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Live Feed Updates-August 27-Day 71

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 27-Day 71

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    2:45 BBT

    All HGs in bed. Steve was laying in the dark counting on his fingers.


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      7:50 AM BBT

      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.
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        *I am going to FB to an interesting conversation from last night. Check back in a few for an updated post*

        11;20 PM BBT LAST NIGHT

        JMac heads to bed where Vanessa is lying in wait. She tells JMac that the bottom line is that he has better relationships with everyone in the jury house and that he is better than Steve in competitions. She tells him that it was really close, so close that they seriously considered rock-paper-scissors to decide. Vanessa tells him that she really hopes that JMac is the juror who comes back.

        JMac tells her that they have the votes right here to take them (Austwins) out. He says it's obvious that Steve is higher on the Austwins totem pole than even Vanessa or Jmac. He tells her to sleep on it because he can flip James and Meg's vote easily. Vanessa asks him if he has talked to them and Jmac says not yet. Vanessa says she doesn't think they will flip their vote. She says that James is extremely close to them, probably higher than her or even Steve.

        JMac says he will talk to them (James & Meg) tomorrow. Vanessa says she is certain that it's the five of them (Austwins and James & Meg) and that she and Steve are just the outsiders. JMac says to just let him talk to them tomorrow and Vanessa tells him to leave her out of it (pretend that he needs to flip her not that he already has her vote).
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          Happy Eviction Day!

          9:34 AM BBT

          Vanessa is called to the DR, BB starts playing wake up music and we are now on FISH!


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            9:50 AM BBT

            We are back and James & Austin are yapping about a spider that may or may not be a brown recluse. Everyone seems to be scurrying upstairs. Johnny Mac is sitting alone in the H/N room being very quiet. Meg comes in and they start whispering. He tells her that Vanessa told him that he is going home. He says he has nothing to lose at this point so he is going to tell her everything.
            He says around week 4 or 5, Steve came to him with a f-2 deal. He says they haven't been on the same page abut everything but they have not been going after each other. JMac says during the double eviction, he wanted to send Vanessa home, but Steve wanted Jackie gone for some reason. Jmac says the next week it was JMac and Becky on the block and it was obvious that she was going home, so he and Steve decided to team up with the Austwins because there are 3 of them. He says the 5 of them make this deal and afterwards, Steve comes down and says he has something to tell JMac. Steve told him that he had already had a f-4 deal with Austin, Liz, Vanessa & Steve that became a f-5.

            Jmac says he told Vanessa about the f-5 deal and it ticked her off. He says that Steve is their lapdog. He says that Vanessa is starting to see that she is on the outside and JMac was never really in with them. He tells Meg that he is confident he could get Vanessa to flip.

            Meg tells JMac she wants to be very honest with him. She says she talked to Vanessa earlier and they both tried to get Austwins to keep JMac, but they said it was better for their game if JMac went home. JMac says it's because Steve is their lapdog. JMac says if they flip the vote 3-2 and keep him, he will tell Austwins that he is the one who orchestrated this and they should just come after him. JMac says that in the next HOH comp it would be the 4 of them against the twins because Austin can't play. JMac says if they keep Steve and he wins, he would probably put James and Meg up because he won't turn on the others yet.


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              JMac says if he wins, he is putting the Austwins up and if James or Meg wins, they can do whatever they want. JMac says if one of the twins win, he will already have told them that he was the one who orchestrated keeping him, he will also sit down during the POV comp and they can vote him out next week. Meg says if they are blindsided (Austwins) it's going to be like Holy ****! JMac agrees and says that he will own it, he did it. Meg seems to not be onboard, but JMac says they can get together in the purple room at 5 with Vanessa and have a code that they say to each other to show they are onboard. He says it will make for epic TV. Meg says that Steve won't tell them who he is going after which makes them nervous. JMac says it will be an epic blindside. Meg asks if he has talked to Vanessa yet and JMac says he wants to talk to James first and tell him everything he has just told Meg. Meg tells JMac that he can tell Vanessa that James and Meg are flip floppers. Meg says something about whenever she and James talk to the Austwins they tell them what they want and they are just like whatever. JMac says if you give them what they want, James is the one at risk, not Meg. Meg gets up and goes to find James.


