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Live Feed Updates-September 4-Day 79

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 4-Day 79

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    3:55 BBT

    Vanessa and Steve were chit chatting in the HoH room and Austin comes up to talk game with Steve so Vanessa leaves.

    Austin is telling Steve that he understands if he puts up the twins, but if one of them comes down putting him up may not be the best move for Steve, but he won't say who would be a better move because he doesn't want to say names. He knows John is Steve's boy. Steve says not really, he (Steve) just knows that he's at the bottom of the scamper squad.

    Austin talks about knowing that he can't go to F4 and F3 with the twins.

    Austin says that the twins trust Steve more than Vanessa does, but that is not throwing Vanessa under the bus. he also says that twins feel closer to Steve than anyone besides Austin. Austin goes on about he is an individual


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      9:31 AM BBT



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        9:59 AM BBT

        Steve and Julia have been chatting in the kitchen. BB tells Julia to put her mic on. Steve heads to the hammock room and paces, then heads to the bathroom and paces while whispering. Can't make out what he is saying but I can tell he is going over his nominations speech. He is playing with his HOH key and it's really loud. That's all the action going on for now.


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            10:53 a.m. Steve has awaken Austin and asked him to meet with him in the hammock room. He tells Austin that he is putting him up with Liz but he has the votes to keep Austin. Austin makes sure that Liz is the target. Austin makes his pitch that he can control Liz next week and she could win and keep them both safe. He doesn’t have the same thing with Julia. Austin gives him his blessing about putting them up (like he could change Steve’s mind.) Austin asks why he isn’t putting the twins up and he says he just can’t put them both up. Austin asks if he has talked to Vanessa and if she is ok with this.
            Steve says he has the votes to keep him safe. He wants Austin to stay and Austin says he trusts him, it’s just going to be sad. Steve says he wants to tell him rather than blindside him. Austin is doing a lot of deep breathing and says he gets it, it makes sense. He isn’t going to hold it personal against him, he put Steve on the block and told him he had the votes and Steve was safe. Austin makes sure that he has the votes if Liz were to get off the block and Julia were beside him. Steve keeps nodding yes and saying I have the votes. Steve wants Austin to keep things between them and then says he is going to say the same things to Liz.
            Now Steve has Liz go into the hammock room. First he says he owes her an apology for whatever happened last night. He talked to Johnny Mac first and it was never a problem of him avoiding her, he had been sick and just wanted to listen to some music first to clear his head. She says she is ok. He goes on to tell her that he is in a bad spot and she kept him safe. She tells him that she kept him safe and then couldn’t play in the second HOH. He tells her that she and Julia are not going up together. Liz: OK. He says you understand how the numbers are going and I adore both of you but there are other relationships in this house and he has to balance whether to stay with the people I have been with a long time.
            She cuts to the chase “You are putting me up.” Not a question, a statement which he answered with yes. She knows he has to do what is best for his game, they are lucky to have gotten this far. It sucks, she has been HOH 3 times and has never put him up on the block. He says he knows and he knows she would be upset putting her up against Julia. He reminds her that she is playing in the veto. He tells her that his door is always open and asks for a hug. She thanks him and leaves.
            Steve tells John that they covered it and then they head into the hammock room. Steve says he told Austin he had the votes. (John was with Austin in the kitchen while Liz was in the hammock room and confirms that Austin told him that Steve said he had the votes.) Steve says we’ll see how veto goes. Johnny Mac tells him that Vanessa is freaking out that he won’t put up Austin. They leave the room and find that Liz and Austin have left the kitchen area.
            Meanwhile with Liz/Austin. Austin tells Liz this is the best case scenario for her that they are both on the block together. Liz tells Austin that she should have taken Steve out when she had the chance. Austin points out that Johnny Mac could have won the HOH and the result might have been the same. Austin says they need to win the veto, and if Julia can win it none of them will go home. Austin says that Julia has to win it. They talk about Vanessa winning it and perhaps taking one of them off the block but if Steve/John win they can forget it. Liz is quietly playing with her hair and Austin is just lying there. Liz complains that it sucks because she just won HOH and now she is tearing up. Austin comforts her. She says she didn’t want to go on the block with Julia or him. Now she is really crying.


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              Hardware change and updates are completed for the website and we're back on track!

              Thanks to Rob and all the tech folks that made it happen!


