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Live Feed Updates-August 21-Day 65

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 21-Day 65

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    3:45 BBT

    Steve in the HoH giving Liz and John a science lesson on calories, energy, and heat.

    Julia went to bed, Vanessa went in and got a snack, ate it in the Lounge, and then went to bed. She's laying in the dark, eyes wide open.


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      8:53 AM BBT



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        9-ish AM BBT

        It's no Pete, Walleye, or Nono, but it is FISH!


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          9:24 AM BBT

          Austin and Liz in the SR. Austin is telling Liz that she (or they) should tell "him" that Austin is sacrificing his whole game for him. They leave and Liz heads to the bathroom and Austin heads to the HOH room. Steve stops him in the kitchen and is trying to give Austin reasons that he could put up Meg and Johnny Mac. Steve is really wanting to talk game, but Austin doesn't seem to be interested. Austin heads up to the HOH to brush his teeth and Liz is in the downstairs bathroom putting on her makeup while Meg showers.


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            9:33 AM BBT

            Austin has come downstairs to use the hair straightener. Liz leaves the bathroom and Austin and Meg talk. Austin is telling Meg that by the time lastnight was over, he was wearing his top hat and that things really broke down. He is telling her that Vanessa really went off on someone (he is hard to hear because I think his mic is bad and Meg doesn't have hers on yet). Someone (male) suggested to Austin to ask Vanessa to go on the block as a pawn. Austin asked her and she blew up on him telling him (Austin) that he owes her everything because she did not backdoor him. Meg says that Vanessa was in the hammock room with everyone last night. Austin says that he caught Vanessa in a lie about whether it was the plan for James to throw the BOB and Vanessa told Austin she had no idea. Austin tells Meg that the cat has been out of the bag for a long time about that BOB. He says that at some point Vanessa asked if she could talk to Austin alone and he said no, he is going to bed.

            They talk about Johnny Mac and Austin tells Meg that J-Mac is always screaming in the DR. Austin says he doesn't know if J-Mac is trying to be funny or if he is really insane. He says that Steve can't figure out why Austin won't put up Meg and James. Austin talks to Meg about what he could say to get Vanessa to go up as a pawn and trust him that she is only a pawn. He says how can he be in an alliance with someone who doesn't trust him. Austin talks again about Vanessa attacking someone downstairs (sorry I don't know who, but it has to be Steve or J-Mac) and saying that if they have a problem with her they need to quash it right now. Austin says she is being the "bully" that she is always talking about.

            Meg and Austin talk about how Vanessa should go up as the pawn. Austin says that Vanessa keeps saying that if Steve wins POV, he will take Johnny Mac down. Meg says there is no way he would do that. Convo ends as Austin has to get his laundry ready.


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              9:53 AM BBT

              Vanessa heads up to the HOH to talk to Austin. Austin immediately tells Vanessa that he is very frustrated that Steve won't go up as a pawn. Vanessa says no one wants to. Vanessa is telling Austin that she is more trustworthy than Steve to vote out J-Mac. She says she talked to Steve last night and tried to get him to shake hands that whichever one of the two (Vanessa & Steve) goes up as a pawn, the one who doesn't won't vote that pawn out. She says that Steve told her that as long as Vanessa hasn't lied to Steve, she has a deal. She said that put red flags up for her.

              Vanessa goes on and on about what a loyal alliance member she is, how all this is hurting her feelings, and that Austin would really be risking losing such a loyal alliance member (Vanessa). Vanessa wants Austin to explain to her why he is afraid of Steve. Austin says he's not afraid, but he feels sorry for Steve and kind of looks at him as a lynchpin. Vanessa says that Steve cried when he won HOH and sent Jackie home because he couldn't handle the pressure. He is not going to work for Austin.

              Vanessa is rapid fire talking to Austin. I can't keep up with her. But she is telling Austin over and over that she wouldn't mind being a pawn if Steve could be trusted but she doesn't trust him at all. She wants him to put Meg up as a pawn. Austin absolutely does not want to put James and Meg up at all. He is using the excuse that if he did that to Meg and James wins HOH next week, James will use the Austwins as pawns. Austin wants to have Liz talk to Steve and see if she can get him to calm down and go up as a pawn.

              Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


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                10:14 AM BBT

                Vanessa has turned on Steve now and wants them to think about keeping Johnny Mac because he is willing to go up as a pawn and do **** for them and Steve won't. Austin says that maybe Steve senses this from Vanessa and that's why he doesn't want to be a pawn. Now Vanessa is swearing that Johnny Mac said to Shelli that Johnny had a f-2 deal with Steve and that she doesn't lie in this game. Austin says he just doesn't want to make a move that is going to piss someone off at him. He does not want to put James and Meg up, he does want to put Steve and J-Mac up until Steve got all nervous about it, so he wonders what he should do. (hehe)

                Ugh! I am changing convos. Meg and James in the bedroom. They are whispering and of course, James is eating VERY crunchy cereal. Meg tells him that Vanessa is up there right now. Meg says that Austin told Steve that he needed to go up as a pawn and Steve told Austin to put Vanessa up because she hasn't been a pawn before. Meg says that Vanessa walked in on that and went off on Steve. James says that (?) is going to self destruct. Meg says the girls keep saying that they can hear J-Mac in the DR.

                Back up to the HOH. Vanessa is saying that Steve can't be trusted to keep her over J-Mac. Back to Meg and James and Meg is telling James about her talk with Austin earlier and about Austin catching Vanessa in the "James throwing the BOB" lie. HOH room and Vanessa tells Austin to please just let her know if he is going to use her as a pawn. Vanessa leaves the HOH.

                Vanessa goes to the bathroom to fix her hair and Austin heads to the purple room to chat with James and Meg. James tells Austin that he literally showered with Irish Spring today. (haha)

                Just chit chat for now. Although James is kidding around about how he does the pranks so he can win the $25,000 as the AFP.



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                  10:42 AM BBT

                  Austin heads downstairs and he is wearing his top hat. Vanessa talking to Austin and they are going over the same as before. Austin puts on a clown nose. He says he is going to wear it during the nominations. Vanessa is going over how she and Austin had the one moment and then they both apologized and it was over. Vanessa reminds Austin that Vanessa is the only person who has won the POV that wasn't on the block and she will do that for Austin if he wants her to. Now Austin is holding up a bar of Irish Spring soap and doing a commercial.

                  More Vanessa wanting Austin to put up Steve and more Austin saying he's annoyed that Steve won't be a trooper and be a pawn.

                  Everyone else is asleep.


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                    11:09 AM BBT

                    Steve and Johnny Mac have already headed up to the HOH room for the lockdown. Johnny asks Steve if there has been any change and I can't understand what Steve says because I don't think he has his mic on and he is bundled up in a blanket. They both are quiet now.

                    In the purple room, Austin, Meg and James have been laughing and chatting. Vanessa walks through so talk turns to her. Austin tells them that Vanessa knows it's between her and Steve to go up next to J-Mac and she is praying it will be Steve. Austin tells them that she still lies to him about knowing that James was supposed to throw the BOB comp. He says how Vanessa has been giving him all this, "you are my #1" stuff and that she also threw Julia under the bus. Austin says that Vanessa will say anything, anything.


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                      11:16 AM BBT

                      Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa asked Austin if he analyzed his HOH pictures? She asked him why they would send him pictures of him with his gay friends? She says they obviously are sending you a sign to stick with your gay friend (Vanessa). Also she said that the clown nose he was sent was meant to tell him to watch out for the clowns, Steve and Johnny Mac. Vanessa told him that the pictures she got lead her to trust Shelli. Meg is laughing saying how ridiculous that is. Austin says he thinks that he is still better off backdooring Vanessa. Meg says she is going to think you are backdooring her anyway. Austin agrees and says it's almost better just to put her up. He asks if they heard her go off on him about the Chinese food? (what?) Meg and James say yes. Meg laughs and says she still can't get over the pictures thing. She doesn't understand how Vanessa can get through the days. Austin says it's scary the depths she will go to.



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                        12:27 PM BBT

                        After all this time we are finally back to the HG's coming out of the HOH and finding a smaller table for eight. There is a note on the table that Austin reads stating that there will be no H/N's this week.

