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Live Feed Updates-August 30-Day 74

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 30-Day 74

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    4:55 BBT

    All HGs are in bed. They all look like they're asleep.


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      JMac appears to be the only one up at this time. He is lying across the hammock and appears to be in quiet contemplation.


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        10:55 BBT

        Fishes-BB wake up call

        We come back with Vanessa at the table eating. JMac is in the kitchen, then goes to brush his teeth.

        Austin and Liz are in the bathroom doing their morning ablutions as well.

        Steve comes in to the kitchen.

        HGs either cleaning up or eating breakfast.

        Austin running the flatiron through part of his hair (Not sure why as it doesn't really seem to do anything.)


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          Looks like BB woke them up about 10-15 minutes ago...
          (while the hamsters are getting up and going I'm gonna flash back to check for any highlights overnight since Lexie's last post)


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            1:15AM BBT
            Cams 1 & 2
            HN room on sleeping peeps

            Cams 3 & 4
            HOH room
            Vanessa, James, Liz, Austin & Steve chatting about the POV comp

            around 1:23AM James leaves..he hugs Vanessa and she thanks him for talking to her

            Steve, Vanessa, Liztin casually chatting for a bit...then Vanessa says she wasn't going to talk game tonight but then tells them Meg came up and talked to her and said James was mad at her ... and that didnt help Meg or James' game for her to be told that. She tells them but then James did come talk to her and it was good. She's still his target but that's okay..they set that aside & have respect for each other game wise at least

            Vanessa tells them she is heavily leaning towards still getting Meg out...if she leaves both in (James having won POV and Meg) then that's two people gunning for her ...that she has burned bridges with both of them. And that she doesnt think next week's HOH will be physical and she thinks Meg could win it...

            Vanessa - I dont know what Johnny Mac would do but it's not as much of a risk as ..I know for a fact Meg is gunning for's written all over her face..she hates me

            She says she doesnt want to have more blood on her's been made clear to her that bridge is burned. She says she never really cared which one (Meg or James) went home ..

            So basically she is wanting to get rid of Meg and says she's in a tough situation (due to having to renom/figure out who that renom will be)

            Austin - so how are you feeling about the pawn situation?

            Vanessa again says she's in a tough position

            Austin tells her he had a good convo with JMac outside...that JMac asked if there was a chance James would use the Veto on Meg and Austin said no way...Meg wouldnt allow it

            Austin says JMac said he would trust him & the twins ..if he was the pawn and they voted for him to stay. that if that happened (JMac as pawn) and they voted to keep him it would set up next week well for them.

            Vanessa - the reason I dont want to put him (JMac) up as a pawn is because I'm getting more blood on my hands and solidifying three people coming after two people I'm sorry.

            She says JMac is a good competitor and he would come after her 100%

            Austin - well then what do you wanna do?

            She says she might ask Steve to be a pawn....she can't be HOH next week and with limited number of people she knows she might have to be a pawn herself and that if they have a group that truly trusts each other, being a pawn shouldn't be a problem.

            She goes on to say that with them (the Austwins) trio...keeping three people off the block all the time is not going to be possible. It's a lot to ask..a lot to carry and she wants to...(keep them off the block) but can't always do that

            Austin & Liz doing a lot of 'umm hmm' and Steve saying nothing

            Vanessa says there are some things James told her that she wants to talk to/ask Austin about privately

            So Steve & Liz say they will step out.. leaving Austin & Vanessa to talk


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              She tells him that James told her that after the "Ready Set Whoa" Austin told him that Vanessa said "why was he trying so hard to win?"

              Austin admits he said it..said that was when he was still angry at her...before they cleared the air...still working 'conspiracy theories' about her

              She tells him the other thing James told her Austin told him he was mad at her because that time Austin stormed outta the room because she implied that James couldnt be trusted

              Austin says no that's not how it was..he didnt say that

              says he never talked to anyone when he stormed outta the room ... Liz came & calmed him down and he didnt talk to anyone.

              Vanessa says she understands isnt a big deal really... she just wanted to make sure and clear the air.

              she talks about her being on the block and was worried about needing Austin's vote and thinking he was pissed off at her and didn't know why

              back to the "Ready Set Whoa" if they were all on the same team...why trying so hard to win

              Vanessa mentions that's an issue she has with JMac...why didnt he take her deal (most recent HOH comp) if they are on the same page/team.