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                10:52 AM

                Steve wakes up Austin and they head to hammock room to talk. Steve tells Austin that he can't put the twins up together. Austin asks if Steve is putting Austin up? Steve tells Austin he has the votes for Austin to stay. Austin asks who the target is and Steve repeats that he has the votes for Austin to stay. Steve says he does not want Austin to go home this week. Austin says that he can only control Liz (to not go after Steve) and asks Steve who came up with this plan? He asks if Vanessa knows about this.Steve just repeats that he has the votes for Austin to stay. They leave the room.

                10:58 AM

                Steve brings Liz in to talk to her. Steve tells Liz that he is not going to put her on the block next to Julia. Liz says she appreciates that. Steve tells Liz that he adores her and her sister. Liz (nicely) reminds Steve that she has been HOH 3 rimes and never put Steve up. Steve says he knows but the numbers have just dwindled down and reminds her that he is not putting her up against her sister. They leave the room.


                Austin consoles Liz. They compare notes on what Steve said to them and Liz is devastated when she realizes that Steve only told Austin that he had the votes and didn't want Austin to go home this week and didn't say that to her. Liz is crying. Austin says he needs to go use the bathroom.

                Steve tells Vanessa about his conversation with Austin. Vanessa tells Steve that he can have Austin talk to her if he wants assurance that Austin has the votes. Vanessa realizes that she needs to get ready for the nomination ceremony.


                Austin talks to Vanessa in the bathroom. They go over the conversation with Steve. Vanessa promises her vote to keep Austin and they discuss if Vanessa wins POV she could use it on Liz and then they could send Julia home (since she is the weaker player). Vanessa tells Austin that Steve and JMac are really tight. Liz comes in, so Austin leaves to let them talk.

                Vanessa hugs Liz as she is sobbing. Vanessa tries to explain how the game is going right now and how Steve probably came up with his noms (had to do with 5 left and him seeing he is the bottom of the totem pole). Liz talks about going to the jury house and that 3 of the people hate her. Vanessa says everyone hates her (Van) and Liz should try to put a good word in for Vanessa. Vanessa (trying to cheer Liz up a bit) tells her that she is lucky that she still has a sister in the game and Austin. Vanessa says Liz still has 2 chances to win the game. If Julia wins, Liz basically wins. If Austin wins, they will probably get married and Liz would win.

                Meanwhile, Steve is in his HOH room listening to music. Austin comes in and asks to use Steve's toilet since the girls are talking downstairs in the bathroom.

                Vanessa still pep talking Liz. She tells Liz that Steve made her and Johnny Mac promise to vote how Steve wants. Julia comes in and says she wants to talk to Liz. They go into the H/N room and Liz is telling her about all that has happened with Steve.

                11:31 AM

                Austin is out of the HOH bathroom and is talking to Steve about Vanessa and how he doesn't really trust her because of everything that has happened in the past. Austin is feeling Steve out if Vanessa would really think that keeping Austin over Liz is really good for Vanessa's game? Steve says she said she would keep Austin.

                Sorry, LadyCop, didn't see you there. Carry on.


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                  While this is going on Steve goes to the Comic Book Room where Johnny Mac and Vanessa have just had a conversation (if you call it that because he is mouthing words and she isn’t wearing her mic). John has confirmed that Steve told them both they are going on the block. Steve tells her that he told him he has the votes for him to stay. He didn’t want to put the twins up. Vanessa is thinking a lot, and Steve just says we’ll get there. Vanessa says that he is freaking because he has never been on the block. They fist bump. She asks what time it is and when she realizes what time it is she says she needs to get ready. She says that if Austin needs to be reassured she will do it. Tells Steve to send him in, but Steve says he’ll approach you on his own.

                  11:13 a.m. Austin is in the bathroom with Vanessa and he tells her that he will fight for the veto and if she wins she needs to use the veto on him. That is best for their game. She says that if she does, he has to keep it quiet. She is aware that Steve is with Johnny Mac and he (Steve) has been feeling her out about what she would do. If he thinks that we have a deal you will be the target. Austin realizes that. She said she told Steve that (Austin/Vanessa) said they would work together but never said F2. Austin says he told Steve that they (Austin/Vanessa) never repaired their relationship fully. Vanessa says this is tricky. She tells Austin that she will vote the way Steve wants but she never said anything about not using the veto. Austin says that they need to send Julia out and keep the strongest one in the game. He tells Vanessa that Liz is ready to kill someone. If we keep noms the same we are weaker according to Austin. Vanessa says that she is worried about Johnny Mac winning next week. Austin is questioning his vote for James (over JMac) to leave last night and Vanessa says it didn’t matter because Steve would have still won and everything would have been the same.


