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Live Feed Updates-August 27-Day 71

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    Steve joins them...

    Austin to Vanessa and Steve - there's no reason why we (Scamper Squad) cannot win out


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      Jackie, Becky and Shelli ( the order they fell in )


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        Vanessa tells Steve that she wants some " input" from him
        He tells her he doesn't want to seem like he's pushing her, she owes him nothing, he owes her everything...


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          7:47 PM BBT

          Vanessa to Steve- Austin and the twins obviously want me to go for him ( Johnny Mac) because he's going after them
          Steve- right

          Vanessa - but I don't think that's best.. I think it's best to keep you and Johnny .. I think that me, you and Johnny could beat Austin and the twins in any comp

          Steve- can we talk about it tonight? I agree with that you are saying..

          Vanessa- your opinion means more to me than anybody's .. so please think about it...and let me know

          Steve- okay I will do that ...


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            Steve to Johnny Mac - I think this is good. Do you trust her (Vanessa) again?
            John- Oh yeah. Do you?
            Steve- Yes


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              Steve to himself/camera - A me, John, Vanessa Final 3 isn't bad.....the best Final 3 is when you are aligned with both and they aren't aligned with each other.. I'd buy that Final 3 .. Me, John and Vanessa, I really would.

              Steve- Final 3 ....I would take John over Vanessa cause John would be easier to beat, especially now after being evicted... so if it is me, John and Vanessa in the Final 3 .. and I win HoH .. I'm taking John over Vanessa...

              Steve to himself- I think going after Meg might be a better idea than going after James


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                8:09 PM BBT

                Vanessa and the others talk about how your butt could make contact.. however your feet had to make contact at the same time...

                ( so for all out there asking production to "redo" the HoH competition, those were the rules, your butt could touch the disc... but you feet HAD to remain on the disc at the same time... you could not "just sit on the disc" ( with your feet dangling )


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                  8:23 PM BBT

                  Vanessa to Johnny Mac- okay bro, I have to know .. did you fall... I'm confused
                  Johnny Mac- yeah I did fall ...

                  Vanessa- you literally did fall off? because I was like.. if you were going to go .. why did you just not take the deal?

                  Johnny Mac- oh ...I ..

                  Vanessa- but you're good anyways... but still ...

                  Johnny Mac- I couldn't take that deal in public

                  Vanessa - okay I understand...

                  Johnny Mac- but I was going to fall anyway...

                  Vanessa- okay.. you're good anyways... it's crazy ...

                  Johnny Mac- you did good girl...

                  Vanessa- how the **** did I win that thing...

                  Vanessa- okay .. so we just keep the feud going ....

                  Johnny Mac - yeah

                  Vanessa - but for me .. there is no feud

                  Johnny Mac- me either ...

                  Vanessa asking if they showed her goodbye message..
                  He tells her yes...

                  they talk about working together...

                  Vanessa- it's funny ..everyone is saying .. he didn't take the deal.. he didn't take the deal... t
                  hey are just assuming I am going to put you up. They have no idea what's coming... it's coming...

                  She says she's going to leave before anyone sees them...

                  They agree he'll come up when she gets her HoH room and they will talk ..

                  As she's walking out of the room, Austin is there...

                  Vanessa tells Austin - I just had to ask .. I was like did you fall or what ...


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                    Austin tells Vanessa that he ( Johnny Mac ) declared war out there ( on them ) that he ( Johnny Mac ) didn't care... he wasn't thinking about alliance.. or anything.. just thinking "I'm going to take someone out " ... one week of power take someone out .. then go home..

                    Austin- That is textbook how you don't play this game... the rest of the season he has to win veto to stay alive... it seems like.. unless he ****ing changes his tune.. I can't believe he took that shot at us up there...

                    Vanessa says she didn't hear what he said.. she was feeling sick...

                    Austin he said he knew what he had to do ... had targets..

                    Austin- how does he get so full of hate..

                    Vanessa tells him that she's good for her word..

                    Austin- If you have bigger plans, you do whatever you want
                    Vanessa- I gotta do what I gotta do
                    Austin- I will support you 100%... you know that ..


                    • #40
                      Vanessa to Austin - I'm going to need reasons for whatever I do

                      Liz joins...

                      Vanessa laughs says he ( Johnny Mac ) said "let's keep the feud going" ...

                      Liz- Johnny Mac cannot win veto.....he needs to go

                      Vanessa- I have got to do what is best for my game... I don't know what that is .. but you guys have ****ing nothing to worry about ... ever .. like I said .. I'm good for my word... ...


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                        Vanessa tells Austin/Liz that leaving a known duo like Johnny Mac and Steve in would be beneficial to them


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                          Austin - I will bite my tongue on confronting him

                          Vanessa - you should...

                          Austin- he was ready to murder us.. he had a ****ing loaded gun...


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                            Austin to Johnny Mac - I know you were probably coming after me with that comment
                            Johnny Mac - Yeah, it's nothing personal


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                              Austin - Hopefully me and you can start over
                              Johnny Mac - Dude, it is all game

                              Austin - I don't want you to think that I am holding a grudge.... if you did that, it was going to be a game move

                              Johnny Mac- You were in a situation where you had a deal with everyone and it sucks since you had to break it with someone


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                                after his talk with Johnny Mac

                                Austin tells Vanessa that it's "good to be the bigger person"


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