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Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 67

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 67

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    7:00 BBT

    Julia is the only one up. She is in the bathroom washing her face. She goes back to bed.

    All HGs in bed.


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      9:46 AM BBT
      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        Catching us up quickly....

        Last night...

        Vanessa/Austin talked..

        Vanessa told him that she's okay moneywise and she wants to go to the F4 with him and the twins, because they are the only ones she trusts.

        She told him that she won the veto for him, didn't want him to get any more blood on his hands...

        She tells Austin that she's not afraid to go head to head with Steve in a competition ...


        • #5
          After his talk with Vanessa...

          Austin to Liz- We're back
          her 100%.. she's our girl


          • #6
            James/Johnny Mac

            James tells Johnny Mac that if he ( Johnny Mac ) goes this week, at least he'll have the chance to come back in
            Johnny Mac tells him that's true... but the girls ( Jackie/Shelli/Becky ) are all competition beasts....


            • #7
              Steve to James- so... it looks like I might be going this week
              James- You don't know that


              • #8
                Vanessa and Austin talk about Johnny Mac, Meg and James... and Steve...

                Vanessa tells him that she thinks they are all working together...

                She tells him that she would be shocked if James, Meg, Steve and Johnny Mac had not discussed getting her out this week...

                Vanessa tells Austin/Liz and Julia that shes' going to "play Steve's game" .. she's going to be "fake as ****" ... because he deserves it ...


                • #9
                  Steve to himself- I think I might get evicted this week


                  • #10
                    Austin poses the question to Vanessa- Do you think we could bring Johnny Mac in?
                    Vanessa tells him that no matter which one they get rid of ... the other would have to work with them

                    Julia thinks Steve is now a bigger threat than Johnny Mac...

                    Vanessa say she doesn't care if Johnny Mac is gunning for her.. because she knows she has them ( Austin/Liz/Julia ) votes... so she's okay ...

                    She also warns them that if they get rid of Steve... Meg and James will pull in Johnny Mac... and whoever comes back...

                    Austin suggests that maybe they could get Steve and James to rat each other out ...


                    • #11
                      Steve to himself... You need to not freak out. That's the #1 most important thing...


                      • #12
                        Austin tells Vanessa that Johnny Mac wants her out.....

                        They tell her that he ( Johnny Mac ) was totally fine going up on the block this week...


                        • #13
                          Austin poses another question - - - Do we take James out before there is another endurance comp he can win...

                          Liz says she wants Johnny Mac out ...
                          Julia says she would love to take James out ...


                          • #14
                            Austin tells Vanessa that he and the twins won't doubt her from here on out ...


                            • #15
                              Steve to himself - They ( Austin/Liz/Julia) were nice to me cause they were afraid I can win vet... I've done it twice before


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