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Live Feed Updates-August 24-Day 68

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 24-Day 68

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    4:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      9:21 AM BBT

      All Cams are on sleeping houseguests.

      Now we get FISH! Must be time to wake them up.


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        I have seen Austin, Liz, Meg, James, Steve and JMac up. Meg and James were whispering in the bathroom about James being backdoored (neither had their mic on and the shower was running so really hard to hear exactly what they said. JMac goes to the HOH room (we had been at fish, so we came in mid-convo) and Austin was telling JMac that he really needed to talk to Vanessa because she is the one that has the Veto. After JMac leaves, Austin tells Liz that JMac hasn't done **** in this game. Liz mumbles that he can't show up on day 66 and decide to play the game. Austin complains about all the **** Steve said up there yesterday and the way JMac is so willing to lie.

        JMac and Steve outside. JMac asks him if they are mad at him upstairs?Steve tells JMac he doesn't know what's going on upstairs, but that he does not think the Veto is going to be used.

        Austin who had been in the DR goes upstairs and tells Liz she needs to get up and get ready because it's going to be soon. He says JMac is pissing him off because he keeps asking Austin to use the Veto on him and Austin does NOT have the Veto. He says Steve is freaking out too. He says they need to go beg Vanessa.

        Meanwhile, JMac is talking to Vanessa in the bathroom.


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          10:21 AM BBT

          Vanessa tells JMac that Austin does not want her to use the Veto today. JMac asks if she thinks they would vote to evict Steve? Vanessa says something about whomever comes back in will be gunning for her and if she doesn't do what Austin wants, the whole house will be gunning for her. JMac says that whether he leaves or not, Vanessa is at the bottom ( of Austin and the twins alliance). JMac tells her that he, Steve and the Austwins just made an alliance last week and that the plan was to be gunning for Vanessa. Vanessa says she doesn't understand why they flipped the script on her and asks if it's because she won the POV? JMac says yes and that JMac was looking for an alliance at the time and he was after Vanessa. Vanessa says even if she uses the Veto, she can't get the votes. JMac asks if she means they would vote Steve out over Meg? Vanessa says yes. She adds that they may put Steve out anyway, that she has no control. She notices in the mirror that Austin is coming so they break up their talk and go to opposite sides of the bathroom.

          10:32 AM BBT

          Vanessa is questioning a twin (Liz I think) about what JMac told her about them gunning for Vanessa. Liz says it's not true. Vanessa repeats the question (as in clarifying) and Liz admits that it did happened and that it was Steve's idea, he approached them with the plan. Julia has come in (so now I know it's Liz Vanessa is talking to). Liz is messing up her story because she says that Steve orchestrated the plan but a little later she says that JMac orchestrated it. Vanessa calls her out on it and Liz says corrects it that it was JMac doing it and Vanessa says she wants that little ****er gone then.

          Liz is pissed that all this has started. Liz stomps upstairs (literally, you can hear the banging as she hits each stair) Steve comes in the bathroom, Julia leaves. Vanessa is not speaking to Steve. Steve is bouncing something and Vanessa tells him that's annoying. He asks if she is ok and she responds that she is just ****ing great. Steve asks if she needs to be left alone and she tells him yes, she does. He kind of snaps "OK" at her and leaves.

          Meanwhile, Julia had stomped upstairs to join her sister (I have never heard people walk up those stairs so loudly before).


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            10:51 Cams 1/2 Vanessa and Steve having a confrontation. Austin soon enters the arena. Flashback-worthy.

            Are James and Meg present? I got turned around -- momentarily thought the camera switched -- but yeah it looks like they are in the room also.

