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Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 67

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  • Shan
    (okay one last update..)


    11:03PM BBT

    Cams 1 & 2
    Austin is having his talk with Steve in HOH Liz is there too

    Steve is saying he thinks anyone coming back (from Jury) will be going after Vanessa

    Steve says he wants to clarify with Austin he saying (Austin) that it's best for his game to put James out

    Austin says no..he just wants to talk to Vanessa to see if anything came of her convos with James & Meg that they didnt know about

    Austin says he isnt exactly only trying to do what's best for his own game....he's trying to protect the twins and the group with Steve

    Steve - tell me more about your conversation with JMac

    Austin tells him mostly about the thing JMac said about he'd let them go out on their own terms if he were kept

    Steve - word of advice about JMac..he doesnt like 'the A word' (alliance)

    Austin & Liz say they dont get why

    Steve tells them he's just trying to help them better communicate with JMac....using the words "group" or "team" works best with him

    Austin tells Steve if he sees Vanessa downstairs to send her up..he wants to talk to her more.

    Steve says so as of right's down to either JMac or James/Meg (as renom if Vanessa uses POV)

    Again they say they want to talk to Vanessa and tell Steve he's good with them, never even been an option

    Right now they just need to talk to Vanessa to see if she's thinking any differently after having talked to Meg & James because as the POV holder she has the power

    Vanessa has been in the DR for a really long time

    (so sorry y'all...I have to go... eyes are closing and hands/fingers hurting lol)

    (( of course Vanessa is there now and they will if anyone is here & can pick up/jump in, please do ))

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  • Shan
    10:44PM BBT
    Austin & twins

    Austin going over what JMac convo

    He is telling them how JMac said anyone coming back from jury would be coming after them..including him or whoever goes out this week.

    the girls are like 'wow..why would he say that?'

    they girls think Shelli told him that (that she'd come after them)

    they ask if this makes Austin think JMac should go?

    Austin - no I just think it's either him or Steve should go

    Liz doesnt like how JMac said that he'd let them leave on their terms if he was the one they kept to F4

    Austin says he thought JMac was saying he'd just go out and let them three have F3 (seriously dude??) and maybe Wednesday night when him & Steve are sitting on the block that's what they should say to him.

    Austin wants to talk to Steve again to see what he says again about the whole 4 person thing with him, JMac, Shelli & Clay

    He says he doesnt want to put James up but not sure if the decision will be that Vanessa doesnt use POV.

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  • Shan
    Austin says the only issue/confusion with JMac was if he & Steve had a F2 or not

    JMac says they were kinda 'forced' into it...that Shelli & Clay were obviously a duo and that he & Steve bonded over both being 'nerds'

    JMac tells them that if they wanna know..he & Steve actually had different moves/wants. Steve wanted to take out Jackie and he (JMac) wanted to take out Vanessa.

    He tells them ...when he was up there with Steve talking to them...they way he (Steve) talks game JMac has never seen before. He doesnt talk game like that with him

    Austin says he still wants to talk to others again/more..he believes JMac and doesnt think he (JMac) is hiding anything

    JMac - I dont have anyone left...I'm not hiding anything

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  • Shan
    10:00PM BBT

    Cams 1 & 2
    kitchen James cleaning
    Steve & Meg sitting at table snacking/chatting
    JMac walking in and out

    Cams 3 & 4
    outside hot tub with Austin & twins

    talking about plans after BB
    Liz maybe moving out to CA

    10:15PM everyone out at hot tub chatting
    talking about past season HGs

    JMac is in the kitchen alone mixing something up?