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                9:58 AM BBT

                Meg is telling James the offer that JMac is giving them. James heads into the H/N room to talk to JMac. JMac repeats everything that he told Meg (see posts above). James is surprised that the Austwins had told JMac that if they keep him and he wins HOH, he has to put up James and whichever juror comes back. The conversation ends with James saying that he will be waiting to see if Vanessa says the code words (that eviction doe) at 5. JMac says if Vanessa doesn't say it, then vote him out.

                Meg is really nervous and says she wants to talk to Vanessa herself and even if they do flip, she wants to tell the Austwins first. James tells her the info JMac gave him about the Austwins trying to make sure that James goes on the block next week. Meg is shocked. James says he has this gut feeling that one of them (Meg & James) are going home next week.

                Steve comes in and asks Meg if she is ok, tells her that her voice seems weird. Steve keeps going in and out of the room. Meg asks James what they should and should not say when they talk to Vanessa. James says JMac is going to talk to Vanessa and Meg says but she wants to talk to her herself too.

                Austin comes in and says that JMac is sitting out there giving him weird looks. He says he has his bandana on (Survivor style) and Austin says that JMac is going to go all "Taxi Driver" on them. Meg says Steve is the one that is acting weird. Got a little FISH and back to Austin saying that they already told Steve he has everyone's vote so he doesn't know why Steve would be acting weird. Meg says she doesn't know, man. Austin says that they can always recant what they said to Steve. Austin says they should just tell Steve they are going to vote for him, if they are, and that he needs to chill. Austin says bandana is making him nervous. Meg says that Steve is just acting very confident and she can't stand that.


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                  Austin leaves and Vanessa comes in. James asks her if JMac has talked to her and she says no. Meg says she wants to talk to her. James says that JMac wants to talk to Vanessa first and Meg says she wants to talk to Vanessa and she doesn't care if it's before or after JMac does. Vanessa says to giver her just 5 minutes and she leaves. James and Meg start whispering about how nervous Austin was when Meg was telling him about her displeasure with Steve. James says Austin was really trying to defend Steve.

                  Meanchile, Vanessa is in the kitchen listening to Steve and one of the twins chatting away. Van has her sunglasses on, but you can tell she is really thinking.

                  James and Meg are still talking. James tells her that it may be time to take out the other side because they are already 4 strong and if Shelli comes back, they will be 5. Vanessa comes in.

                  Upstairs, Austin is telling Steve about his convo with Meg and how Meg is upset that Steve is acting confident and not talking to her or James to get their vote.Julia asks if that is why she saw James talking to JMac in the dentists room (H/N room). They talk about how JMac must be trying to stir stuff up. Julia wonders if maybe James is just trying to make a deal with JMac in case JMac is the one who comes back. Julia says she is just going to ask them what James was talking to JMac about.

                  Back to Vanessa, James and Meg, Meg tells Vanessa they are thinking about blowing this **** up. Meg says they are trying to figure out what is the best strategic move. She says she has a bad feeling about Steve in that he hasn't really talked to them about their vote. James says that they have heard about a lot of f-5 and f-6 deals going on. James says do they just vote out who the Austwins want out. Vanessa tells them that if they tell her they have a Brass Tacks deal with Austwins that didn't include Vanessa, she will do whatever they want. Meg says that Austwins had a f-5 with Steve and JMac and they also had a f-5 with her and James that made it seem like Vanessa was a 6th.

                  Steve is creeping about now so it's hard for them to talk. Vanessa asks them to point blank tell her if the Austwins cut her out of Brass Tacks. Meg and James kind of fumble around with their words. Meg turns it back to her and says that all she knows is that JMac was told the same things that Meg was told and that Steve doesn't have a worry because he knows that Austwins got him.

                  Vanessa says she wants to sit on this for a bit. Liz comes in and asks them if they had talked to JMac and Meg says he was just campaigning to them. Meg says that Steve hasn't talked to them other than once. Vanessa says they can talk after the HOH lockdown. Now Julia comes in and asks about them talking to JMac. Meg tells her the whole JMac campaigning, Steve is not.


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                    Yes, I know we are on JeffReCaps and I am behind, but stick with me here, it's interesting.

                    We have been on fish for a few minutes and at 10:35 we are back.

