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Live Feed Updates-September 1-Day 76

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 1-Day 76

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    2:55 BBT

    Meg talking to Steve at the HT about the numbers in the game and how they're getting down to every vote counts. They were talking about only one person currently in the house has pissed her off and that person would be her alternate. She was talking without names about who should go up and to go further in the game what has to happen. The numbers are getting down and so to take control something has to happen. (I think she's hinting around that Austwins need to be broken up).

    Meg says she doesn't feel like she's been isolated and alone in the game. She doesn't feel like everyone wants her out. He asks if there's anything she can tell him.

    Austin and James talking about all the ladies in the jury house and the estrogen flowing. 75 days without a guy.


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      Meg and Steve have moved in to the bathroom. Meg is almost tired enough to go sleep in the chairs.

      They're just chit chatting.


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        9:49 AM BBT

        Lights are on but I only see one of the twins up. I think it's Julia, but I only have a back or side view of her. Now I have a front view and I think it's Liz. No, Julia. Wait, Liz. Ugh, one of the twins is combing her hair in the bathroom.

        ETA: It was Julia. You're welcome.


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          11:22 AM BBT

          Everyone still sleeping.


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            12:27 PM BBT

            Vanessa has gone around trying to wake everyone up for the HOH pictures. Everyone is up and outside except for Meg, who is getting ready, and James, who is awake but still in his H/N bed. They grumble they are only going to go out to take one pic then they are going back to bed.


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              I'll catch us up quickly ....

              Johnny Mac/Vanessa

              Johnny Mac and Vanessa talk about James/Meg and how they know they are going to try some "****" ....

              Johnny Mac tells Vanessa that he will keep her in the loop about anything they ( James/Meg ) have going on ...


              Steve talks to the camera -

              Steve - I'd almost prefer if it's a double ( eviction ) so that I could get in... get out and get the job done



              Steve promises Julia his vote to keep her, he tells her there's NOTHING that James/Meg could say/do that would change anything.


              Austin/Liz/Vanessa talked about Steve the the possibility that he might flip ( votes ) ... they decide that Steve wouldn't flip because he would then have 4 people mad at him and gunning for him...

              They decide that if Meg/James "out them" (about the Brass Tacks alliance ) that they will just say that James/Meg approached them with it.

              Vanessa suggested that they need to do night shifts, since Meg/James are sleeping all day, in order to stay up at night ...



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                2:15 PM BBT

                Vanessa questions Steve

                Vanessa asks Steve what he and Meg have been talking about ...
                He tells her no game really... that Meg's not really even trying to campaign

                Vanessa to Steve - Have you ever thought that it's in Austin's incentive for Julia to go home?
                Steve- No


                Vanessa asks Steve "what if" Johnny Mac and James voted the other way .. and Austin voted the other way and it got pinned on you?

                ( this was what Meg/James had been plotting with "Operation Trojan Horse" )

                Steve tells Vanessa - "that's dirty" and the only way it would happen is if Johnny Mac voted the other way and he thinks that Johnny Mac would tell them...

                Steve- I can't see Austin doing that, voting out Julia
                Vanessa- I would hope not

                Vanessa tells Steve that she's nervous about Austin being onto her/him and Johnny Mac...

                She says she's going to start throwing out comments about Johnny Mac

                She asks if he gets HoH has he thought about what he'd do

                She tells him that James is the obvious choice
                Steve agrees with her ...

                They both talk about how they don't think Johnny Mac could win the game...
                Steve does say that people do like him...

                Steve tells Vanessa that the jury is full of "recruits" and that they will value competition wins


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                  2:28 PM BBT


                  Julia to Liz -i
                  f I go home.. I'll be so pissed the **** off that I was supposed to be a pawn
                  Liz- I know, Julia
                  Julia says she doesn't really blame Meg ( for trying to campaign ) she knows she wants to stay
                  Liz- Nobody messes with my ****ing twin
                  Julia- if Steve didn't vote to keep me... you 3 would come after him..
                  Liz- he'd be the biggest damn fool...
                  Julia tells Liz that if she does leave this week, she will "never forgive Vanessa for putting her up"


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                    Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks that James will gun for her
                    Steve tells her "no" that he thinks that James is more scared of Austin/twins...


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                      Julia to Vanessa - do you think there is not any way they could flip the votes?
                      Vanessa- I don't believe so, as long as everybody keeps their word


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                        3:00 PM BBT

                        Meg and James are awake...

                        James asking Meg if she's ready for "Operation Trojan Horse"


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                          5:38 PM BBT

                          ( perhaps Meg is plotting how to pull off "Operation Trojan Horse" )


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                            5:44 PM BBT

                            ( or not... )


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                              Currently ~~ 5:46 PM BBT

                              ( I'm going to grab a bite to eat... if anyone is listening/watching and catches any game talk.. feel free to jump in and update )


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