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Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 67

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    Austin tells Johnny Mac that he needs a reason to ( for James/Meg ) to say "this is why we can't trust you"


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      Austin and Johnny Mac compare notes about James...

      Each saying that James told them that if it came down between them in the last HoH competition ... James said he would throw it to them


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        Liz and Julia in the HoH bathroom...

        Liz tells Julia that Johnny Mac and Vanessa just talked and he came clean with everything to her

        Liz- Vanessa is feeling better about him ( Johnny Mac)
        Liz- not going to lie.. I'm sketched out by Steve...

        Julia tells Liz that she wants to point out that she ( Julia ) was Vanessa's as her advocate..
        She says she told Liz and Austin both that Vanessa was not coming after them...
        Liz reminds her that she ( Vanessa ) was talking about Austin ...


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          Julia to Liz- It would be awesome for our game to get out Steve because he's going to win

          Julia says she wants to know who Steve's targets are

          They decide they won't find that out from Steve... maybe Johnny Mac can tell them...

          Julia - I think we need to keep Steve... because anyone that's comes back is not going to work with Steve


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            Liz to Julia- that's such a great point..... Johnny Mac is more of a threat cause he has people that will work with him ...

            Julia- he has no blood on his hands.. he's not a target, he's a pawn.. we need to start keeping targets.


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              Liz to Julia- If you come after us.... you are not winning this game


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                Currently ~~ 1:39 PM BBT

                Vanessa is in the HoH room with Julia and Liz telling them that nothing would break her heart more than to think that they didn't trust her..

                She tells them that she LOVES them.. and she's looked out for them in the game.. like they are her little sisters...


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                  Vanessa is "rewinding" to go back to discuss with Julia and Liz what could ever of put a doubt in their mind about her..

                  1:40 PM BBT Cam 1 and 2 .. if you want to Flashback...


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                    Vanessa's expression as she rearranges their brains...


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                      Liz and Julia tell Vanessa that they've always trusted her...


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                        Vanessa continues ...

                        Meg comes in so that convo ends....

                        ( I need to jump out .. if anyone could jump in that would be greatly appreciated )


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                          ( some quick highlights to catch up since Lexie's last update )

                          2:17PM BBT

                          Cams 1 & 2

                          Vanessa & Steve just finished playing a game of chess and went downstairs to the comic room to talk

                          Steve - do you need to say something or should I just tell you what's going on?

                          Vanessa - why don't you just go ahead and start

                          Steve - I'd love to start..yeah I know..I'm fully aware and you have a right to be pissed.

                          Vanessa - okay

                          Steve - okay..umm.. when Austin won HOH he had a lot of anger about things that have gone on

                          Vanessa - of course

                          Steve - that came to my attention when he became HOH such as the deal with you involving the BD thing...the week 5 thing... he was frustrated about the 8 person alliance.

                          Vanessa - frustrated about the 8 person alliance?

                          Steve - the one with everyone but me, John, Shelli & Clay

                          Vanessa - ok that's not an alliance for like the 80th time but what was his frustration with that?

                          Steve - because you asked people to give there word..

                          Vanessa - oh he's frustrated about that too??

                          Steve - yes

                          Vanessa - that's what he said?

                          Steve - yes

                          Vanessa - oy vey! okay..

                          Steve - so including what people have been telling me..and I know it's bull because it makes no sense but it was like "do I have your I have you word do I have your word?" (he is pointing/gesturing like saying that to several people ...and meaning that it was said that was Vanessa doing that) and Austin was upset about that

                          Steve - he also told me... that YOU...again this would make no sense for your game.. that you pushed for a 6 person alliance... can this stay between..I mean, I'm f***ed ... I'm probably f***ed..can this stay between us?

                          Vanessa - yes

                          Steve - I dont know where this came from but you apparently pushed for an alliance between you, him, the twins, Meg & James..and this was just before the HOH comp

                          Vanessa - okay

                          Steve - so he had a lot of anger about what was going on...
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                            (continuing with Vanessa/Steve convo)

                            Steve - for example that one night you were up there and I was ...being a terrible person...we were both being terrible people..and you stepped out of the room... and I thought you were honest but I mean, he was something about the week 5 thing and he was 'repissed' about that

                            Vanessa - okay...I already knew all about this but..

                            Steve - they made me swear up & down not to tell you about it

                            Vanessa - I understand and that's fine..I respect that

                            She tells him he doesnt have to feel bad/apologize for it

                            Steve apologizes anyway saying he did lie to her last night but he didnt know what to do because there was no way he could get out of it without breaking a word

                            Vanessa - but why'd you give your word though?