            Vanessa says she is voting Steve out, and Austin is annoyed that Steve is involving Austin publicly (in front of James and Meg) as Steve tries to defend himself against Vanessa's charges about Steve being the leader in forming a five-person alliance with the triplets and JMac.
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              10:42 AM BBT

              Liz and Julia in the HOH bathroom. Liz is telling Julia about Vanessa confronting her about what JMac said. Liz says that Steve is the one that came to them and asked them if he could bring JMac into a group with the Austwins. Julia asks if Austin knows and Liz says no. Julia says Vanessa probably looks at this as them being disloyal and she can tell that Vanessa is pissed. Liz says JMac is a little **** and if Vanessa changes the noms and takes JMac off, he is done. She says he is such a ****ing **** **** skinny bitch ass mother ****er. (I can't wait to hit enter so I can see all the * that will be in place, haha). Julia shushes Liz (for her potty mouth). Julia doesn't understand why JMac would tell her that and Liz says it's because he wants her to use the Veto on him.

              Austin comes in and Liz starts telling him what happened. Austin asks if Vanessa is pissed and asks if Liz told her it was before everything (the make up talk with Austin and Vanessa). Austin says it doesn't matter, because if Van takes JMac off the block, they will just vote Steve out. Liz and Julia are spazzing still. They (twins) are very angry with JMac. They are going to give him cold looks the rest of the week, blah, blah.


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                11:11 Cam 3/4

                I skip ahead. A talk has just ended between Vanessa and Austin, and a new one is just starting between Austin and Steve.

                I _think_ Austin may be admitting that he was not exactly truthful when Steve confronted him in front of the others. Austin had said "kind of" in response to Steve asking Austin if Steve had been the one orchestrating the five-person alliance. Austin had backed it up with it being clear how Steve was trying to protect himself and his buddy JMac. Now that they're in private looks like Austin may be admitting that he just fibbed because he was put on the spot in public and what could he do.

                Steve asking what he should do.

                Austin advising to lay low and let things calm down.

                Then I think Jeff highlights come and the veto meeting.

                Probably worth a flashback. I haven't even listened to the whole thing myself, so sorry if any of the few details I gave were mistaken.


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                  *There is a lot going on here, so bear me with me while I keep flashing back and picking up the other convos*

                  10:50 AM

                  Vanessa has been stewing in the hammock room. She goes and finds Steve and asks to talk to him in the H/N room. Vanessa tells him what JMac told her about the alliance that was made last week and that the specific target was Vanessa. She asks Steve if it's true and he replies that that was discussed. She asks him whose idea it was and he fumbles around for an answer and says he doesn't know. She says that it was you mother****er and everyone has already told her it was him. Vanessa tells him goodbye because he does not have her vote. She heads to the door and then turns around and keeps asking if it was him and he says no. She tells him to at least have the balls and admit it. Steve is getting all breathless and says they are the ones who wanted to work with JMac and Vanessa uses her crying-ish voice and she says it was you who wanted to bring JMac in and go after her. She says she would be breathing heavy too if she was him and says goodbye! Vanessa leaves the room.

                  Vanessa is sitting in her bed in the purple room with Meg and James. She tells them that she is voting Steve out and if they (Meg and James) want him out, he is gone. Austin is in there too. Meg asks Vanessa when they are going to stop seeing that look on her face? (lol) Vanessa asks what look, the one where I keep finding **** out face? Steve enters and asks Austin if he (Steve) orchestrated that. Austin says orchestrated what and Steve says the 5 person alliance with Johnny Mac? Austin tries to play dumb and Vanessa asks if he did or didn't and Steve says did I? Austin says yeah, kinda. Austin tells Steve that he doesn't know why Steve is coming at him publicly with that but yeah. He says that Steve was very eager to make sure that he and JMac were safe. Steve keeps holding his hand up as if to stop Austin and Steve tells him that he's just asking and apologizes if it seemed he was attacking Austin. Austin says that Steve was worried about him and his buddy getting put up there and Austin decided to go with Vanessa, sorry not sorry.