    10:22PM BBT
    JMac telling Austin he'd like to talk to him
    Austin saying he wants to talk to all... asks if JMac wants to wait or talk alone

    Austin decides they should just go up to HOH and talk now

    JMac - my game talk is pretty short...I dont have a whole lot

    JMac says the only thing he's got is that the night the plan came about to BD Austin...that he (JMac) slept through the whole thing...he knew nothing about it...and didnt hear James say anything

    Austin discusses he & Vanessa clearing the air

    JMac - I had to squash a lot of beef with her today too

    Austin tells him that he's gonna talk to James and he also wants to discuss it with Vanessa because she will want to do what is best for her game but that it needs to be discussed/decided because he & Vanessa need to be on the same page if she uses the Veto or not, etc

    He says he needs/wants to talk to Steve again too.

    Talks about how James had a chance to take him out but didnt (when James as HOH put Shelli & Clay up instead)...he needs something that would prove to him that James is dangerous to him/the twins

    He worries someone is gonna be upset

    JMac - someone is going to be upset no matter what

    He tells Austin that he looks at it have to cut out a lot of the game & go with your gut...he lists off if Becky, Shelli, Jackie comes back..they all would probably go after Austin & twins. and he includes himself or James...that they'd basically "have to" (come back in and go after Austwins)

    JMac says he's figured out where he messed his game up...back when Shelli & Clay were up and he was the swing vote and he went to Clay and said what he did about "Vanessa being in Shelli's head"

    Austin tells him he thinks that's only an issue with JMac & Vanessa.

    JMac said he didnt know what to do because one side wanted Shelli out as it was better for their game..the other wanted Clay out as it was better for their game. He made his 'swing vote' decision based on what Shelli & Clay wanted.

    Liz comes in and says she will go back out and JMac tells her no..she should be here/hear all this too

    JMac tells them his take on Austwins getting to the F3 and then being able to get to F2 on their on terms. If they keep him, he says he will get them there/do it on their terms

    Austin - and James will do it on his terms

    JMac - that's the only thing I have over James

    Austin saying JMac is right...anybody coming back from jury could be coming after us (Austwins)

    More round & round discussion over Vanessa using POV vs not.. etc

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  • Shan
    9:42PM BBT
    Cams 1 & 2

    kitchen with James & Meg comparing their convos with Vanessa

    James says he thinks they both made it clear to Vanessa that they are good and aren't coming for her...that "those two" (JMac & Steve) would be the ones to take them out

    Cams 3 & 4
    still HOH date time with Liztin
    still discussing their relationship

    (nope...not gonna do it )

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  • Shan
    9:30PM BBT
    Cams 1 & 2
    Vanessa/Meg still talking...seems to be just general talk about the game so far and what's to come

    Cams 3 & 4
    HOH date with Liztin

    Austin talking about their relationship after the game/out of the house

    (OMG y'all....)

    Austin - things are progressing nicely..and I'd like to see you outside of the I have something I'd like to ask you..

    Liz - what would you like to ask me...

    Austin - will my girlfriend?

    (Lord help me)

    Liz - you're asking me to be your girlfriend when you already have one...

    Austin - no I dont...and I can't say anything more about that

    He says he doesnt want things to go any further without some kind of commitment..he just thinks that would be right.

    Austin - obviously when we get out we'll see where things go but that's the level of commitment that *I* would you can see I'm not some kind of like...

    Liz - douchebag

    Austin - thought it was the appropriate thing to throw out there

    Liz - are you asking me because of what happened yesterday?

    Austin says it's because they live across country and they're being serious about how things work out...and he wants her to know he's not out there being crazy

    She asks him is this how he's asked girls before and he says no...

