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Live Feed Updates-August 26-Day 70

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 26-Day 70

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    4:10 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      4:12:26 am BBT

      This large chess piece appeared on Camera 2. The camera stayed on it for about 8 minutes.


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        9:00 AM BBT

        Still sleeping


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          9:27 AM BBT

          They are up! No talk really.


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            9:52 AM BBT

            Most of them have changed their batteries and gone back to bed. I have not seen the chess piece yet.


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              10:48 AM

              Still sleeping.


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                11:48 AM BBT

                Austin and Vanessa are awake and in the kitchen. The backyard is on lockdown. They are just chatting about their personal life.....playing craps......


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                  12:09 PM BBT

                  Finally! Austin and Vanessa go to the bathroom and talk about Austin making a bro-pack with Johnny Mac. Vanessa tells him to go for it and she thinks that JMac has a thing with women and for whatever reason just wants to align with bros. Meg comes in to use the restroom. She joins the talk. They talk as if they are leaning to keep JMac over Steve. Whichever one they keep, they want him to throw the next HOH to one of them.


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                    12:15 PM BBT

                    They are talking about wanting to do some rock paper scissors thing on the live show tomorrow night before the noms give their speeches. They talk about how they can do it because it's a live show, what are they (BB) going to do? Then someone says they can talk to production and then we get FISH!

                    Seems that they want to do the rock paper scissors thing to decide who to vote out. That way, it's all left to chance and if whichever one comes back into the game, they can't be mad at any of them. (hope that makes sense).

                    Now they are talking about playing rps, with the winner, winning a HG's vote.


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                      1:09 PM BBT

                      JMac, Steve, and James are awake. Those that are awake are in the kitchen either eating breakfast or making lunch. Just chit chat (about grandma having her bowels taken out, ick). It all has to do with teasing Meg.


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                        1:20 PM BBT

                        Austin is in the HOH trying to wake his lady lump up. He is telling her about his talk with Vanessa and Meg about the rock, papers, scissors or they will just do a random vote. He says that they are going to tell them tonight. He also says he can make a deal with JMac (the RockStars) and then Vanessa, James, Meg, can vote him out. Austin will act pissed and then if JMac comes back, he will put two of the three that voted him out on the block and the Austwins will just make sure they keep Vanessa.

                        Nothing else going on except laughing and having a good time in the kitchen.

                        Back to the HOH and Austin is saying that they would have Steve and JMac play rock, paper, scissors, to win votes but they won't know whose vote they are playing for. Then someone will be voted out maybe 3-2 and they won't know who voted for either one.


                        • #13
                          Liz woke up saying that she wanted to vote Steve out. But by 1:27, Austin has her convinced to keep their deal with Steve but have Austin try to get in good with JMac in case he's the returnee.

                          Liz says rock-paper-scissors is a very bad idea for them, only good for the gremlins. Austin agrees. Liz tells Austin not to do it. Austin points out he doesn't have a vote but of course Liz and Julia don't have to go along with it.
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                            2:15 Cam 1/2 Meg in bed under covers. James sitting on bed.

                            He has finished something which looks like a pillow prank on Julia (not sure, wasn't paying attention).

                            Not sure when the talk turned to game. But I think I heard James say Meg was impatient to do her vote.

                            Then Meg groans and says she doesn't know how she's going to vote.

                            Then James says they're doing rock-paper-scissors.

                            Meg says no. James seems surprised -- I guess he thought it was a real plan. Meg says it's a bad idea.

                            James says "Big Brother classic".

                            Meg says she doesn't think it's fair.

                            James argues that it's very fair.

                            Meg says there's something about it that's not right.

                            [end driveby]


                            • #15
                              2:16 One more note.

                              Meg says "What we're saying that maybe we're going to do is no one tells each other who their going to vote for."

                              James seems to like it: Oooooooooooooh.

                              Meg: We go in and see what happens.

                              James: Cooool.

                              [end that super short driveby]


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