                            Steve - because they were already telling me and I am trying to not go on the block and keep votes to stay in this house

                            Vanessa - but you realize I had the POV at this point....and you gave your word to me that I wasn't the target and had never been mentioned as a target

                            Steve - yes

                            Vanessa - why would you give your word there & lie..when I had the POV and I could choose not to use it..

                            Steve - right and you're totally have a very good point and I made a mistake and I'm sorry

                            Vanessa - questions are ...and I understand, I'm one of those people that will most understand

                            She tells him she understands game play...she's a game player and doesnt take things personally. She adores him on a personal level.

                            Liz (or Julia? sorry still cant tell them apart from afar lol) pops in the door and says she is washing sheets if Vanessa needs any cleaned... Vanessa says yeah she will bring them out ..just give them about another 5-10 mins

                            Vanessa - okay on a personal level...not upset

                            Vanessa says on a game level..she would have loved to know there was one person in the house that would tell her things. She had broke her word (really??) to tell him things to help protect him it would've been nice to have him do the same for her. She understand the position he was in with his back against the wall.

                            She asks why he was scared of going up..why didnt he trust her to keep him. He says it wasnt her...he was more scared about the twins... and Vanessa asks why and he says they were making deals with so many people. She tells him the twins would never go against him they love him.


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                              (convo 2:23PM now)

                              Vanessa asks him why did he tell Austin he would be willing to go up on the block as a pawn with anyone except for why would it be okay even with her

                              Steve - because then the Veto would get used

                              Vanessa - how would the veto be used?

                              Steve - because we would be saved

                              Vanessa - how?

                              JMac comes in but they continue talking

                              Vanessa - like if James or Meg were to win Veto how would it get used?

                              Steve - wait a minute, my logic's backwards...totally and completely backwards

                              JMac tells them he is gonna shower unless they need him for something...?

                              Vanessa tells him's okay and he goes to shower

                              Steve asks her to ask him the question again because he's's a lot of information

                              Vanessa - it was made clear to me that you'd be willing to go up on the block as a pawn next to me but not next to John...up next to anyone but not next to John.

                              (this convo continues but I have a phone call.... will come back to finish catching us up in just a few mins)


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                                (okay back..whew! lol gonna play a little more 'catch up' here)

                                picking up with the convo I was transcribing above..

                                2:24PM BBT

                                regarding the question Vanessa asked him above (why did he say he felt comfortable on the block as a pawn against anyone but JMac and his very 'confused' answer to that)...

                                she reiterates that she was told he said that and asks him why?

                                Steve - why would I be up on the block next to you?

                                He says he just didn't want to be up on the block against John

                                Steve - it doesn't make any sense

                                Vanessa agrees that it doesnt

                                Steve - I'm very confused

                                Vanessa - *I'm* very confused...

                                Vanessa tells him instead of trying to spin it he should just be completely open & honest about it

                                Vanessa - which is that you trusted John to go for you more than me..that's the only thing that makes sense

                                Steve - that is true..that is a true statement

                                Vanessa - okay so then we should just say the truth

                                Steve - that is..that's the truth

                                Vanessa - ok so that was obviously what was made clear to me and it's frustrating because I dont know how on Earth you could ever think I'd keep Johnny over's beyond me

                                Steve - can I tell you?

                                Vanessa - yeah

                                Steve - I've been in a battle with myself recently because...the example of what I just told you..there's a lot of information going around and I know it's not true because it doesnt make sense

                                Vanessa says some is true but some is not...and the parts that aren't some people are being opportunistic and using that to throw her under the bus because they know she's a target

                                Steve tells her to be completely honest there's a lot more sh*t talking going on about her than there is about John and that's his answer to her.

                                Vanessa - okay..okay

                                Steve - people don't give two f**ks about John

                                Vanessa - who's talking sh*t about me?

                                Steve - Austin..the twins..Becky

                                Vanessa - okay...well I worked out my thing with Austin & the twins...I wish they had just told me because it was the easiest thing to explain. As soon as I was aware I was laughing

                                Steve says he has just told her everything

                                Vanessa starts explaining things...and Steve says that she doesnt owe him an explanation.

                                Steve - you don't owe that to me

                                Vanessa - but I want you to know this

                                she says it benefits her that he understands this....never know when doubts come up. She says she lied about this because she was keeping her word. She talks about the James throwing the BOB and she knew about it.

                                (Stopping at 2:28PM BBT but this continues and I'm gonna move on so I can get current eventually LOL)
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