    Liz asks doesnt he think that he should maybe go clear things with the 'ex' girlfriend before asking another girl to be his girlfriend

    (this line of talk continues....not gonna type it all out)

    a little bit into it

    Liz - to answer your question, yes I will be your girlfriend

    (okay I'm done with this..if y'all wanna see/hear it ..I'm at 9:33PM right now)

    *moving along*

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  • Shan
    (as the Vanessa/Meg convo continues...gonna move ahead a little so I can try to get current LOL)

    9:15PM BBT
    Cams 1 & 2
    Vanessa/Meg convo continues

    they have started talking about finale and how things are going...what's coming up...juror coming back next week, DE coming again, etc

    Meanwhile over on ...
    Cams 3 & 4
    on the Liztin date

    Liz saying right now they control the votes

    Austin - I'm sure they're well aware of that

    He says this has allowed them to re-establish Vanessa on their side..things have been all cleared up/all good now

    Liz says it seems he is wanting Steve out more

    Austin says no ..he wants to think about it all week...between who to get out, Steve or JMac

    they talk about going to F5 with Steve and Vanessa they (Austwins) are losing vs. going to F5 with JMac & Vanessa or James & Meg

    Liz mentions someone coming back and Austin says they can't be sure, they don't know all the details

    Liz - someone comes back every year

    (moving ahead some)

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  • Shan
    after finishing with James (who goes back to kitchen to cook...apparently for Austin & Liz's 'date' they are having tonight...) Vanessa goes to find Meg

    She finds Steve in purple bedroom

    He asks her 'anything good?'

    She says everything is just it's gonna end up being up to Austin. She can't do anything by herself ..she can use the Veto but she isnt the votes

    Steve says he gets that

    She leaves to continue looking for Meg..she finds Austin & Liz in the bathroom (Liz is primping for her 'date' with Austin)

    Vanessa sits alone in bathroom thinking for a minute and Meg comes in but Vanessa goes into WC so not talk just yet

    Meg is getting dressed/primping after shower and Liz is in and out doing the same as well

    James is still working on their dinner over on Cams 1 & 2

    Vanessa goes into bedroom ...stops in purple bedroom to speak to Steve...keeps going into comic bedroom and lays down on the bed and is doing that serious thinking (looking all around/concentrating) think she does

    Steve follows her in at first and asks if she needed anything..she tells him again (she'd said so earlier) that she is trying to limit the time they are spending together because it's freaking Austin out. Steve says he understand and goes back out.

    Vanessa just lying there now..

    (let's skip ahead a bit shall we? )

    8:30PM BBT
    Meg comes in (finally yay)
    so we get the Vanessa/Meg talk

    Meg - what up?

    Vanessa - okay... so something came to my attention and I'm the kind of person...which is why I dont understand if people have something with me they dont just confront me with it..

    Meg - yeah

    Vanessa says she is so easy to confront with things.she's very reasonable and can usually see the other person's side and usually end up agreeing with them She says it kind of hurts her feelings ..that it takes her winning a comp to find out things. that she knew something was up...but only finding out now because she won POV

    She says the only thing coming up involving Meg was that it bothered her (Meg) when Vanessa came to Meg trying to make deals...that Meg was crying because obviously she (Meg) was on the block and that's expected but that Vanessa heard that it bothered Meg that she came asking for deals.

    Meg - but you were playing the game

    She says it didnt really bother her that much..that Vanessa was playing the game. She gets super emotional in the moment but honestly had no idea what was going on

    Vanessa - so it didnt bother you?

    Meg - it bothered me to a point but nothing to the point I'd hold a grudge for

    She says it was more of that it happened in the spur of the moment ...I had no idea what was even going on and couldnt even think to make deals

    Vanessa says it wasnt 24 hours before she'd made the same deal with Meg when she herself was on the that's why it was fresh on her mind

    Vanessa - so to fault me for being the only one to do that isnt fair

    She goes on to talk about how Meg & James have each other, Austin & twins have each other..she has no one. Making deals is her only tool. She says it's amazing that Meg agreeing with her now but that it's upsetting to hear that behind her back that was being used as reason to get rid of her

    Meg says that was never the case. that Vanessa was never even on her radar. She didnt understand why Vanessa was ever even worried that Meg was gonna target her

    Vanessa asks then if Meg had won HOH during DE who would she have put up

    Meg - Steve & Johnny Mac

    Vanessa says that is not at all what she's heard....

