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Live Feed Updates-August 22-Day 66

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 22-Day 66

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    8:03 AM BBT
    All cams are on sleeping ​houseguests.


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      {{first some quick highlights from overnight since last updates }}

      9:00PM BBT
      Cams 1 & 2
      Austin, Liz & Steve

      Austin saying how it's amazing that he and both twins are still there. he says "it's like Thank you for having a bunch recruits!" (yep)
      Steve & Liz leave to go wake Julia up and cams follow them...they are going to wake people up saying it's time for pot ball

      Cams 3 & 4
      James sleeping in purple bedroom

      10:15PM BBT

      all cams kitchen they are playing 'pot ball'

      11:06PM BBT

      all cams in kitchen with pot ball winding down

      Vanessa leaves and Steve says he is going to shower...Cams 1 & 2 follow

      Steve goes to Vanessa in purple room

      Vanessa - I saw.... .

      Steve - you saw?

      Vanessa - can explain later..

      Steve - what did you see?

      Vanessa - I heard

      Steve - what did you hear?

      Vanessa - we'll talk later...have a nice shower

      Steve - can you explain?

      Vanessa goes into other bedroom and Steve follows

      She's laughing saying "I I heard"

      Steve - I'm confused

      she continues "No I *felt* it"

      Steve says he's actually America's Player

      (Vanessa was just messing with him)

      they joke about AP a bit

      Steve - you scared me! I thought someone was starting stuff about me

      Vanessa - I know I like to f*ck with you...gotcha!

      they play around and go into purple room joking around and then into HN room

      they start talking about Steve's new haircut..she tells him it's easy he just has to gel it every day ..he says he can't do that..he doesnt have time..more haircut talk and joking around

      (moving on..)

      11:30PM BBT
      all cams are on Meg, Liz, Julia, James & Austin playing around the house just having fun fighting over bags of chocolate?

      after the playing around and joking...they decide to turn in early as they are expecting to be woken early ..everyone getting ready for bed or already in bed at 12:44AM cams 3 & 4 on everyone downstairs in bed/going to bed and cams 1 & 2 on HOH room lights on/mics on.... Liztin's bow-chicka-bow-wow softporn show (Kenny shared a screen shot in other thread ..blech lol) (I dont get it...why leave the lights & mics on?! please spare us LOL) this goes on for a bit

      on Cams 3 & 4 at 12:49AM-ish James has hidden and has been tapping and making noises is making Julia nervous/scared ...trying to figure out what the noise it. Vanessa and Julia are trying to figure out what it is. JMac says it's probably James...Julia says she doesnt think so. they continue talking about "what is that?!" 12:53AM James jumps out and scares the mess outta the girls... JMac just chill and says "I told you James was in here" Julia falls outta bed and runs out. even Vanessa screams haha Lights on and everyone talking about James scaring them.

      and upstairs Liz Does Austin continues


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        (checking for more overnight highlights)

        1:00AM BBT
        finally cams left the Liztin show

        all cams downstairs
        Steve telling James since he has to compete tomorrow can he be kept outta the pranks

        over in the other bedroom...Julia & Vanessa plotting to get James back ...planning how they can do it

        looks like everyone is settled down by 1:15AM-ish but still chatting here & there

        (so now let me go find wakey wakey time for today )


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          12:15 Cam 3/4 Austin and Meg and James having fun

          Cam 1/2 Vanessa and one of the twins in the bathroom. Vanessa is planting seeds of distrust toward Steve. Saying how they have to be careful about how much longer he stays in the game. How he has a sore loser side -- that he's only used to succeeding. Maybe said that he doesn't know how to lose gracefully. Did say that if his back's up against the wall, he'll go the whole way. The twin added "and win". Vanessa said, "yeah, we have to think about that."

          [And that is my very quick drive-by snapshot of the house]


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            looks like they woke them sometime between 10-10:30AM

            10:40AM everyone up, milling around, showering, etc

            Cams 1 & 2
            HOH room with Liz, Austin & JMac

            talking about who to pick for POV should JMac get HG choice

            Austin telling him they gotta think strategy...he should pick Julia or Meg

            Austin saying ''they'' all want the same target out (Vanessa I assume) ...they'll be pressuring him to do it

            talking about what kind of comp it might be/they hope it is.

            JMac leaves

            Liz brushing her teeth whispers something

            Austin - well if he f'ing wins it...we're f'ing teammates ya know?

            He says they just have to go with who wins. they aren't trying to back stab anybody but that's how it is...somebody has to go

            JMac has gone down to bathroom which is where Cams 3 & 4 are

            everyone still just showering, dressing, etc

            (skipping ahead a bit)

            11:15AM BBT
            all cams kitchen
            looks like all are there except Julia and Steve?

            eating, James is cooking, they are talking about Zingbot...will he enter into front door or what? what it will be like.

            11:30AM BBT

            Cams 1 & 2
            still kitchen with a few milling about

            Cams 3 & 4
            bedroom on JMac & Steve in bed sleeping

            (not sure I can stomach it but....)

            11:40AM ish
            Cams 3 & 4 are in HOH room with Liz & Austin
            wallowing, smooching...the usual
            (here's the visual I know you are all dying for )

            this goes on for a few minutes..then

            Liz says she hopes it (POV comp) isn't something like made for Steve to win....she says it seems like 'they' do it on purpose ...when Steve needs to win..they comp is like made for them

            we get a quick FISH

            back to them saying how they need to tell whoever gets picked to leave noms or it could be them.

            Austin says someone's going and that's it.... says they are in a tough spot ...gonna be bad no matter who comes back...they're probably building animosity against them in the JH right now

            Austin - they're probably like 'Austin and the twins are running the house..why isn't anyone getting them out?'

