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Live Feed Updates-August 20-Day 64

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 20-Day 64

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    4:00am BBT

    Becky is the only one up. She's in the storage room with her foot up on the suitcase taking care of her toe. She takes medication and goes back to bed.


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      Before laying down she went in to the kitchen to get a bag of ice to put on her foot. Now she is all settled in bed with her foot propped up and ice on it.


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        Happy Live Eviction Day!

        Catching us up...

        9:35 AM BBT
        Becky giving her last plea to Austin and a the twins to keep her because with Becky being injured, she won't be able to win a comp that involves running. She is hoping it will be the egg one (where you stick your fingers through holes to move an egg around) because that's more of a chance one. But Becky is going after Vanessa, and Vanessa is going after Becky. Becky says that they don't know who Vanessa would go after if Becky wasn't there.

        9:48 AM The twins get hair dye!

        9:49 AM

        Liz tells Meg and James about Becky's plea. Liz wants them to come talk to her and Austin later. Austin comes in and Liz leaves and Austin tells James & Meg that things haven't changed (with everyone voting out Becky) and he also tells them that yesterday Vanessa made them pull Johnny Mac into the HOH room and swear that he wouldn't "front door or back door" anyone in the room. Austin says after that Austin pulled J-Mac to the side and told him he can front or back door Vanessa all he wants. Johnny tells him he is glad to hear that because he was going to do that to her anyway.

        9:55 AM BBT

        James asks Meg why Becky hasn't talked to them yet? Meg tells him that Becky talked to her a little...about the Brass Tacks thing. Meg says she thinks Becky will talk to James right before the show tonight and that Becky probably isn't worried about their vote because of the alliance thing. James replies, oh yeah. (lol) Johnny Mac comes in and they chit chat.

        10:32 AM BBT

        Johnny Mac is sitting in Bed with Becky. He asks her if she knows what she is going to say yet (tonight on the live show) and Becky gets teary and says she just wants them (HOH peeps) to tell her if she is the one going or not. Becky says she doesn't feel like James and Meg have her back. She feels she fought their battle for them and now they are done with her. Becky says that James will never talk game with women, only the men. She says that he always comments about all the women left in the house. She says maybe it's not women, maybe he just doesn't want to talk game with her.

        Vanessa comes in to check on J-Mac and Becky. Becky says she feels nauseous because she took 2 Vicodin. Vanessa tells her to eat. Vanessa says that almost everybody has headed up to the HOH room. Vanessa leaves and Johnny whispers to Becky that he thinks everyone is getting on board to get Vanessa out. J-Mac and Becky start to get out of bed and Becky complains about the twins screaming and how she can't put up with that right now.

        10:41 AM BBT

        Fish and JeffReCaps


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          1:35 Cam 3/4 Liz and Austin talking game a little mysteriously ... I thought they might be trying to switch to keeping Becky ... but maybe they're trying to figure out how to tell James and Meg that they're voting out Becky.

          1:36 Cam 1/2 Meg and Vanessa also talking mysteriously -- just dropped to whispers -- about something being weird .... then Meg says "she doesn't think that she's going home" (so the "weird" situation may be whatever Becky is going through). Then Vanessa asks, "no one told her," and Meg whispers "no!" Then Meg starts talking aloud saying, "So I have to have that conversation with her." Vanessa agrees it's Meg's job. Meg says she's the one who had to do it last week too and asks why it's always her. Vanessa says it's because Meg has that way. Then they're laughing while Meg grits her teeth a little. Then Vanessa jokes that Meg needs to win HOH this week so she can tell everyone to go f*** themselves.

          Then they drop back to whispers and Meg says that she thinks they told Becky that if Meg and James are voting for Becky then they will vote for her also. [So is this why Liz and Austin were worrying about how to explain to James and Meg about voting Becky out?] This is the impression that Becky gave Meg this morning so ... "So they told her some bullsh*t", says Vanessa. Right, says Meg.

          [Okay, that's my drive-by snapshot -- bye!]
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            James gave Steve a haircut. Meg got a vacuum cleaner (Dyson) to clean up the hair. She told them she didn't know how to use it because she's got wood floors and just sweeps them.

            People just getting ready for tonight.

            Vanessa told Johnny Mac she would shave his back for him.


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              Steve's new cut...

              Vanessa adding some final touches...

              Vanessa and the twins tell him he looks so good. That he's HOT!


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                2:42 PM BBT

                Meg, Austin & James in the Living Room whispering about voting Becky out. Austin tells Meg & James that Becky was basically throwing them under the bus and saying that she wasn't with James & Meg but mainly with Jackie. James says something like, "Well then definitely vote her out"! (which is what Austin is wanting to make sure they do).

                They say that Becky isn't even packed. That they need to go help her pack. Says she won't be totally blindsided but kind of. Austin says something about them showing him carrying her down the stairs. (Meg has left).
                They say they'll have to help her out the door. Says something about getting a rolling chair to roll her out the door. Says they probably wouldn't be able to help her out the door. James and Austin say they have a good chance of one of them winning HOH.

                Meg & Steve come back. Talking about Becky having a lot of stuff to pack. Said they can't start packing yet (missed why). Start talking about how she's going to get out the door again.
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                  2:50 PM BBT

                  Austin is going in the room. James asks if he's going to help her pack. Says no, she's on the good sh**, she's on Vicodin, she won't wake up. She'll be out for a long time.


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                    2:56 PM BBT

                    They're speculating what the HOH Competition will be. They think it will the endurance comp where you have to hold onto the logs. Steve and Meg bet who can hold on longer. James says if Steve wins Meg has to kiss him (Steve). Meg says, "NOOOO, why does it always have to be that." Steve says if he wins that Meg has to kiss James. James says yeah, Tries to shake on it with Meg, pound fists. He says see this American. Meg is steadily saying no. Steve says so than what's the bet. Meg says something about just our pride and glory.
                    Steve says only 7 will competing for the HOH today.


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                      Tweet from CBS's official Big Brother Twitter account...

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                        3:10ish PM BBT

                        We're on Jeff Highlight loops probably until after the show airs tonight.


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                          Yep! We have an Endurance Head of Household Competition tonight!

                          That means heavy traffic for us!

                          If you are enjoying the new website, please consider making a donation to help pay for the expense that it takes to keep us up and running, especially during night's like tonight!


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                            Julie Chen announced that the Zingbot returns next week and he's launched an OFFICIAL twitter account...


                            ENDURANCE Head of Household Competition:

                            HoH Track meet. 6 races
                            Each race will have one House Guest eliminated
                            Houseguests must hold three buttons on starting clock.

                            Words will scroll, "Ready, Set, Go" ... when the word Go comes up, race to the end of the yard.

                            There are decoy words though...

                            If you release one of the three buttons before go comes up you are eliminated.

                            The word "Go" could be seconds, could be 30 minutes.

                            First heat - Meg is eliminated.

                            Next week...

                            Shelli, Jackie, Becky and the next evicted houseguest will get a chance to return next Thursday!

                            Second Heat -

                            The Endurance HoH continues on the Live Feeds!


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                              Second Heat - Julia is out!

                              Heat 3 ... Vanessa eliminated

                              The Endurance HoH continues on the Live Feeds!


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