    Meg says she thought that was the plan for all

    Vanessa - so you never said me & Johnny Mac (on the block)

    Meg - no!

    Vanessa tells her Austin & them told her that was the deal.}

    Meg says no..that it was going to be Steve & JMac going up and Vanessa as a possible BD but that's it

    Vanessa asks if Meg has any idea why Austin, twins, Steve & JMac would tell her that (that she would have been put up)

    Meg says the only thing she can think that could have come from....Jackie & Becky were terrified of her (Vanessa) and they wanted her out

    Vanessa says she doesnt understand that

    Meg says it's making sense where this is coming from. She says when conversations came up with them and Becky/Jackie they had to make it seem that yes, Vanessa was going out that week (DE)

    they talk a bit about she was playing both sides of the house

    Vanessa asks Meg if it was her intention to win the DE HOH..

    Meg - Vanessa I want to win any competition... not to put anyone up...just to win something

    She says again the plans were to put up Steve & JMac

    anything more was to convince Becky they weren't going against her

    Vanessa says okay that's reasonable..she totally understands that

    Vanessa says JMac told her that Liz as HOH last week and she (Liz) was considering putting Becky Becky went up to talk to Liz and made it sound like everything she (Becky) was doing was Vanessa doing it..she wishes someone would have told/talked to her so she could defend/explain herself

    Vanessa tells her Johnny came down and told her that if she had anything to go against Vanessa he should go up and tell Liz then.

    Meg denies that ..says no names were mentioned...that she only told JMac if he had anything to say he should go then and plead his case to Liz. But no names were mentioned

    Meg tells her she will tell her any worries she ever had about Vanessa/anything she'd said about her

    Vanessa - please do

    Meg said the only worry she had recently was that Vanessa would think something was up with Meg crying after POV was won by Vanessa

    Meg told her that was not at all game related

    Vanessa says but if it was (game related) she would understand..

    Meg gets a little emotional and says every time during comps she goes into the DR and makes a fool of herself.

    Meg crying a little and says it is about her not winning/feeling like a fool

    Vanessa says she would trade places with's bad to be the one who has won comps and ends up being a person everyone says they have to get out

    Meg says she is the Victoria of the season and she feels dumb. (mostly because of her poor performance in this Veto....she went out on her own pic)

    Vanessa says to please be upfront and tell her if there really is anything

    Meg says there really isnt...she has worried before not knowing who Vanessa had deals with/really working with

    Vanessa asks her has she ever known her (Vanessa) to have deals with anyone...her, James, Steve, etc) ..that it's pretty obvious she (Vanessa) has only been working with Austin from the start pretty much

    She talks about how Shelli & Clay really did have deals with everyone..but she hasnt and again goes back to how others have people in the game and she doesnt....all she has a tool is making deals...having/giving trust

    She tells Meg she believes her and understands the things she had to say to make Becky believe they werent going against her. And she's glad because that did end up keeping her there.
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  • Shan
    (back to Vanessa & James convo..coming in at around 8:00PM BBT)

    Vanessa talking about Meg being upset when she was on the block with Jackie

    How she wishes others could see it from her perpective..James & Meg have each other..Austin & the twins have each other ..she (Vanessa) has no one like that

    James said he and Meg have gotten closer...but it wasn't always like that so he knows what she means

    Vanessa saying things can change in this that's why she wants others to see things from her perspective when she makes deals. She doesnt have people..all she has is her integrity in deals and such.

    James says he thinks their group (him, Meg, Vanessa, Austin & twins) are a good group and he plans to remain loyal no matter what someone might say to try to change that

    Vanessa mentions the coming week...putting the person that comes back OTB up against the person that remains (between nom'd) from this week. James agrees that is what should be's what he will do.

    He says he doesnt want to do anything without all of them in the group being on board. Doesnt want to backstab or whatever.

