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Live Feed Updates-August 29-Day 73

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 29-Day 73

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    5:00 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      9:30 BBT

      Vanessa was called to the DR and we've now gone to Jeff clips.

      Probably veto players pick.


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        Julia, Liz, and Austin chosen to play in veto with Vanessa, James, and Meg.


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          12:10 BBT

          Jeff clips for the Veto comp


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            While we wait for the Power of Veto Competition to play out ...

            I'll catch us up quickly on a few convos that took place earlier ...

            • Meg to James- I have feelings about this stuff. I'm going home.
              James- You were right about both of us going up
              James- Strategic wise, it is not smart for her ( Vanessa) to keep me.... deep down, she knows she's not worried about you in a competition...

              Vanessa to Austin- James can't come down. I don't see how to send Meg home if James comes off ... let's say I put Steve up
              Austin- We are not going to vote Steve out unless you want us to
              Vanessa- But are we stupid not to?

              Austin - Only way they stay is if James wins veto and Steve or Johnny ****s up in a big way and makes me want to target them
            Austin to Vanessa - Johnny Mac and James in the house together scares the **** out of me... one of them needs to go this week

            Vanessa tells Austin that it might be better to keep Johnny Mac over Steve... because she could beat him in veto easier....

            Austin say she wants Steve playing for HoH


            Flashback to last night

            Steve to camera - If I win next week...I am putting Liz and Austin up


            After his talk with Vanessa ...
            Austin talks with Liz ...

            Austin to Liz- Vanessa is worried about Johnny Mac too now. If he goes up, he might go.... if it's Meg and Johnny Mac, she (Vanessa) might want to get rid of Johnny Mac. Johnny Mac and James together in the house .... is a deadly combo

            Austin to Liz - Next week's HOH is the most important because we could get royally ****ed...


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                2:50 PM BBT

                Coming up on the 3 hour mark waiting for the PoV Competition to play out...


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                  Almost 4 hours...


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                    James won the POV


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                      The house is a mess....


                      • beckyd30
                        beckyd30 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Can we see a screenshot of the house, Lexie??? Please and thank you.

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                      The house is in shambles...

                      Vanessa alone in the HoH room...

                      Who will she name as the replacement nominee?


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                        James to camera- This is for you Baleigh, they tried to take your daddy out, but your daddy ain't bulit like that.


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                            Julia and Liz complaining ... they say there was no point to that competition ... it took no skill...

                            They both are upset that their clothes are everywhere... why did someone have to do that to their stuff...

                            Steve- because they were under time pressure and they were in a panic... and plus they ( BB ) want the house to be like this... they want it to be a train wreck


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