              Austin says he has a lot of concerns with him (JMac)....but if she doesnt want to put him up as a pawn that's fine.... he isnt going to go against her... (Austin back to slyly trying to push a JMac renom)

              Vanessa - I believe's just that JMac is such a wild card

              She goes on to say's the same reasoning of Austin/twins getting her or Steve to be used as pawns...if they have the votes, why not? why get more blood on your hands unnecessarily?

              Austin - I see what you're saying...I just worry.... yeah, no..we can do that...if that's the way you want to do that, we can do it

              Vanessa asks if the twins were mad that she suggested Julia (as pawn/renom) and he tells her yeah...and Julia's weirded out by it

              Vanessa - really?!

              Austin says Julia is weirded out just by the idea of going on the block. that she wanted to voice more "no I dont wanna do it" but was afraid to not be a 'loyal soldier'

              Austin - their minds are not going to be able to comprehend that level of know that...

              Vanessa - but it's like..she's not winning HOHs gotta get blood on your hands gotta do something in this game you know?

              Austin says believe him..he's been pulling his hair out over this sort of thing

              Vanessa tells him he needs to start making deals/moves for his own save himself. Austin says he knows it's to that point. They talk about there are only so many numbers left... and he can't keep making deals for three of them.

              Austin says Liz can't see it because it's her twin....that it's hard on Liz's game to have someone that isn't doing anything and does nothing but complain, etc

              He tells Vanessa he doesnt want it to seem that he's talking/conspiring against Liz & "pulling a Judas and going against his girlfriend"..he's not a young boy..he's not Clay..he has to face the real world post house

              Vanessa says she is looking at it objectively

              Austin says he understands using them as a pawn but the girls are not going to be happy about it

              Vanessa says she is probably going to use Steve (as pawn)...that she was just hoping the girls would be less upset by the idea of being used as a pawn...that she knows they will expect it of her at some point. And if they are really together this shouldnt be an issue


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                Vanessa asks Austin to defend this strategy (using own team members as pawns)

                Austin asks her isnt she worried about JMac & James in the HN room together....

                She says she & JMac talked about that earlier and JMac said he was mostly talking to James because they are HNs together.

                She talks about how she thinks JMac still believes he accepted her deal (no front door, no back door) that was made during HOH comp.

                Austin wants to know if JMac will still make deals with them if he isnt even on the block. Vanessa says yeah it will be like "you won't go up as renom IF..."

                they talk about making deals for them two with JMac


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                  2:00AM BBT
                  Vanessa & Austin still talking in HOH...talking about speaking to the girls about the whole pawn thing.

                  they both say/agree that Julia is the best one to use for pawn...and from here on, with Meg gone she (Julia) will be best for use as pawn..until/unless she starts winning things

                  talk about Julia has to understand this is a strategy and it would never be done if thought Julia would ever go

                  Vanessa says she sees now that Steve is a much better option (as pawn renom) as long as they promise to vote Meg out over him. And why it would be stupid not to (vote Meg out over Steve)

                  (skipping ahead to grab just small blurbs/highlights or I'll never get current haha)

                  Vanessa & Austin still talking
                  they are talking about bringing James in for a 'side thing' with them

                  Vanessa says she is gonna say to Steve "you pissed me off last night, you owe me one" as excuse for using him as pawn renom

                  over on Cams 1 & 2
                  Steve is in the BY talking to himself...or us?
                  He is saying the only one that will want Vanessa OTB next week is James
                  If he (Steve) is HOH next week, she won't be touching the block


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                    (dang it..unexpected company just showed up....will be back ASAP)


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                      3:12 p.m. Backyard Austin/Liz

                      They are talking about who Steve has said he will put up next HOH. They think that James is trying to campaign to Johnny Mac and Steve to flip their votes. They are sure that those two can’t be flipped.

                      Austin is still worried that James and Meg will sell them out about Brass Tacks and the fact that they were working to get out Vanessa. Austin tells her that they need to tell Johnny Mac everything that the mice know so that it will take all the information away from them. Liz is justifying what they did and she says and we know that Steve and JM will vote out Meg. He won’t go against Vanessa. Liz says that Brass Tacks didn’t do anything for them at all. They have won all the HOHs.

