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Live Feed Updates-September 3-Day 78

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 3-Day 78

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    3:30 BBT

    Steve has been up running scenarios with skittles. Austwins trio are green skittles, there is an orange pair and then 3 other individual colors. He gets up for short periods and paces and mumbles to himself.

    3:40ish (may be a little before of after)

    cameras 3 and 4 switch to Vanessa. She went downstairs to the kitchen to look around and get some water. She goes back upstairs and sits and watches the HoH spyscreen, which is on the kitchen, while eating popcorn. Noone is in the kitchen, so she eventually turns out the light and rolls over to go to sleep.

    All cameras now showing sleeping HGs, no sign of Steve though so I'm not sure if he went to bed.


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      About 3:58 Steve comes out of DR (That's where he was when Vanessa came downstairs).

      He goes to comic book room turns out the light, gets in bed, then gets up puts on his microphone, and turns the lights back on.

      He talks to the camera a bit, but is doing something with the mic battery pack and he is inaudible (or he is just mouthing words to mess with the live feeders).

      He then sits back down with his skittles and starts running scenarios again.


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        4:15 BBT

        John gets up and goes to the bathroom and then goes back to his dentist chair.

        Steve still pacing and mumbling to himself. He has a hair clip in his hand (not sure whose hair clip).


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          6:02 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2
          Have Not Room- Everyone sleeping.

          Cams 3 & 4
          Steve in bed but not asleep. Been watching for about 5 or so minutes now and he keeps tossing his head back and forth and his lips are moving almost as if he's having a conversation with someone. He was holding his mic in his hand but couldn't hear anything. He then sits his mic down beside him in bed and keeps moving around. Tossing back and forth, under the covers, out of the covers. Seems to be having a rough time sleeping (or a psychotic episode one).


          • #6
            6:20 AM BBT

            Cams 3 & 4

            Steve still going at it. Though his eyes are closed he keeps touching and moving stuff around on the nightstand beside him with both hands. Lips moving as if he's talking. Then turns on his back and puts a pillow over his face/head. Then sits up and back down.


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              6:34 AM BBT

              Cams 3 & 4

              Steve might have finally found some peace and fell asleep. Been about 5 minutes with no movement.


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                Steve goes upstairs to lie down as he didn't sleep well at all during the night. He was coughing and just generally complaining of a upset stomach and has been throwing up. He tells Vanessa that it is set and he is voting out Meg. Vanessa says that she doesn't want to be blindsided at all so if it changes to let her know.

                Steve has told the girls that he wasn't able to sleep. They are trying to think of solution for him so he can sleep. He says he isn't feeling well. Steve asks them to join him in the hammock room. He asks if he will be put up if either of them wins tonight either as a nom or a replacement nom. They promise him that they will not. They asks if that’s why he is not feeling well and he says no. He just wanted to get confirmation.

                They all come out and he sees Vanessa coming down the stairs. He tells Vanessa that he was literally scampering all night long. She asks why and he says he was going to the bathroom a lot.


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                  We are now on FISH


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                    Feeds are back and the HG are having to vacate the HOH room (I assume so they can clean it and get it ready for the next HOH).

                    In the purple bedroom Julia and Liz are talking and Julia wants to know if she should change the day in her speech since she wasn’t there on the first day. Liz is trying to sleep and tells her that no one is going to remember the actual day she came in so don’t worry about it.

                    12:45 p.m. We find Austin bothering Liz while she tries to sleep. Meg comes in to bother their “game”. Liz is complaining about the tuna that Austin made. She thinks it was bad. Austin gets up and leaves and leaves Liz to try to go back to sleep. He heads out to the kitchen where Johnny Mac is cleaning his dish and heads into the bathroom where he finds Vanessa. He tells her that Steve made a deal this morning with the twits to not front and backdoor him this week. Austin says Steve said it was to cover his bases. Austin wonders if he doesn’t trust Vanessa vote if she isn’t on the block. They talk about whether Julia is leaving but Austin is using the curling iron and keeps hitting his mic. He is questioning whether Steve is planning to throw the HOH. Vanessa says he has no grounds to ask for that as he had given his word. Austin says he won’t tell Liz that he told Vanessa.

