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Live Feed Updates-August 22-Day 66

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    Julia and Liz tell Vanessa that ( as far as who should be evicted ) they think they can beat Johnny Mac over Steve...


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      Julia - Zingbot was scary
      Austin- He was gigantic... he was like 8 feet tall


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        Vanessa's time was 2 minutes


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          Steve's zing "may" have been something about his "mommy" ...

          Meg keeps saying that she was just upset that she did so badly .. she didn't know her own nose in the competition... thought it was a boy's nose...


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            11:54 PM BBT

            Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he thought he was going up as a pawn... that's what Austin told him...


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              Johnny Mac- I don't expect you to use it on me...
              Vanessa- I'm going to do what Austin wants... I will do whatever he wants.... so if you want to talk to Austin and he tells me to use it ... I will... but I'm not going to go off script...

              Vanessa - want to hear something weird.. I'm having my period again .. 2 weeks after just having it.. can stress have something to do with that?
              Johnny Mac- I've never heard of that ... are you stressed out?
              Vanessa- no ..


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                Johnny Mac- you killed it ( the PoV comp )
                Vanessa- thank you

                Johnny Mac- I thought it was either you or Steve...

                Vanessa- no .... Julia's time was 4:40 ...
                Steve didn't beat Julia.. he was on the 6th when time ran out ...
                Austin only got to the 3rd..
                You ( Johnny Mac ) got to the 2nd one... before time ran out ...
                Meg got to the 2nd one...

                Vanessa- but you and Meg had so much less time than anyone else... you know what I mean ...
                Johnny Mac- yeah


                Back with Johnny Mac and Vanessa talking about how the noses threw them off

                Johnny Mac- I only saw 2 pictures.. I got Jackie's and then Audrey's ...


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                  Vanessa talks about Meg crying...
                  Johnny Mac talks about how he was told that James would be the back door ... she ( Meg ) was James' only hope...


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                    Vanessa to Johnny Mac- the way she ( Meg ) said it ( about Vanessa winning veto ) ... was weird.. I was like wait a minute was I the target... you never heard anything to make you think I was?
                    Johnny Mac- no


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                      12:20 AM BBT

                      Meg- Zingbot scared the crap out of me

                      Steve- he Zings you .. that's what he's suppose to do ..

                      They say he was larger than he looks on TV....

                      "sounds like" James' zing was about "being in the friend zone" ...


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                        12:23 AM BBT

                        Liz and Julia say they are happy about Vanessa winning PoV.... but know they've said a lot about back dooring her to other people.. hope that others don't say anything to her about it.. but if they do .. they know that Vanessa will tell them who said what ..

                        They both say they want Johnny Mac to go home...

                        They both say that Steve is really fake... does he really think that Vanessa is going to use it on her ...

                        Julia- I just think it's time for Johnny Mac to go ...
                        Liz- yeah ..

                        Julia- I don't think Vanessa should use it and back door someone like James
                        Liz- no way .. not time for that ...

                        Julia- I just pray to God that Meg and James wouldn't win and take one of us out

                        Liz- that would be a raw ****ing deal right there.. had a chance to take them out ... didn't ...


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                          Steve (lies) tells Vanessa that no one talked about back dooring her this week...


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                            • Walleye
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                              Nice illustration to my point Kenny. I'm surprised she can ever sleep. When I think too much (a rarity for sure) I cannot sleep.

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                            Johnny Mac tells Steve to let Austin know that Vanessa is asking if she was a back door target...


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                              Back to the HoH room

                              Liz- Steve is so sketchy..... I want him to go so bad

                              Julia says she doesn't think that Steve would go after them...

                              . Liz- Yeah he would... this is Big Brother


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