                    James and JMac are in the SR. JMac is telling him about how he was told by Austin that he and Steve were pawns and that if one of them got pulled off, either James or Vanessa was going up but Vanessa was the main target. But if they kept JMac this week, they told JMac he had to go after James, Meg and whomever came back. James asks if Austin said that verbatim and JMac said that the twins are the ones who said it. JMac says they pulled him into the hammock room and told him that.

                    JMac says he was lied to and led to believe that Austwins were targeting someone else so that's why JMac said he would go up as a pawn. JMac says they didn't say precise names but when they say that if they keep him, he has to promise not to go after the Austwins, that doesn't leave any options but James & Meg for him to have to go after.

                    Upstairs, the twins are flipping out about JMac campaigning and saying that James had no business in the H/N room with JMac. Steve has come in and says he knows what he will say to Meg and James later. The twins tell him they need to campaign to them hard. They say that Meg and James probably want to keep JMac but he is not staying. Steve says too bad, so sad. Austin walks back in and says that JMac obviously said something compelling to them.
                    JMac probably told them that Austwins can't be trusted because they made a deal with JMac and broke it.

                    Moving ahead a bit, JMac and James talking in the comic book room. JMac says he is sorry, he knows he dumped a lot on James & Meg. JMac said he actually had this plan all week, but he couldn't tell them earlier because he didn't want to give them (HOH peeps) time to react. James says the most critical thing is Vanessa being on board. James queries JMac on where JMac thinks Steve stands in all this. JMac tells him what he thinks and that is that Steve will have to go after Meg, James and returning juror because Steve won't go after Austwins yet. JMac says no way is Steve ready to go after Austwins yet, but JMac is ready. He tells James that Jackie was premeditated by Steve (and Austwins too by association).

                    I think that covers it so



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                      1:22 PM BBT

                      We are back and Austin and Liz are talking privately with James and Meg. Austin tells them that they really want to work with James and Meg and have all along. Austin says that JMac has been telling everyone that he will go after the other side if they keep him. Meg says it does bother her that JMac waited until this morning to approach them with his deal. Austin tells Meg he appreciates her letting him know what's going on with JMac.

                      Now Steve and Meg are in the H/N room. Meg is telling Steve what has been going on today. Meg somehow has flopped back on the Steve train. <shrug>


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                        1:39 PM BBT

                        Even though Meg has fallen back in line with the Brass Tacks, James doesn't seem to be on board. James is thinking and Vanessa comes in. James tells her that he and Meg talked to Austin and they put everything out on the table. James isn't sure what to do. Vanessa says that it's maybe too risky.


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                          1:44 PM BBT

                          Everyone is hanging out together in the kitchen and JMac is alone in the bedroom packing. They are talking about wearing athletic gear (not sure if they were told to, or just talking about it). Now Austin and Vanessa are in the hammock room talking about what JMac has been telling Meg and James. Vanessa says he's just trying to make a move. Austin says that Meg and James came and told him what JMac said to them. Vanessa says either that or they were scared she was going to tell Austin what was going on after James and Meg saw Vanessa talking to Austin. Meg comes in and tells them that she told JMac that they are keeping Steve. Meg says that JMac still thinks he can get Vanessa on his side. They all laugh and make fun of JMac for thinking he has Vanessa. Before Meg came in, Vanessa was telling Austin that she will tell him later everything that Meg and James told her. ()


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                            1:53 PM BBT

                            Vanessa gets Austin to give his blessing on Vanessa letting JMac talk to her so she can see what he has to say. Liz is called to the DR and we have a bit of



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                              1:58 PM BBT

                              JMac comes in to the bedroom where Vanessa is thinking. She tells JMac that she knows that Meg told him they can't keep him and she says Sorry, (in her sing-songy baby voice). She says it's too risky, she is one vote, she has to vote with the house. She pulls her beanie over her eyes and is jedi training to herself.

                              ** before that happened, Steve had told Vanessa that he talked to Meg and James. He says that Meg and James wanted to be sure that they (Austwins & Vanessa) aren't using Steve to do their dirty work and for his vote. This clearly sets off alarms for Vanessa and asks what they made Steve promise them. Steve said they didn't ask him for anything, they just wanted to make sure he wasn't being used. Vanessa says interesting and then leaves and crawls into bed pulling her n=beanie over her eyes and that's when JMac comes in.

                              Tons of FISH! and everyone else is in the kitchen having a good time. Meg is telling them she is going to win tonight. James tells her if she wins HOH tonight, he is taking her camping.


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