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Live Feed Updates-August 25-Day 69

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 25-Day 69

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      7:57 AM BBT
      All Cams

      All houseguests are still in bed/sleeping.


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        Just a quick marker since no one has been doing updates and in case someone wants to flashback. I've been working and too tired to sit here and listen to these folks...

        Starting about 1:45-:50ish....

        Cams 1 & 2
        Meg & James playing pool. Austin & Liz are out in the backyard too.

        Cams 3 & 4
        Johnny Mac & Vanessa talking game. Johnny Mac trying to reel Vanessa in.

        2:00 PM BBT

        After talking both Johnny Mac & Vanessa are lying in bed trying to sleep.

        Meg & James still playing pool.

        2:04 PM BBT

        Vanessa jumps up and says something. Johnny Mac sits up. Vanessa heads to the bathroom. Johnny Mac lays back down. Vanessa sees Steve in the Kitchen. Steve says something about being sweaty and when he says sweaty he means sexy.

        Vanessa uses the bathroom, washes hands and then heads out to the backyard.


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          While Meg/the twins /Austin and James are taking pictures in the backyard Johnny Mac and Vanessa are talking in the kitchen.

          Just a note…Liz is complaining because it is raining in southern California (which needs rain). “Why did I get out of bed, worst beach day ever.”

          12:37 p.m. John asks Vanessa if her talk with Steve last night went well and if it is good for them to talk now. Vanessa says Steve said all the right things but then he is on the block. John says yeah and I’ll probably say all the wrong things to you. She questioned that and he says I mean if we are moving forward.

          He tells her that pretty much he feels, he wants to know does she want to move forward with him or is she just looking for a jury vote? He promises her that she has his jury vote if he leaves the game but if he comes back he wants to work with her.

          She says she does too because of the pairings (James/Meg and Austin and the twits). He understands that she has Steve but his argument if he should come back is that he has been screwed over by everyone in the house at one time or another. He talks about James and Meg doing it to him.

          She wants to fully understand him after thinking about what he has said to her.

          While they are going over things in stomps Liz upset because she wants a triangle picture and Austin was messing it up. She stomps into the Comic Book Room and lies down and he goes in and lays on top of her and tries to make up.

          John and Vanessa make a date to meet later to talk things over.


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            1:42 p.m. Vanessa and Steve in Purple Bedroom.
            Vanessa asks if he was sleeping and he tells her to come sit with him. She talks about how they put up JMac and Steve and we have to make them think that they are in control. (Her mic isn’t turned on until midway through this conversation). Steve says it was good that she told him off at the veto meeting yesterday [to make everyone think they are mad at each other] and she corrects him and tells him that was real. Her feelings were real and he tells her she had every right to feel that way. She says she gets over things really fast, but she is going to act like she is still pi$$ed at him to keep the twits off balance. She once again tells him that he hurt her the most of all the people in the house. He tells her that he tries to avoid confrontation and that’s what happens.

            She tells him that she is going to talk to JMac and wants to know his opinion as to whether JMac is trying to bait her. Steve says he is very smart, he is a doctor, but he doesn’t believe he is BB smart. She talks about some of the things that JMac has said and Steve asks what they are and she tells him she can’t tell him because he is on the block and his incentive will be to go tell. She is torn and wants to know if she should tell the people what he is saying about them, but she is worried that he might come back. She is just going to let him talk because he has no idea that her mind is already made up to get him out. She says that JMac is trying to get creative to save himself. She actually wants JMac to come back because he is willing to make big moves in the game.

            John comes in and Steve hears him and pulls the covers over his head to make it look like a lump of blankets. Vanessa goes to talk to John in the Comic Book Room and John is complaining that his quads were so sore last week going into the HOH comp and he doesn’t want a repeat of that for this week so he is going to be careful with his work out. He felt like it was his comp and he fuc*ed up. Vanessa says it didn’t feel like it was hers. They talk about the comp for a little bit. Then John just lies there as though he is asleep.

            Now he is talking but his mic is not on and now they have turned it on. I think he is talking about going to James and Meg and telling them that he is mad at them because of Becky leaving last week and that he is on the block this week because they campaigned to stay off the block. He goes on to say that he will tell them if he wins the next HOH he is coming after the twits. He will get the blood on his hands. He wants to persuade James/Meg to vote for him to stay. She reminds him that the twits want her to vote with them. John says that she can tell them it is a last minute thing and she can do what she wants when he makes his move on Thursday.

            JMac reminds her that whatever relationship she thought she had with Austwins, she has lost a lot of clout with them. She says that she was safe and didn’t go up so has something changed since Steve went up and she was saved. John tells her that they didn’t put her up because she would have flipped out if they had front doored her but her winning the veto was what saved her. She asks if they have said anything to him to indicate that they don’t trust her. He says they have said some things but they are trying to keep him in the dark since he is on the block. He once again tells her that the plan was that he was going to win the HOH and put her up but they didn’t trust each other (Austin/James) so they didn’t throw it to him to win.

