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Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 67

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  • #31
    Vanessa - I would love to use the PoV on you
    Johnny Mac- I don't care if you use it on me..... just as long as I stay


    • #32
      Vanessa to Johnny Mad- dude, I don't want you to go home...


      • #33
        Johnny Mac asks Vanessa where do they go from here... do they still act like they are angry at each other...

        Johnny Mac- It's kinda of been keeping us safe
        Vanessa- It's true

        She tells him she will have to be "creative" in making her case ( to Austin/twins )


        • #34
          Vanessa- We are 100% cool?
          Johnny Mac- Vanessa, I have no one in this game
          Vanessa- I genuinely hope you stay


          • #35
            Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that the only person she can think of that it might benefit to know that they aren't really mad at each other .. would be Steve

            Vanessa- the three of us ... should have each other's back


            • #36
              Vanessa asks Johnny Mac if Meg was "specifically mad that we won" ( veto
              Johnny Mac tells her she ( Meg ) was worried if it was used ... who would go up.. her or James...

              Vanessa to Johnny Mac - I'd love to use the veto..... I'm pretty sure I can get it where he (Austin) wont be pissed at me


              • #37
                Johnny Mac tells her he feels she's better at the game than Steve..
                He tells her again that he has no one in the house .. to work with ..


                • #38
                  Vanessa to Johnny Mac- If I do this ( use the veto on him) the only thing I ask of you is..... if it comes down to me or them (Austins/Julia/Liz ) you have me
                  Johnny Mac - I'll take you


                  • #39
                    Johnny Mac to Vanessa- you are saying ( to him ) "I want to work with you". They ( Austin/twins) are saying "you have to be a pawn"

                    Johnny Mac- You know where my loyalties will be


                    • #40
                      They agree that they will make it seem like they are still uneasy with each other...

                      She tells him he can "talk ****" about her if he wants/needs

                      He tells her if he does, he'll let her know ..


                      • #41
                        Johnny Mac - Thanks Vanessa
                        Vanessa- Yeah..... thank you for being honest with me


                        • #42
                          After her talk with Johnny Mac...

                          Vanessa tells Austin and the twins that "
                          He came clean"

                          Vanessa- he's being honest.... the **** has to do with ****ing Audrey still...

                          She tells them that Johnny Mac decided he couldn't trust her week one.. because of a lie that Audrey told him...


                          • #43
                            Vanessa to Austin/Twins- For the first time in the game, we (she and Johnny Mac ) are on the same ****ing page


                            • #44
                              Austin talks with Johnny Mac. .. asking him when the F2 deal between him and Steve was made...

                              Johnny Mac tells him it was before Clay and Shelli left...


                              • #45
                                Johnny Mac tells Austin that he if keeps James ( this week ) .... the possibly (any ) three of them ( Shelli/Jackie/Becky) can come in
                                Johnny Mac- It's nothing bad about James. It's a numbers thing

                                Austin tells Johnny Mac that there's speculation about Steve and James working together...

                                Johnny Mac tells him that Steve didn't tell him anything about that...


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