                      Now they say they will just lie about anything and say they won’t say anything. Liz is concerned that Meg has been upstairs with Vanessa for over an hour. They start to panic and try to figure out if they have covered all their bases.

                      Julia joins them and she is worried that Meg has been upstairs for so long. They then say that they aren't worried ''**** them''.


                      • #12
                        Backing up 2:33 p.m. HOH Room Vanessa/Meg
                        Meg tells her she has come to her to see where her head is at and if there is anything she can do. Meg says she is preparing herself for going home and wants to have everything settled before she leaves.

                        Vanessa says that there is nothing new, oh wait, James made fun of her speech (Meg is laughing and it appears to make Vanessa upset again). Meg says it is a joke between James and Meg about the King and Queen remark.

                        Vanessa says she has to talk to JMac to see where his head is. She is sure that if Meg won HOH next week she would put Vanessa up. Meg says it might happen but she isn’t sure Vanessa is her target. Vanessa once again says that it’s a game move, she didn’t come at them with bull****. She wants to talk to Johnny Mac and make sure she is not his target and if she’s not she would be foolish to go into next week 4-2, when she could be 5-1.

                        Meg wants to reassure her but she says there is no reason for her to target Vanessa and she would be open to talking with her about what to do if she won HOH. She would be open minded about who she would put up. Meg also says that competition wise she isn’t a threat. Meg tries to use the argument that Johnny Mac is a loner and he has no reason to do anything for anyone….she has a F6 with Vanessa and would stay true to that. Vanessa turns that on her and says that Johnny Mac is solo, but so is she. She says if you are solo and you see pairs it’s time to break it up. If she didn’t get Meg out this week then she would be going against a threesome and a duo and be by herself. Meg counters with JM can go rogue and doesn’t have to worry about anyone else. Meg reminds her that James will be a solo person as well if she leaves the house. (Is she trying to help or hurt James?) She says that she understands what Meg is saying but Johnny Mac will probably not be going after her right away because he will do what is best for his game and putting up a single would not be in his best interest.

                        Vanessa tells her that on a personal level it isn’t easy but on a game level she needs to do this.

                        Now Meg is trying to sell the fact that she is also alone in this game because she can’t win any games. She has James, but this week for sure she has felt alone in this game. She is fighting for her game life and everyone is saying that she is with James so let’s break this up. She makes the argument that if she is in the F2 and they ask what she did to win, she won’t have a good argument.

                        This goes on for a while longer, but I am going to jump ahead and see what is happening now.


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                          3:32 p.m. HOH Room
                          Austwins/Vanessa are meeting. They are there to find out what happened with Meg when she was up there. Vanessa tells them that she was explaining what her thought process was. James is gunning for her, it isn’t going to be a physical comp, and there are 6 people playing. That means there are 2 people (James/Meg) who could win and come after me.
                          I can’t rely on people doing things that don’t make sense. Liz asks if Meg promised to throw the comp to stay in the game? (Why do they think others will do that, will they?).

                          Jumping ahead in this game talk….

                          4:01 p.m. HN James/Meg

                          Meg tells James that she is going home. James says he is trying to put out forest fires. He is hoping that she is having second thoughts. (He is buying Austin’s kool-aid and thinks Austin is trying to help them). Meg goes over the conversation.

                          Back to the HOH room and they tell Steve to tell Meg that he is voting her out as they don’t want to give her false hope and then vote against her it and it will make James mad. Julia says and it will make my week easier since I am a HN as well.

                          The twins says that they are winning next week and Liz says she wants the HOH room back.

                          Vanessa is called to the DR and Austin is ‘’instructing’’ Steve as to what he is to say and do in regards to Johnny Mac so that he will be in their corner next week when the HOH is played.


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                            Austwins and Steve are talking about the HG bios and Julia says she didn't write one and they point out that she filled out paperwork. (Duh)


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                              Liz and Austin are lying on the hammock in the backyard. Liz complains that Austin is wet and sticky from lotion. Austin says he ''washed'' it off and she tells him no he didn't. (Ah ha).

                              They are talking about a one week anniversary and talk about eating outside under the stars. Is this the one week from their date when James cooked for them?


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