    Vanessa says she believes him..that they've talked game ..not a lot but she thinks they are on good terms. She goes back to only being concerned with Meg. Asks why she (Meg) doesnt trust her (Vanessa)...can he give her advice..what can she do? (about Meg)

    Vanessa wants to know if she's doing something wrong when it comes to Meg

    James tells her to pull Meg to the side and talk game....just be girls & talk

    He knows it's hard....but he thinks they can build something

    Vanessa - she hasnt said 'Vanessa has to go' or things like that?

    James - not that I've heard

    He tells Vanessa that Meg is emotional and she doesnt wanna be blindsided with 'why are you crying' stuff. He says Meg was upset with the whole Zingbot thing...emotional but that personal stuff.

    He tells Vanessa again to just talk to Meg.

    they finish their talk around 8:08PM BBT

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  • Shan
    (okay back..getting feeds fired back up and then I'll get back to catching us up to current lol)

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  • Shan
    feeds are freezing...grrr .... gonna break away from this and will get back ASAP if I can.

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  • Shan
    7:44 PM BBT
    Vanessa & James talk

    She tells him she needs to have a talk because she has a big decision to make..she has a few easy questions

    Vanessa - first question...what were you planning to do had you won HOH during DE?

    James - actually I was going to try not to win DE to be honest.

    He says he wanted to stay out of it all

    Vanessa - so you didnt want to win?

    She asks if he ever mentioned her being a target

    James - no

    Vanessa - did Meg?

    He tells her Jackie was primarily the one saying if Shelli went home then Vanessa would have to be next. and that's why he thought Jackie went home

    Vanessa says no...she would swear on a Bible if she could.

    James says he just didnt want to have any part in that situation

    Vanessa says she respects that

    Vanessa tells him how Jackie came up to her worried that Austin & the twins would find out she (Jackie) had set it up for James to throw that BOB comp and Jackie came up to her and asked her to give her word that it wouldnt come out.

    James - well I promised I didnt tell anything

    Vanessa says it came out....from Becky ..which is close to Jackie

    She says it was no secret she was targeting Austin...never the twins... that Austin & Steve were the targets per Jackie & her. She says she doesnt understand how that become an opportunity to throw a wedge of distrust between her & Austwins

    James says he didnt know who told that (about him throwing BOB so they could BD Austin)

    Vanessa tells him it was Becky and she believes him that he didnt know anything about it

    Vanessa - you sure you didnt tell Austin that you planned to put me up during DE if you won HOH

    James says he didnt. he stayed out of it all as best he could. He said when he heard it brought up he was like 'okay that's what everyone has decided' but he himself never said point blank that was his plan personally.

    Vanessa says she believes him and tells him whatever he's doing personally is working because nothing ever comes up that he has said

    She tells him she is worried about some things with Meg....she brings up Meg crying when she just won this POV.

    She talks about how people dont really talk to you unless you have the goods and you have a decision to make...except for him..she feels he's always been straight with her.

    James says to be honest..when it's his time to go he's ready to leave. he's okay with that. Says that this is huge for him..making it to Jury ...he can go home and give some to his daughter and keep some for himself. He's happy. He's still got a good chance for AP and he's good with that

    Vanessa tells him to quit saying the right/good things all the time

    James says he is trying to just stay out of things as best he can.

    Vanessa asks him if it bothered him when she asked people to give their word like it did Becky. He says it didnt bother him ..he understood. Says he didnt understand why Becky targeted Vanessa anyway

    Vanessa says she couldnt understand why Becky was mad at her instead of Jackie when Jackie was the one who said JMac had to go up OTB.

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  • Shan
    JMac is out sitting at the hot tub and Vanessa walks over to him

    Vanessa - how ya doing Johnny? You mind if I just clarify one more thing?