            Liz - yeah we ARE running the house..get over it

            Austin says all three of the girls in JH are all probably best buds now and Liz agrees

            Liz saying they will come after them because they are running the house

            Austin says that's why it's good to keep Vanessa in because there's a chance they'd all go after her if she's still in the house

            (skipping ahead a bit)

            12:15PM BBT

            Cams 3 & 4 bedroom James, Meg & Austin chatting

            James joking that he's gonna go throw a fit in the DR because Meg's chip always gets picked b the same person's rigged

            Cams 1 & 2
            bathroom Vanessa & Julia

            Vanessa saying that have to be careful how much longer they let Steve stay in the game

            Julia saying the 'other side' needs to win and take him out for them

            Vanessa - do you think there's a chance that James would win Veto and take down JohnnyMac?

            Julia - oh my God..well it would be war and he knows that

            Julia - he would never do that

            Vanessa - did he say he'd keep the noms the same

            Julia - no I don't know...but Austin..

            Vanessa - would kill him?

            Julia - yeah because it would be more blood

            Julia says James isn't the smartest or brightest ..he didnt even know who Steve Jobs was (is she seriously talking about someone not being too bright? lol)

            they talk about how Steve didn't want him & JMac to be up against each other because they are working together

            talk about how Steve runs back and tells everything.
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              12:24 Cam 1/2 Vanessa and one or more twins have been talking for awhile. Much game talk. I'm just popping in to say that Vanessa keeps coming back and painting a little bigger target on Steve's back. About Steve telling JMac stuff. About how he might need to go before JMac. About how he can win comps. About reason to doubt his claim that he'd be going after James and Meg. About the good possibility that Steve could target the Vaustwins foursome. Et cetera.

              Quote 1 from Vanessa: "I think Steve will do whatever it takes to win, without feeling bad about it even for a second." That is in answer to twin asking her if she things Steve would target "one of us" after Vanessa spent some time planting doubts.

              Twin says: His behavior yesterday was so erratic and not negotiable.

              Quote 2 from Vanessa: "That shows you how people play the game. You see, what people do in front of you is a microcosm of what they're doing behind your back. And it shows you their overall strategy." She uses herself as a for instance. Tells how she does things to help people. She list ways she helps others play a better game. She helps them go over what they're going to say to people. She helps them jedi mind drill. She plays a cooperative game. She knows the importance of getting to the end with a good team. Whereas Steve is, "No, not gonna do it. I don't want to. I I I I I." "That shows you that his mentality is I-centered."

              [end driveby]
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                12:30PM BBT
                Cams 1 & 2
                Julia & Vanessa in bathroom

                Vanessa - what happens if Steve wins?

                she asks if Austin would then put James up or use her

                Julia says it's not worst case scenario unless JohnnyMac wins (POV) ..then all hell will break loose

                Vanessa - then he has to put James up right? as the target?

                Julia - yes

                Julia says she doesnt think that's a bad option (James up and out)

                Vanessa - it's not a bad option game's just bad because of more blood

                Julia says she doesnt know why they're worried James could come's not gonna be like endurance (the comp for returning juror)... any one of those people have a chance to come back

                Vanessa (back to slamming Steve some more) - I get so annoyed at Steve...because he's so two-faced. I hate that!

                She says he's being all nice to you after talking trash or whatever. She can't stand that. Julia agrees


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                  1:00PM BBT

                  Cams 1 & 2
                  Julia in bathroom doing her nails

                  Cams 3 & 4
                  bedroom with Austin, Liz, JMac, James, Meg and Vanessa

                  talking about "camping" stories (code for sex in public type experiences)

                  (going LIVE/current now)

                  1:15PM BBT
                  all cams purple bedroom

                  just chatting..talking about TV shows, Netflix, etc
                  Meg is talking about an HBO series that's on Netflix? ohhh she is talking about "The Jinx" I believe

                  {{gotta step away for a bit... be back later }}


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                    1:40 Cams 1/2

                    Maybe starts back around 1:38. [Edit: Yes, it starts during that minute with Steve asking if James has scared her yet today and she says, no, but she has a plan to scare him.]

                    So Julia is talking about her plans to scare James. Many people are in on it. Steve is asking about it -- with a promise that he won't tell -- and assured her by saying that he helped foil James' recent attempt to scare her. He appears to admire some of James scaring triumphs but also thinks James has gotten Julia enough.

                    Liz is present. Austin is there for part. Vanessa is mentioned.

                    We might not get to see it because one of the plans under consideration involves waiting until after the music starts and James is sent to the storeroom for his microphone. Julia will be hiding in there. Vanessa will alert her by saying, "Good morning, James."

                    [end driveby]
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                      Catching us up quickly ...


                      Julia- When do you think Steve needs to go?
                      Vanessa- I almost think sooner than Jame...because he ( Steve ) can win more comps than James

                      Julia says she thinks that Steve will go after James/Meg
                      Vanessa- So he says....
                      I think Steve will do whatever it takes to win.... without even feeling bad about it for one second

                      Vanessa - w
                      orst case scenario is Johnny Mac wins ( Veto ) ... then he ( Austin ) has to put James up, right?
                      Julia- Yes


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                        Vanessa - I get so annoyed at Steve....he's so two faced
                        Julia - He is soooo two faced

                        Vanessa - I'm super annoyed at him ( Steve ) ... . I just can't stand phonies
                        Julia - me neither


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                          Vanessa tells Julia and Liz that she liked them since day 1...

                          Vanessa- you're real.... that's the thing I liked about Rachel

                          Julia says she loves Rachel...

                          Vanessa tells them that they can't count on Steve's vote... it's just an illusion that they have in their heads...


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                            Currently ~~ 2:39 PM BBT


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                              2:45 PM BBT

                              Austin called to the DR

                              ( hopefully time to pick PoV Players )


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