            He says that James/Meg need to realize that at some point there are 3 of them (Austwins) and only 2 of you and Meg isn’t going to win. If they keep me then there are 5 of us going against Liz for the HOH. (I think he is counting the person who comes back in)

            She asks again why the Austwins don’t trust her and John says it is a combination of some things I said, and some things James and Meg said and they put it all together. It all goes back to the week that Austin was suppose to be bdoored and the 8 person deal. He goes on to talk about her playing multiple sides in the game. She is defending herself and he says he doesn’t care about that at this point.

            He tells her that the Austwins where telling him all week that the veto would be used and that she would go up, or if she won then he would come down and James would go up. Then when she told JMac she wanted to use the veto, Austwins told him that she was trying to put that on them that they didn’t want her to use it. She says it was Austin’s decision not to use it. He says they are telling Steve he is safe.

            We hear noise in the background as though someone is coming and she tells him she has an idea and leaves.


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              It is 4 p.m. and Austin/Liz are in the HOH room and movement under the covers again. I'm not going to stay for this. Lots of kissing (ewwwwwwww). Meg/James in purple bedroom sleeping. That's it for the feeds so I am out.


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                Currently ~~~ 4:31 PM BBT

                ( I guess Hurricane Vanessa wore everyone out yesterday )

                ( thanks Ladycop for catching everyone up )


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                  5:13 p.m. Austin and Liz are sleeping and Vanessa comes up and wakes them up to talk. She tells them she has just taken her meds and can’t get back to sleep. She comes up to see what Johnny Mac is telling them. They say he hasn’t told them anything.

                  She says she wants to tell them what he is saying because it will show how loyal she is to them. She begs them to keep it quiet because he might come back in on Thursday.

                  She then goes on to tell them:
                  He wants to target them and wants Meg and James to do it.
                  Thinks Vanessa is low on their totem pole.
                  Doesn’t understand how loyal she is to them.

                  She wants him to publicly go and talk to James/Meg. JMac wants to have Meg and James split their votes so that Austin will have a reason to target them. She continues to tell them that she is voting him out. This will be a trust testing to see whether they will try to flip the house for him. Austin thinks it is great and she says they can figures out how they feel as Vanessa can be the mole to let them think she might go with them.

                  Vanessa tells Austin that he said they (Austwits) have done the most wrong to him and Austin asks how. She says putting him up, sending Becky home, they broke the deal with him and Austin says that he never talked game to them. Vanessa says that she doesn’t understand JMac’s logic. She goes into JMac’s feelings about James and Meg. Austin figures that JMac was going home soon anyway.

                  Liz says that when she was HOH he was saying the same thing about Vanessa. They talk about him having no strategy and he is weak.

                  Vanessa wants them to know that whatever he says is bullsh*t. He says that he offered to be her no. 1 and she will never trust him.

                  Austin is worried about the test….even if they fail, he is worried that if James/Meg win HOH they might be mad at them and they will go up on the block. Vanessa says that even if she goes up on the block, she has their (Austwits) votes so she will stay. Austin says he doesn’t want to give James/Meg a reason to put them up because he doesn’t believe that they are thinking about that (oh how little he knows). Then he says it will have to happen soon as they are running out of numbers.

                  He wants to just poison JMac with James/Meg and flip his whole thing with them and just get him out. They all need to stay as tight as they can so that no one can break it, plus James and Meg need to see how tight Vanessa is with them so they don’t go after them. He is sure they won’t go after them until the week after this.

                  When Vanessa tells Austin that JMac was throwing him UTB, Austin asks so surprised that he would feel that way.
                  It continues with Austin saying that if JMac wants a war, he’s got one.
                  Vanessa says that he wants to do something crazy because he is desperate.
                  Vanessa’s plan:
                  Have JMac do it publicly that he doesn’t like or want to keep Austwits.
                  They will make an alliance with him so that he can’t put them up
                  James/Meg won’t go hard to win HOH because they will believe he is going to get rid of them.

                  Austin says but then we lose Steve. Austin is not going for this as he is concerned that he can say anything and then go against us and we’re in trouble. Liz: I’m done with him.

                  Austin believes that any of the returning HGs might realign with them, but if any of the other jurors come back they will not align with Steve, they will come over to them.

                  Now Vanessa pushes again to test James/Meg to see if they will come up and tell them what he is saying.

                  Liz says that they need to not talk to Julia about this because she will be a pit bull and she will attack him. Her blood is boiling but she can hold it in, Julia won’t be able to.


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                    6:18 p.m. Steve/Vanessa/Liz/Austin are upstairs studying for the Day comp.


