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Live Feed Updates-August 31-Day 75

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 31-Day 75

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    3:45 BBT

    HGs sleeping. Austin and Liz were stirring, but it looks like they just went back to sleep. (thank goodness)


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      Flashing back:
      10:30 p.m. Julia and Steve were visiting by the pool and then they head up to play chess. We get back to Austin and Liz at the pool table and Austin is talking about his conversation with James/Meg. Liz says they know that if they try to flip the votes and Julia goes home we will not be happy. (Thanks, Captain Obvious.)

      11:15 p.m. Steve/Austin are playing chess while JohnnyMac and the twits watch. Austin: 1,2,3 and your horse can’t get me.

      12:45 p.m. Most of the house is still gathered around the chess board as Austin and Steve have played a few games and now Johnny Mac is playing against Austin. Vanessa sits there with her fists clenched because she had offered up advice to Austin and Steve told her that it needed to be between Johnny Mac and Austin. Me thinks she is frustrated with Austin’s moves but we get a play by play of what Austin is thinking with each move as he talks out loud.

      Steve goes into the HOH room to talk to Vanessa, after Liz has left, and he asks how she is doing emotionally. She tells him that she is worried about James/Meg coming up to talk to her. She is human and hates to have to do that to people.

      (It appears that Julia know she is going up because she has been very flirty with Steve all evening.


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        Flashing back still:

        3:00 a.m. Backyard Hammock with Austin/Steve/Johnny Mac. They talk about several subjects including what to say to James/Meg when they approach them for their votes. JM says that he will just say that they didn’t vote for him. Austin says that he has to vote for Julia, he’s sorry. That leaves Steve who just says he’ll tell them no.

        Next it goes to what kind of comps there might be next year. They talk about some of the comps from last year, specifically the shovel one from last year (AND super fan Austin doesn’t remember that. He asks for a lot of information for someone who acts like he understands this game).


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          9:03 a.m. and all HG are still asleep.


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            Catching us up a bit....

            11:44 AM

            Feeds are back and James use the POV on himself and Vanessa put Julia up as the replacement nom. Meg is weepy because she knows that Julia is a pawn to be sure Meg is voted out.

            12:30 PM

            Julia and Liz talk in the SR. Liz tells her that Vanessa told Liz that James came up and basically said that it was probably a good move to get Meg out because he will always put on the block with her. Julia wants to talk to Meg because she doesn't want it to be awkward with Meg. Liz tells Julia what she should say.

            12:34 PM

            Julia goes into the H/N room and tells Meg she doesn't want things to be awkward with her. Meg says it's nothing to worry about. Julia said she knew it would be between her and Steve and Vanessa chose her. Julia says she wishes Vanessa had put JMac up. Meg tells Julia that Julia is going to be fine, Meg knows how it feels to be the pawn, and that Meg knows there was nothing else Meg could have done to save herself. Julia tells he to come outside for pool day.

            1:14 PM

            Meg talks to Liz and tells her that she and Julia talked and she doesn't want things to be weird between them. Meg says that they both need to fight to stay.


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              I just got back on and two of the four cameras are on the ''love birds'' kissing and touching in their bed. Come one, there are more things going on in that house. And we go outside to Vanessa/Steve/Johnny Mac in the backyard hammock jedi training. Meg and James are sleeping.


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                5:34 p.m. Meg and James talking in the HN room about how things will be in the jury house. James says he is mentally tired. He thinks Vanessa is as well because Liz stays up there all day long. Meg says she doesn’t think so, she just thinks all day long. James talks about the remark she made to him about him not judging because he didn’t win last year.

                Meg says she knows she needs to fight to stay but it has been 75 days of this. They have been doing this for so long and they have been on the block so many times this year. They talk about the 6 a.m. meeting with Audrey and they are the last two standing. James: Made it to Zingbot.

                Meg says that she will have the episode on Wednesday night since she has been on the block. James tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about days any more. She tells him he does and she has been telling him to study. He says he will just win vetos. He says if he could go back to the rope swing, he would wrap his arm around it and hang on.

                Meg counsels James that he has a chance in this game. He tells her that Vanessa already told him that today. Meg knows that he is trying to keep her calm but she isn’t going to do anything because she doesn’t want to go out that way but in the outside world she wouldn’t put up with what is happening now.

                She tells him to stay close to Austin and Johnny Mac, doesn’t trust Steve, he is too close to Vanessa. James is sure Austin won’t keep secrets from Liz because he has a F2 with Liz. James says Austin will never win over Liz. Meg says that he knows the show too well and know he can’t go to the end with her (showmance). James says Austin know he needs to take her out soon but thinks he will let someone else take her out. He is worried that Vanessa will have Steve take him out during a DE. (He doesn’t know it will be this week.) They are definitely working together. She is programming them to target me this first week to take me out.

                Meg says Vanessa has to go. James says she knows I will beat her at veto. Meg is questioning why Vanessa would want her to go rather than JM but answers her own question by saying she just keeps everyone that she thinks she can manipulate.

                Meg says that her speech today was trying to pull James to her side so she could work with him. James says if he wins HOH he will let Vanessa come up and tell him what to do and then he will run downstairs and tell Austin and watch the fireworks.

                Meg asks who he will put up if he wins and he says Steve. Meg says you need to put Vanessa up against him. She tells him the problem with putting up Steve is that if he stays and wins DE then James is in trouble. They talk about backdoor options and maybe keeping Steve off the block.
                Meg wants to know if Vanessa has told Johnny Mac anything about her because she has never said anything about Johnny Mac or Steve. (they were moving around and whispering so much and TPTB called Meg out for not wearing her mic so no wonder I was having a problem hearing her).
                Meg says if Vanessa makes it to F2 she will be so mad. James says what if it is her and me in F2 and she says she will be so pissed if she is there no matter what. (Now that she is wearing her mic she is even quieter.)

                They talk about who can win the coming comps. James doesn’t think Vanessa will win any more comps. Meg says that if she was watching the season she would be pissed at all of them for letting Vanessa stay in the game. (Um, didn’t she have a chance to evict Vanessa and chose instead to send Shelli out? Why yes, yes she did.)

                James: She is the villain. An emotional villain. James says her play is ok but according to her no one else’s is.

                Meg says that she just wanted to make it to jury and get the experience and she got that. She hopes she made a contribution to the show. James say she did as he teases her.

                James says he wants to keep one of her shoes (haha).

                Vanessa comes in to get work out clothes. She says she didn't want to work out if she had to play in a comp, but since she can't play on Thursday she is going to do a workout with Austin.


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                  No game play right now. Vanessa/Austin/twits working out. James and Meg in bathroom using facilities. Not sure where Steve is but Johnny Mac just finished eating his slop.


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                    6:55 p.m. Most of the HG out in the yard working out. Meg and James inside, Meg doing her nails.


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                      The most exciting thing happening in the BB house tonight is that the microwave doesn't work. James couldn't heat up his slop earlier and now Austin can't heat up his tortillas. Oh my Goooooodddddduh.


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