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                    Liz comes in and Vanessa gives her a hug. Liz tells her that Steve is putting her up and Vanessa acts surprised and asks if he told her that. Vanessa says that Liz needs to look at the bright side, what is better for her game. To go up against her sister or against Austin. Vanessa understands why Steve is doing it because he was at the bottom of their group. Liz cries and says that she should have put him up yesterday. Vanessa counters and says it wouldn’t have mattered because Johnny Mac would have won and the results would have been the same unless she could have won but she tried her hardest and she sucked. It wasn’t personal, it’s a game move.
                    Liz says she was sure he was putting up Austin, but she never thought he would put her up. Vanessa points out that if he put up Austin with Johnny Mac the girls would have saved Austin and then going into 5 they would have been a block of 3. She reminds Liz that at least one of the twits will be in F5 and most likely both. Liz says if she wins veto and uses it, he will put up Julia. She says but that doesn’t mean that either of them will go home. They have two tickets to go to F5. Liz keeps complaining about never having put Steve up. “What the f*ck”. She says she is an ugly crier. Liz says she is going to sleep all day and get rested up for tomorrow. Vanessa tries to put a good spin on it and says that the twins have gone farther than any other group in this game and her game is in her hands. Liz doesn’t want to go to jury with all those people who hate her. Vanessa points out that Julia could make F2 and that’s a powerful thing. Austin might win and then they will have a wonderful life. Liz met someone great in this game. She explains the game according to Vanessa and how there wasn’t much that Steve had to choose from. Liz tells her that she just hopes a girl wins this year.

                    11:30 a.m. Liz and Julia in the HN room. Liz goes over the noms and then says that Julia has to win the veto and take Liz down and then maybe Vanessa will go up. Julia asks how it happened. Liz goes over it while adding, once again, how unfair it is because she never nominated him.
                    She says that it was good that Steve told her in advance. She tells Julia that it probably would have happened anyway, even if Johnny Mac could have won.


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                      Purrwing, I'm sorry for running over your posts, but Lexie says two are better than one. Actually I am going to be out for most of the is my 40th wedding anniversary and hubby thinks I should think about more than BB. Can you imagine??? So, I will check in from time to time but won't be available for much.


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                        12:41 PM BBT

                        Twins are yapping about how unfair and unjust it is that Liz is going up on the block. Liz is upset because Austin isn't in there comforting her and he was up late last night talking to Steve in the HOH. She says he probably knew all along that they were going up. Julia reminds her that Vanessa was up there too (so they are in obvious cahoots). Liz says Steve better just hide upstairs all week because she can't even. Julia saying no more pork chops or steak for you Steve. Go eat your Fruity Pebbles and go play in traffic.

                        Liz again wonders where Austin is and would Clay have ever left Shelli's side when she first found out that kind of news? Austin comes in and he is hugging Liz and she laughs and tells him to stop because she feels like she is on her frigging deathbed.

                        No worries Ladycop. I felt I was running over your posts.
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                          While the twins were talking.....

                          12:31 PM BBT

                          Steve goes up to his HOH room. Vanessa is laying on the sofa. Steve immediately says that he wants to take a nap and also he doesn't want her up there because he doesn't want to freak Austin out. Vanessa says she knows but feels like Steve is afraid to talk to her. It turns out that Steve had misunderstood something Vanessa had said about Austin acting freaked out, so he's not worried anymore.

                          Vanessa talking fast says that Steve is really in a great position. Steve says he's glad she thinks this is a great position. She says that they are in F-6 and actually guaranteed to be f-5. She tells him that at least he is f-5 and she hopes she's f-5 to which Steve responds "let's just win veto tomorrow". Vanessa thinks for a second and remembers that Julia could win veto tomorrow. Steve says if Julia wins, they are all ****ed, that's why they have to win veto tomorrow.


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                            1:28 PM BBT

                            Austin coddling Liz and telling her that this is just a show and that she can't take it so serious. He says it's not real and they should just go up on the block and ****ing be ridiculous and just have fun with it. He says they still have each other and at least they can't take that away from them.

                            I am out.
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                              We've been on Jeff Highlights for a bit now .... as the Nomination Ceremony takes place...

                              Just prior to "Jeff" ..

                              Austin and Vanessa talked...

                              Vanessa told Austin that if Julia wins ( POV ) she's ****ed... because there's "no play" ..
                              Austin tells Vanessa that there is... they just have to convince Steve to put up Johnny Mac as the replacement nominee


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