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Live Feed Updates-September 2-Day 77

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 2-Day 77

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    3:45 BBT

    Vanessa and Steve are the only ones up and are talking in the HoH. Vanessa is trying to tell Steve who to target next week. Sounds like she is telling him to target James and wait until Final 6 to go after Austwins. She talks about a worst case scenario, if James is out, that John would go over Steve. He questions whether losing John would be good for him.

    Vanessa is also telling him that if James is still in the HoH comp, he should try. If James is out he can throw it. The ideal situation is if Austin wins. It would also be ok if John won. They keep going over scenarios.


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      4:00 BBT

      Austin and Liz getting it on in the purple bedroom. Steve in the kitchen eating.


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        9:15 AM BBT
        All houseguests are sleeping.​


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          11:35 a.m. Vanessa is on the treadmill in the backyard and Johnny Mac comes out and checks to see how she is doing. She is so proud that she has been working out so that she doesn’t go home all fat. She asks how he has been sleeping in the HN room. He tells her the vitamins he took have thrown him off for the first two days and he couldn’t sleep but he slept well last night. She asks if he is studying his numbers.

          She tells him that the twits were nervous that he was in the room so long last night with James/Meg. He laughs it off. He says they have nothing to worry about unless Vanessa changes her mind and wants Julia to go. She says she needs to keep that huge target in the house (Austwits). He says he feels the same. She tells him that she is worried about James but thinks that his interest has to be aligned with them with Meg gone. Vanessa: You see that right? He agrees. She tells him that he and Steve are starting to get a target on their backs.

          She wants to make sure that he is talking to James as they have to keep him close. Out comes Julia to sunbathe and JMac tells her that they have 6 minutes and then the backyard will be locked down. She talks about how scary it is to see your luggage in the storage room. Vanessa tells her she is safe.

          Meanwhile in the bat cave, TBM (James/Meg) are still sleeping. Meg was up and brushed her teeth and climbed back in the chair.
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            John and Julia in the kitchen fixing slop.....Austin and Liz in the bedroom cuddling. I like the kitchen shot myself.


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              Meg is up and asking Johnny Mac about the stairs and door to go see Julie. Apparently she had a dream and in it she fell down the stairs. John explains the procedure.


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                12:50 p.m. Julia and Johnny Mac talking about amusement parks (Disney, Six Flags) in the kitchen. The other two cameras are on Austin and Liz and their daily activity. Other cameras in the house are apparently not working as we could see Vanessa or Steve or Meg or James just sleeping and I'd be just as happy. Anyway, as I said nothing game worthy on feeds so I am out for a while.


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                  1:12 p.m. Liz and Austin are finally up and cooking in the kitchen. Julia is there. Meg and James are still sleeping. I am going to assume that most of the others are as well as that were the cameras are.


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                    The backyard was closed down but it is open now so that the HG can go out and ''practice'' a game. Liz gets the card and starts to read and we go to fish. (approx. 1:15 p.m.)


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                      Austin stands and watches as Johnny Mac is figuring out the strategy. You have to roll a ball up an incline but keep it on as it has to go around two curves. If you roll it too far on the first part it will fall off. If you can make the first curve you need the correct angle or it will fall off before the second curve.


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                        I believe the favorite word for this year is ''sneaky'' as they call each shot that looks good sneaky. Austin is asking Steve if there is a way he can figure out a strategy by computing something. Steve says yes, but he's not doing that now. Steve and Johnny Mac are doing a pretty good job of rolling the balls. They discuss how long they will get to practice, and Austin (he who thinks he knows everything) says it won't last that long because in a prior season they practiced till 4 in the morning and then did a bad job in the actual comp.


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                          2:19 p.m. HN Room Meg/James

                          They talk about Vanessa telling everyone not to trust James. Meg tells him that she talked to Austin but he told her he didn’t want to vote Julia out because he thinks Liz and he will be together after the game. Meg says James’ name comes up in every conversation she has had. She told Austin that James would be a wild child after she’s gone.

                          James says that he will be the target this week, they are trying to get Steve and Johnny Mac on board to use later. James tells her he knew it wasn’t good when she told him about her conversations last night.

                          Meg says she knew Austin would either be in game mode, or he would be with Liz. Meg says he has a girl friend here and one at home because he needs to be romantic (at least in his head).

                          James says that he talked to Johnny Mac prior to her talking to Austin and is afraid that Johnny Mac might use some of the things James said against him. Meg says he won’t. James knows that Johnny Mac threw him under the bus the last time saying that he threw the BOB comp.

                          James says he is going to lie low and if his name comes up on the board he will know that they are working against him. Meg says that she thinks they will backdoor him and not give him a chance to play in veto. If he plays in veto that he needs to win it. James thinks that if Johnny Mac wins HOH he might be safe, but he thinks that Steve and the rest will put him up. Meg tells him that Austin has been trying so hard to ‘’butter’’ him up this week just in case James would win.

                          Meg says she is going to be a star on the stage with Julie tomorrow and wear what she wants.

                          James is back to what Vanessa said that there were going to be some big changes made this week. He doesn’t know what that means. Meg says that James is really good under pressure and he says that’s true. He learned it in the military.

                          Meg asks if he will help her pack tonight and he says “yeah, I’ll pack your goodies drawer”. He asks what he will do without her in the house and she tells him he only has 20 days left. They believe that DE is next week. James says he needs to win HOH next week, he needs to make crazy deals with everyone. She once again says he isn’t going to win days (because he won’t study). He says thanks, he didn’t think he would get this far. He likes vetos because they are competitive and fair.


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                            Johnny Mac is listening to music in the HOH room. Vanessa is attempting to sleep. James has been called to the DR. The rest of the HG are in the kitchen.


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                              Heading out to the garden to pick tomatoes so I'm out for a bit. If someone else is around and wants to update, please feel free.


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