling her some of her ideas (to put in the blog) are lame...people reading the blog watch the show/feeds and already know things she is talking about putting in her blog

          She says her. He tells her obviously she should put in about Irish Spring...of course talk about him (gag) and then how they've 'enjoyed' the HOH room (gag again) He tells her think about what people wanna magazines always talk about couples this and that...if they will stay together ....blah blah

          we get FISH ...guess wake up time for the house (this was 9:51AM BBT)


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            back from wake-up FISH at about 10:04AM BBT
            Cam 1 kitchen with Steve just getting up & milling around
            Cam 2 Bedroom w/James & Meg getting woken up & chatting...talking about what they'll do today
            James talking about everybody being up & down all time in the wee hours. HNs were up & down all night a lot. Most activity like that in the night so far he says. Meg says they couldnt really be plotting right now. Meg whispers she can't deal with Becky today.

            Cams 3 & 4 BY with Liz & Austin snuggled up on the couch having coffee

            Liz still talking about what she is gonna put in her blog


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              10:06AM BBT
              Cams 1 & 2
              Bedroom with Meg & James whispering about Becky
              Meg saying Becky always act like she's speaking for her (Meg)
              James says he never does that..he always says he has to talk to Meg to see what she thinks. Meg says she's the same.

              James says he's kinda glad Becky is going out... it's just 'too much' with her
              Meg - yeah it's just too much

              Cams 3 & 4
              Austin & Liz putting up the awnings in the BY

              they finish and..

              Austin - there we go..we did it..where's our damn thank you?....can we get a thank you?
              they head in hand-in-hand (aww...blech)


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                10:12AM BBT
                Cams 1 & 2 Liz & Austin have joined Meg & James
                Liz talking about her blog and what should she include in it (Lawd child)

                Cams 3 & 4
                HN room JMac & Vanessa

                JMac still sleeping..Vanessa was up fixing her 'bedding' and has climbed back into the bed/chair ...eating some sort of hard candy (oh it's Ricola) and back to sleep for her too it seems

                cams switch me to Steve in kitchen alone eating


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                  10:20AM BBT

                  James, Meg, Liz & Austin in bedroom just laying around and chit-chatting ...joking about pics later and what the theme should be

                  we get brief fish

                  around 10:30AM Steve joins them in the bedroom..more joking around and chatting...they are being a little immature and joking about slightly vulgar stuff ...nothing too terrible...just silly.


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                    10:40AM BBT

                    all cams in bedroom still with same group...talking about Liz's blog... Steve telling her to be careful because they put it out there *just* like she types it (he brings up Gina Marie's blogs) and they don't proof read.

                    Liz gets called to DR...time for her blog ... Austin asks how long it will take and they say an hour and he's like "an hour?!! I'd knock it out in five minutes" (I think he's worried he'll miss Liz tooo much )

                    Austin talks about what he would talk about in his blog for HOH (if he was HOH)

                    James jumps over into Meg's bed and she tells him to get out..what is he doing? she was so comfortable! he tells her just get comfortable again. (lol)

                    quick FISH

                    back with Meg getting up outta the bed because James mentions the camera and she says yeah so stop..get outta my bed..there's already enough jokes about us

                    Cams 3 & 4 have gone to the BY where we find Vanessa enjoying the sun

                    back over on cams 1 & 2
                    Meg, James, Austin & Steve
                    James & Austin giving Steve a hard time ..saying they were gonna make him an egg omelet and he says he is a HN so no they werent. they said they were gonna force it down his throat to which Steve replies that would get them ejected or at least severely punished. they said find they'll shove it 'where the sun don't shine' and he tells them that would also be against the rules not to mention illegal. He tells them CA and US laws still apply in the BB house.

                    Austin brings up Lawon (but calls him something wrong and Steve corrects him) and they talk briefly about how he thought he was gonna get a special power ()

                    James & Austin go out to make omelets (or that's what they say)

                    Steve & Meg chat for a quick minute or two....Steve asking her if it really bothers her to be aggravated by like James & such in the house..she says she has brothers so no..she's used to it. They talk about her brothers and how she's the youngest. And about how her Dad is the mayor

                    Meg says she is going to hop in the shower they will discuss more later..head out to shower

                    Steve - okay. get clean for me. (slightly awkward there lol)

                    Steve leaves and goes into the HN room where he climb back into his bed/chair ...JMac still there snoozing away


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                      10:55AM BBT
                      Cams 1 & 2 in bathroom with Meg showering

                      Cams 3 & 4 in kitchen with James & Austin...Vanessa on bottom of stairs ..Becky comes through
                      Not much being said..just chit chat here & there while James is eating and Austin in cooking

                      **Currently now **
                      11:09AM BBT

                      Cams 1 & 2 still in bathroom with Meg getting dressed, doing hair

                      Cams 3 & 4 still kitchen same as above basically

                      {{okay I've procrastinated as long as I can..hehe I have to go do some errands & chores...BBL ... if anyone is around please do jump in with LFU highlights if ya can }}


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                        The HG are taking their BB HOH photos. About 12:10 p.m. Becky is in the kitchen with Johnny Mac and Steve and complaining about having hot flashes (even if she doesn’t realize it) and also about a toe she thinks she broke in OTEV.

                        12:45 p.m. Johnny Mac and Austin are out working out after they finished the photos. It is “beach day” today. Julia is fixing breakfast for herself and she is predicting (to Steve) that she or Liz will be on slop next week. Julia tells Steve that Liz wants to do slop with Austin which is very rude because she likes him more than Julia.

                        As I said it is Beach day so most of the HG are lying out or horsing around in the pool.

                        2:30 p.m. We find Johnny Mac and Steve sleeping in the HN room. Others still lying out. Austin and James are talking about putting together a tour bus and inviting LFers to come see them. Vanessa, Meg and Becky are just chatting in the backyard about twitter.

                        2:52 p.m. We still have the same situation. Messy around in the pool or lying in the backyard. Now Becky and Julia are inside but nothing game worthy going on.

                        As I leave for a while we hear Julia and Meg talking about just hanging out in the backyard before they head back for a nap. They talk about being locked down tomorrow so they need to enjoy the outside now.


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                          2:55 p.m. The cameras are on Austin and Liz in the hot tub.....and it looks like they might be "having a moment". Icky!!! The cameras quickly move away.
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                            Liz is taking a shower, she gets out and Austin says he is going to take one. 2 minutes later we see him putting on deodorant and then combing his hair. I don't think he took much of a shower because after he put on the deodorant he smells his pits. ?????

                            Julia is doing dishes and Becky is sweeping and sweeping. Meg has gone back to bed.


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                              4:45 p.m. Austin and Liz are asleep. Vanessa is doing dishes. It appears everyone else is sleeping because they had to get up early for Photo Booth. Steve, doing what he does best, just wanders around the backyard talking to himself and saying nothing. As he comes out of the bathroom to head outside he is like Mr. Monk and needs to touch every window sill as he goes by.

                              Vanessa comes outside and tells Steve that he did a great job cleaning up the backyard.


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