                  Steve keeps apologizing for coming off as if he was attacking Austin and Austin says it's not that. He says it's the fact that Steve was questioning him in pubic about things that Steve knows happened in the HOH room. Austin says sorry but he's not going to lie. Steve says he doesn't want Austin to lie but again he is sorry. Vanessa tell Austin that he and the twins had every right to doubt her but Steve had no right. Austin tells her that everything is all cleared up for him and whatever happened happened and sorry.

                  Austin and Liz leaves and Meg starts laughing and tells James she needs to get her some sunglasses (to hide behind). Steve says Vanessa and she says don't talk to me and leaves. Meg and James say what just happened?! Steve ays he doesn't know but just on a human level, he wants them to know he doesn't want it to seem like he was attacking anyone. (I am moving on from this attack not attack convo)


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                    I see that CnC filled you in above, but I will try to get a bit more of the convo now.

                    10:56 AM

                    Vanessa finds Austin and Liz in the hammock room. Van is full on crying now. She can't believe that all that happened and he was coming at her (huh?). Liz tells her that it was Steve and JMac that were after Vanessa and Austin says why do you think Steve was so adamant about not being on the block next to JMac? Vanessa says she is not mad at Austin and Liz, she is mad at Steve. Austin says he doesn't understand why Steve asked that question of Austin because Steve outed himself by doing that. Vanessa says that she is the swing vote here and she wants Steve out. She no longer trusts him.

                    Vanessa says that Steve is being two-faced and she hates two-faced people. Liz says it's like I told you German/Chinese (as in they wouldn't have joined up with JMac because they are different). They talk about how good JMac is (at getting in their heads and turning things around). Steve knocks on the door and asks if he can help or should he leave them alone? Vanessa says to leave them alone, that's why she left the room. Steve says ok and leaves and then Vanessa rants more about Steve and how he fooled her into thinking that he had her back. Austin says that maybe it's time to get Steve out and Vanessa says she wants Steve gone now. Liz says they just made that stupid alliance yesterday and Austin says that Steve has been up in the HOH saying, you can't break it, you can't break it. Vanessa says she appreciates the huge risk Austin took by not putting her up. (ugh). Vanessa goes on and on about how she doesn't blame Austwins and she is only mad at Steve. Austin asks if JMac actually used the word alliance? Vanessa says yes. Austin says that Steve told them JMac doesn't like the word alliance and it's just a team thing and for like a week to keep them all safe. Austin says both of them, **** it, he's had bad feelings about them for a long time. Julia joins them.

                    Austin asks if anything should be said to Meg and James so that the Brass Tacks stays together? Vanessa thinks they are all good. Liz and Julia leave and Austin goes round and round about who is the best one to vote out. He wants her to think about everything so she makes a good decision on what she does. Austin says that Steve supposedly heard some things about Vanessa and his feelings were hurt. Vanessa says that Steve chose to believe rumors and not come to her but instead formed a new alliance to set himself up pretty at her expense. She says that JMac doesn't owe her any allegiance. She doesn't blame him for coming after her. Austin says that he thinks it was still weird for JMac to throw Steve under the bus like that and it could only have been to save his own self. Austin and Vanessa leave the hammock room and Steve is there. Austin asks him if he wants to talk, and Steve says yes.


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                      11:11 AM

                      Austin and Steve enter the hammock room. Austin (being all buddy buddy with Steve) says ****, I did not want to have to call you out like that in front of everyone but there wasn't anything else he could do. Austin says he was trying to spread the blame. Steve (of course) asks if he really attacked Austin? Austin says that Steve asked him in front of everyone and he didn't want to say yes you did orchestrate it Steve or that they all did it in front of Meg and James. Austin asks Steve if he knows that the reason Vanessa is pissed is because JMac went up to her and asked if she knew that they had made this 5 person deal and were coming after Vanessa. Austin says JMac threw you under the bus and that's why Vanessa came at you. Steve seems surprised and Austin tells him that Liz told him about it upstairs and Austin was trying to pull Steve aside to tell him that JMac had outed them. Steve asks if there is something he should do or is he gone this week. Austin says he hopes not but Vanessa is pissed and they still don't know what Meg and James are going to do. Austin says Vanessa is just pissed at Steve right now but there is still time for her to calm down. He says he told Vanessa that they had concerns about Van and shared those concerns with Steve and because Steve is so loyal, Steve was worried about her. Steve tells Austin that he is a gameplayer, a super fan, and appreciates gameplay, but wants to know if Austin is being honest or covering his ass in case Steve is the one to come back? Austin says he is telling the truth. (oh, he is scratching his knee as if something bit him ) Austin goes on to say that as far as he knows the vote is 2-2 and Vanessa knows that she is the swing vote.