                        They are all sitting around the table talking about what they are going to eat. Can't deny that Austin looks like a giant sitting at the table.


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                          12:30 PM BBT

                          Austin and Liz heads up to the HOH room. He tells her that he is going to put up Steve and Johnny Mac and Vanessa is the backdoor. He says worse case scenario is that J-Mac goes home, but Austin says there is no way he will.

                          Steve immediately comes up to the HOH. Austin tells him what his plans are. Steve is frustrated with the plan and expresses that they should put 2 of the 5 alliance up. Steve says he doesn't mind going up as a pawn as long as it isn't next to one of the 5 in their alliance. Austin says that he can go ahead and put Steve up next to Vanessa. Steve says he will have to follow Vanessa around so she can't blow up their game. Austin tells Steve how Vanessa threw him under the bus and also threw Julia under the bus. Austin also tells them about the picture of Austin with his gay friend meaning that Austin should stick with the gay (Vanessa).

                          Steve tells them that he does not want to go up against Johnny Mac, he'd rather be up against Vanessa. Austin says ok, but if he puts her up now, it's just going to be hell. They are trying to cover the fact that they are covering Meg and James by keeping them safe. Steve says he just doesn't want Johnny Mac to not trust the Austwins anymore. Austin is getting annoyed.


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                            1:00 HOH room Austin, Liz (I think), Steve, Johnny Mac

                            Steve is being very firm -- 100% that only one of Steve and JMac can go up. He's giving orders to Austin on that point. (A) in case nominations are frozen and (B) to assure that at least one is off the block to help control the votes.

                            At this point it sounds like the deal could be Steve and Vanessa going up, with JMac having permission to use veto on Steve, and Vanessa is told the plan for eviction is backdooring James or JMac.

                            Steve is saying this now that he's sure Austin won't frontdoor Meg or James.

                            And Steve is pointing out that Vanessa will be weirding out even if she is not frontdoored -- because she will be worrying about being backdoored and talking nonstop about it. So she won't freak-out any more than that being frontdoored. So might as well frontdoor her.

                            Edit to add: A bit later -- five or ten minutes -- Steve has added to his reasons for only one of him and JMac going up. (C) this will assure the maximum number of people fighting for Austin next week, coz if one of Steve or JMac accidentally went, Austin would be less protected. [Good job, Steve, pointing out Austin's self-interest]
                            Last edited by cutencuddly; 08-21-2015, 03:14 PM.


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                              12:44 PM BBT

                              Steve is trying to hammer home that if they do this to Johnny Mac, they will lose his trust. He asks Austin if he would rather lose trust from J-Mac than Meg and James?
                              Liz left and is whispering with Vanessa and telling her about the conversation upstairs. Vanessa tells her that Austin will do whatever Liz wants. Van says that Austin was pacing wanting to talk to Liz when she was in the DR forever. Vanessa keeps saying how loyal she is to the Austwins. Liz tells her that Steve said he would go up against Vanessa but he doesn't want to with J-Mac. Vanessa says that proves that Steve would vote to keep Johnny Mac over her.

                              Back to Austin and Steve. They are talking about Vanessa and how she has been lying to Steve all along. Austin says that he could just put Vanessa up and then call her up after and confront her again about her lies. Johnny Mac has come into the HOH room. They are talking about how Austin could put up J-Mac and Vanessa and if one of them wins HOH they can get either Meg or James out. (this is the story they are trying to sell to them that the end result is a James backdoor).

                              Liz is back. Steve keeps telling Austin that he needs to put up either Meg or James with one of their side as a pawn. Austin is getting frustrated that he can't double talk them.

                              Meanwhile, Vanessa is talking to Julia in the kitchen. Vanessa is pleading her case that she can't be on the block next to Johnny Mac because Steve will send her home.

                              Back upstairs, Steve says fine! Put me up with her!

                              Liz tells Steve that if Austin puts Vanessa up, that Steve and Johnny Mac need to have Austin's back. Steve says of course they will but he asks that before Austin puts one of them up next to Vanessa that they for sure have the votes.


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