                    Austin wants to know if he should talk to James and make a deal prior to the eviction tonight. They debate it and decide that they will wait until after the comp is over to approach him about putting up the twins. Vanessa says it would be ok as long as James doesn’t put her up against Steve. Their plan is to put up Johnny Mac/James and use Steve as the backdoor and they can force Steve out of the house. Austin says he will be fine with making a deal with James and then break it. Vanessa says they have the votes so Austin can do whatever he wants. They briefly talk about if Austin should go up tonight and if he will have the votes. He is concerned that Liz and Julia might go up, and then he might be the backdoor option and he won’t have the votes. That would be his checkmate. Austin thinks that they should keep him in the game so that he can control the twin that is left. (His hair is making some really weird sounds when he is trying to flatiron it.) He tells Vanessa that Julia was worried that Austin might not vote to keep her. (And we LF know that she put that doubt in her mind.) Vanessa says that she was worried because Austin was in the bathroom and she came in and he wouldn’t talk to her. He says his mind was on chess (that’s pretty much what he is thinking about now). They think she feels confident now that she is staying. James comes in and they talk about a game they were playing that they will save for the second lockdown. As Vanessa leaves she mentions in passing that there might be a DE tonight. That leaves James and Austin in the bathroom alone. No talk between the two.

                    We find Meg and James in the HN room talking about the comp for tonight. Meg tells him that she told Johnny Mac that he or James needs to win tonight. James is chomping on ice. James is throwing pillows on her and says he only has a couple of hours to aggravate her.

                    1:10 p.m. Vanessa and Steve. Steve says he got one hour of sleep last night. She thinks he is stressed. He asks her how long they need to keep the twins in the game? She says they need to keep them in for one more week. Steve talks about James and Johnny Mac, he doesn’t think they will go after Vanessa. Vanessa says that if she would play and win she wouldn’t put James up this week so that would be crazy if she was put up by him. They think that James/Johnny Mac will go after Austin/Liz this week. Steve asks if she had the TV on and she says she left it on by mistake and didn’t look at it. (Uh huh, we saw you looking and eating popcorn Vanessa.) He says you would have seen me walking around. Vanessa tells him it is a bad move to break Liztin up this week. Liztin keeps the target off them, as well as if Julia is still there, because James will be coming after the Austwits. He tells her that he is sick and it is stress induced.

                    Vanessa tells Steve, and tells him not to tell anyone else this, that she is an expert in decision making and games. Her thesis in college was on game theory. We get FISH.


                    • #11
                      It looks like all the HG are sleeping. Vanessa and Steve are sleeping in the Comic Book Room and the HNs are all in their chairs.


                      • #12
                        Approx. 2:37 p.m. Steve is alone in bed in the Comic Book Room and is mumbling to himself....he can't lose Johnny Mac. Can't make out a lot of what he is saying but you can tell he isn't convinced that this is the best thing for his game.


                        • #13
                          Steve to himself- Vanessa is telling me what is best for her game.... what's for her game isn't necessarily what’s best for my game


                          • #14
                            Steve to camera- I could just say **** it.... I'm playing Big Brother and flip it


                            • #15
                              2:57 p.m. HN room Meg to James. Every time I go into the DR I feel like I’m not fighting enough. It makes me feel bad about myself. And she lets Johnny Mac walk out of the room without saying a word to him.

                              Meanwhile Steve, as I have previously posted, is having second thought about his vote. He lies in the bed and now Vanessa is back so there is no chance for he and Johnny Mac to get together (at least not in there).

                              Back to Meg who continues to sit in her HN chair and sip on something.


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