                      Steve says that he hates hurting people (Vanessa). Austin tells him that they should let things cool down. Austin says he wishes that Steve had pulled him aside and asked him privately. Steve says he is sorry and he knows it was weird in front of Meg and James. Steve then says......hold on to your hats......he is sorry if it seems like he was attacking Austin. Sincerely. He apologizes.

                      Now Steve and Austin go over what Steve should say in his speech. Vanessa is called to the DR and we get....



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                        12:13 PM BBT

                        Back. Vanessa did not use the POV leaving Steve and JMac on the block.

                        *My flash back stopped working (or is not speaking to me now), so I have to stay in real time. Sorry*

                        Austin is outside with JMac. Austin is telling JMac not to be defeated. He says Vanessa is really mad at Steve and is 90% sure she is voting Steve out. Austin also tells JMac that Steve confronted him in front of everyone about the 5 person alliance. Austin sort of throws Steve under the bus without saying anything too bad. JMac volunteers to go tell Vanessa that he (JMac) was pushing for Vanessa to go way more than anyone else. Austin says that he should probably leave it alone for now. Vanessa just needs time to cool off. They probably talk like this for 20 minutes saying the same things over and over.

                        Well, looks like Steve was in the swimming pool for most of that. He is muttering to himself and doesn't have a mic on so can't hear a thing. Steve finds a camera on him and say hi to it.

                        Vanessa and JUlia come out and sit outside. Vanessa is telling her about the JMac conversation and how it came about that he told her about the 5 person deal. It's nothing more than I have typed all morning.

                        In the kitchen, Austin and Liz are talking to James and Meg about what went down this morning. Austin is making his part have more bravado than he really used. Steve comes in and goes to change. They start mumbling about Steve and how he has messed up.

                        Julia and Vanessa still talking about everything coming out this morning. Julia says that she does not like JMac. Vanessa talking about how weird it was that Steve was so excited that Vanessa won POV.

                        I have a few things I need to do. If anyone can keep an eye out on these guys it would be appreciated.


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                          1:06 PM BBT

                          Steve heads up to the HOH to talk tings over with Austin and to find out why Vanessa is so pissed at him and not JMac. Austin tells him it's because Steve was supposed to have her back, not JMac, and Steve turned on her,


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                            1:24 Cam 1/2, BY couch, Vanessa and Julia

                            I turned away from this talk before to listen to what Austin was saying to Steve, but now the guys are talking about past BB seasons. So I flip to the ladies, and Julia is saying that "JMac needs to hear everything about Steve -- let's put everything in the air."

                            ... intriguing ....

                            Purrwing will probably get it soon. But if not, could be worth a flashback. I'm gonna back up a bit now to listen to it.


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                              1:56 Cam 3/4 HOH, Vanessa says goodbye after a long talk with Austin and Liz. Things mostly seemed to lean in Steve's favor due to him being part of their alliance so much longer than JMac and JMac's tendency to blab when his back is against the wall. But Steve was being talked about as duplicitous. Austin was trying to defend Steve quite a bit, but saying that Steve was still not being totally honest.

                              In a minute or two I'm pretty sure I'll see Julia in there for more game talk with Austin and Liz. (I've been bouncing around.)

                              [But I have an alarm going off so gotta run.]
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