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Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 67

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    Vanessa tells Austin/Julia/Liz that they need to make Steve believe that they are not worried about him..


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      Austin decides that sending Johnny Mac home is the easiest thing to do ...

      Liz warns him that if she finds out anything fishy is going on with James after this... he's gotta go ..

      She tells Austin that she thinks that Steve is the connection between James/Meg and Johnny Mac..

      She doesn't believe it's Johnny Mac ...


      • #18
        Austin THEN says - out James... it would get Steve back on their side and Johnny Mac would feel/be loyal to them... and Meg would be alone...

        Austin says he can only go for James, if he finds out more info on him...


        • #19
          James tells Meg that as long as Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa are together... that Final 4 guaranteed


          • #20
            Today ...

            Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he's alone in the game.. feels like he's going home...


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              Johnny Mac tells her ( Vanessa ) that he's lost friend after friend and he was told that she had a hand in everyone of them.. ( going home ) and that they ( he/she) haven't been on the same page for awhile...

              She tells him that she's frustrated with Steve a little bit.. he lied to her.. she doesn't expect Johnny Mac to be totally truthful with her.. but she does expect that of Steve...


              • #22
                Johnny Mac to Vanessa - You and I might be the biggest enemies in the house.... but I'm alone at this point.


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                  Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he's been thrown under the bus.. he's lost everyone but Steve....

                  Johnny Mac to Vanessa- When you figure all your **** out.... if you want to talk about something moving forward, I'm all ears


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                    Johnny Mac tells her "he feels like he's done in the game" that's why he's felt so beat up the last few weeks...

                    Vanessa tells him she appreciates him being so straightforward with her...


                    • #25
                      Johnny Mac to Vanessa- If we want to work going forward.... I'm down with that .. I have nowhere to go in this game


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                        Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that Austin and the twins on the the fence about what to do this week..

                        Vanessa to Johnny Mac- I think I can do a lot in the way of bridge building for you


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                          Johnny Mac and Vanessa talk about the "fight" with Clay.. about how Clay thought he was figuring things out.. puts 2 and 2 together and gets 7... .etc.

                          Vanessa tells him that she and Shelli and Steve "were going to be cool" with him... moving forward..

                          Johnny Mac to Vanessa- all of these things have been snowballing into us being enemies... I feel like we're on the outside


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                            Vanessa tells him he's never been an enemy of hers in the house ..

                            He tells her that James never told him anything.. he had been figuring things out .. and it had been building since week 1 .. with Audrey ...

                            She thanks him for clearing it all up for her...

                            They both agree that it's stupid for them to keep going at each other ...


                            • #29
                              Vanessa to Johnny Mac - I'm going to try hard so that hopefully Austin does what's smart and targets people that have never been his ally


                              • #30
                                Vanessa to Johnny Mac- I'm going to do what I can to help your situation out..... I think I can help your situation


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