    She tells him she needs 100% clarity...the thing with him, Steve, Clay & Shelli... when was that exactly

    JMac says back in Audrey days...they were throwing around ideas of people to bring in was Vanessa or Steve...they finally went with Steve because they felt more comfortable with him

    Vanessa - Shelli & Clay?

    JMac - yeah

    Vanessa - so Shelli & Clay had a thing with you and Steve

    JMac - yeah

    Vanessa - formed?

    JMac - not fully ..because they got caught before..

    Vanessa - got caught?

    JMac - got put on the block before we got together & came up with a name

    Vanessa - but it was forming at that point?

    JMac - yeah

    Vanessa - was it that morning it was like before James was in power?

    JMac - it was starting even before...back when we got Da out...even back then

    Austin (didnt see him come over) - wow

    JMac says Shelli & Clay were just like 'now we have to find you a F2' too

    Vanessa - but they...Shelli & Clay had a thing with you too..with Jackie & Jeff

    JMac - yeah but whatever went down...with the fight...the did not trust Jackie or Jeff anymore

    Austin - yeah they were telling me that they didnt trust Jackie & Jeff anymore

    Vanessa says Shelli & Clay had an alliance to every person in this was crazy...they were in a good spot.

    Austin - their mistake was saving me (yep) ..because by saving me they screwed over Jason's group and that's what sent them home. I guess they trusted me more than them...they didnt know what would happen at HOH because no one on that side was winning for them...not for me but..

    JMac says then when Shelli & Vanessa were up OTB seemed like he & Steve were in the dark and that just pushed them closer together

    Vanessa - yeah..I understand..right

    JMac says Steve is being weird to him now

    Vanessa - he is? well it's just a a weird's confusing.

    JMac says Steve hasn't talked to him much today

    Vanessa tells him it's just a tough spot...she can't do anything by herself... unless the twins are on board...she'd piss them off by using POV because it forces them to get more blood on their hands she'd pissed Austwins off and the person going up on the she can't do it by herself she has to do it with them

    JMac - so I have to talk to them?

    Vanessa - that's the thing..I dont think there's much else you can've done all you can in that regard. they have to decide.....they must feel safe with James.

    She asks if James has ever said anything that would give reason for the twins to think he'd go after them

    JMac thinks a few seconds - no

    She says they know James has made big move before and they do fear that but that's general as opposed to specific...She says this is really Austin's decision She says if she could do this by herself she would but she can't. She says they (Austwins) will always look out for them three first

    JMac - so they are more threatened by me & Steve than they are by James & Meg?

    Vanessa - no that's the thing..they're not threatened by you at all...the risk is pissing James off...then have Jackie or one of them come back and gun for them where they don't think that will happen as it stands

    JMac - I dont wanna go hostile and say I'll be pissed off if I go....

    JMac says he doesnt think Austin & the twins have come to terms with the fact that they arent all three gonna make it to the end

    Vanessa - I know...and it's very awkward for me

    JMac - I'll try talking to them and tell them the three of them are not going to make it to the end whether it's one of them breaking them up or the game breaking them up..they're not going to make it

    Vanessa tells him that's a very good point.

    JMac said James would have to be really dumb to go after Vanessa & Steve when JMac leaves (so why do Austwins believe he would is his point)

    JMac says he has lost to James...that he (himself) isnt a powerhouse. He hasnt even won HOH..all his wins have been to save his own a** He says he has his own idea of what he might say to them.

    Vanessa tells him that's good because there isnt much time left.

    Steve comes out and asks if he is interrupting or can he come out. Vanessa says no but she is leery of how much time the three of them spend together because it's freaking Austin out. Steve says okay he will leave..Vanessa says actually she will leave...Steve says they both will (lol) and they do

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  • cutencuddly
    8:37 Vanessa may be wanting to trap Meg, but her openings are giving Meg a chance to explain all that Meg did to save Vanessa when Becky and Jackie wanted her gone.

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  • cutencuddly
    8:30 Cam 1/2 Meg & Vanessa talk begins

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