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                      Steve is telling them that he wants to be friendly with JMac for the rest of the week because he feels JMac needs a friend.
                      Austin then talks about what Steve thinks will happen if JMac comes back into the house. Steve thinks he might be able to sway him as to who to put up. Steve starts telling a story and we get FISH.

                      Steve is now talking about his speech for Thursday night. He will use his zing and say something to the effect that he stands before them as the nerdy trombonist who misses his mom who now has a beard and a cool new haircut.

                      Vanessa leaves at 6:30 p.m. and Steve is still explaining BB to Liz. Liz says that Daniele Donato is her favorite.

                      6:32 p.m. Vanessa goes to find JMac and talk (?) to him. She is giving him advice and he explains that the twits lie to people. She is trying to sell him on trying to get them to vote for him to stay. She says she is still planning on keeping him (and I think he is buying what she is selling ugh). Vanessa is working John to get as much information as she can from him about why people voted the way they did, why she was backdoored.

                      7:14 p.m. The twins are in the hammock and decide that it’s too hot and they decide to head up to the HOH room to talk.

                      7:29 p.m. The twins are in the HOH room. They are talking about how they are going to vote. Julia believes that Steve is more with them than anyone else in the house. They then bash JMac about his playing. Liz says she wants to use JMac’s face as a punching bag. (She is telling Julia all the stuff she didn’t want anyone else to tell her just an hour ago.)

                      They talk about how Liz and Austin might be on the block soon and Julia talks about how sad she will be when they are separated. Liz tells her that they will probably keep her because she is not a threat. Julia says JMac is letting this game consume his life. There is more out there. They are tired of being nice to him and when they cook they let him eat with them. (Aren’t they just the nicest people?) They continue on about the fact that he is the low man on the totem pole. He is the fakest. They are so lucky that they talked to Vanessa before he got to her and outed them.

                      They are concerned that Vanessa might not trust them, but they are hoping so. Julia asks if Vanessa is going to vote JMac out….Liz says well we are so I think she will. They don’t care whether they have the votes to get JMac out, they are going to vote to evict him. They decide that they want to blow his head off, but they have to be nice to him (and others) to win. (They try to figure out how much money they will get if they win after taxes.)

                      They try to figure out what to say if JMac comes up to them to campaign. They run over what they will say to him. If he doesn’t come up and talk to them they can use that as their excuse.

                      Once again, they talk about Steve and how he will be good for their game. They are sure that Steve is more on their side than on Vanessa’s.

                      Austin comes in to take a shower but he sits down and the twins are trying to explain what they have been talking about. (OMG, they talk so fast AND Austin keeps interrupting him and it is so convoluted that you really can’t follow much of it.) He does mention that he thought they weren’t going to tell Julia any of this stuff.

                      Austin is trying to get Julia to go down and talk to JMac and see if he will say something to her about James/Meg that they can go back and tell them. Julia doesn’t want to do it.


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                        Austin is trying to get them to go talk to John and Liz tells him to shut up. She is going to do what she wants to. She says go take a shower stinky and leaves the room. He tells them that he understands this game better than them (so they should listen to him).

                        This happens at 7:51 p.m. and at 8 p.m. we find Austin downstairs in the kitchen and he has yet to shower.
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                          Now we have Austin and Vanessa in the bathroom and he is brushing his (funky) hair and she is giving him the blow by blow about her conversation with JMac.


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                            7:48 p.m. James and Meg are left in the backyard playing pool and James is telling Meg about all the conversations that has been going on today. Steve shows up and that stops as quickly as it started.

                            Once Steve leaves again, James tells Meg that Liz is obviously trying to get JMac out. He asks Meg who she would vote out if she was Liz and he was Austin. She waffles and James: Who would you get out? Meg says she knows that the answer he is looking for is them, but she thinks that the returning juror will be the one they are going after so this is a bad week to win HOH.

                            James says that he knows JMac is trying to get us on the block and trying to find the smallest things to use to put us up. James says he is trying to figure out what Vanessa is doing. He is sure she is looking forward and not just worrying about which one goes this week but which one is on their side, not ours for next week. James is convinced that Vanessa is working to make sure that whoever is left puts them (James/Meg) on the block.

                            Meg says she is too scared to talk to anyone because they go and tell others so what do they do. James says that is what has allowed them to escape so far is that they haven’t talked about others. They talk again about needing someone to come back in and “do their dirty work”. They hope the person who wins will put up Austin/Liz or Vanessa. Meg says the only one she is worried about coming back is Shelli. James says that Shelli/Becky/Jackie have all been talking in the jury house and they know who is running this game and it’s not them (implying that they know they need to get out Austin/Liz.)

                            JMac comes into the backyard and sit down to watch and then one of the twits shows up so that is over.

                            Now they are fixing dinner and setting up to play pot ball so I am out!!!!!


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                              One last thing before I leave, Austin has not showered even though he said he needed to after he finished working out. He is cooking, but has pulled all his hair back.


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