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Live Feed Updates-September 5-Day 80

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 5-Day 80

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    4:40 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      I'm going to catch us up from where I left off last night ....

      (my apologies for just disappearing.... things were quite in the house... so I kicked back in my chair and ummm ... actually fell asleep... those little sleep Monday - Wednesday's and no sleep Thursday's into work on Friday and back to this is apparently getting to me... ... good news or bad news depending on how you look at it is... that the house itself was pretty quite the rest of the night )

      Austin and Liz talked...
      (figured you guys would love this convo)

      Austin- If we get taken out of this game, it's going to be really boring for people to watch
      Liz- No ones going to watch it

      Austin advised Liz to wait until after the veto competition today, to talk to Steve.

      They discussed that the only power Steve has right now is he decides who goes on the block next to one of them ( depending on who wins the veto )

      Liz to Austin - Now I know how Clelli felt when they were being separated right before jury. That's the worst.

      Liz tells Austin that she thinks she is Steve's target... but knows he's fine with either of them going, when it comes down to it.

      Liz tells Austin that she is "James" and he is "Meg" ...

      There were a few other side convos ( not game talk ) past this point... but that pretty much wraps it up


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        Probably against the rules but have to do this anyway. Lexie you are the BEST. Thank you for all you do

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      Currently ~~ 9:01 AM - everyone still sleeping...


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        9:40 BBT

        Fish - Wake up time.


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          10:00ish BBT

          Liz and Steve in the kitchen battling ants in the sink. Austin left some eggs in the sink and the ants were all over them.

          After they take care of that Liz asks to talk with Steve in the Lounge. She explains to him why she was such a blubbering mess yesterday, because he mentioned the inside jokes of the scamper squad in his speech. She cries, they hug and she says no hard feelings. She said he made her tear up with the cute things he said.


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            Liz went back to bed and Steve went back up to the HoH and is pacing around talking to himself, but most of it is unintelligible.


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              went to grab any updates/happenings since geo left off earlier and.... well not much has happened. Lots of sleeping (how do these people sleep so much?) so they should all be well rested for Veto Comp

              Here are some quick 'happenings'
              10:45AM BBT
              Cams 1 & 2
              JMac in the kitchen eating (cereal? maybe)
              Cams 3 & 4
              Steve tosses & turned and readjusts pillow and blanket over & over in HOH room

              11:00AM BBT
              same as above

              Cams 1 & 2
              JMac has gone back to bed

              Cams 1 & 2
              Austin in the bathroom brushing his hair

              11:45AM BBT
              Cams 1 & 2
              Austin back into bed with Liz

              sleep sleep sleeping...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

              until finally...
              12:41PM BBT


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                back from wake up FISH within one minute and every up/milling around and getting woken up, eating, primping, etc

                they all mention how late in the day it is and how they've all been sleeping all day

                they wonder how long it will be before POV least an hour they seem to believe

                talk about no more choosing players for Veto comp...all playing

                JMac calls out "I choose Meg!!" he says "Meg you're playing! I don't care if you're here!"

                they talk/laugh about how many times JMac actually picked Meg to play

                12:52PM Jeff Loops (? already) POV comp now?
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                  2:23PM BBT
                  1.5 hours still on Jeff Loops


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                    Austin won the PoV


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                      Vanessa & twins in bathroom ...Vanessa is crying to the twins
                      (not sure about what or who won POV)
                      Vanessa swearing on her life & her gf that she was never playing them...
                      She keeps saying "this is your worst case scenario"

                      Austin won POV!

                      Vanessa is saying she has a 'sh*t-ton' she could unload on 'that man' (??)

                      Saying that he is lying saying that Vanessa has been playing them. She tells the twins they have been the one people that she has had their backs the entire time.

                      Austin comes in and saying he had a 'knee jerk reaction' during the comp...(some reaction he had to seeming like people were all against him)

                      Austin says it was good for TV but sorry he overreacted to it.

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                        3:09PM BBT
                        Cams 1 &2
                        Vanessa & Julia in bathroom
                        Vanessa is telling Julia that Austin has always wanted her & her sister up against each other. (OTB) that Julia has always been in the way for Austin

                        Vanessa says no way was Austin ever gonna throw that comp to her (Julia) or them (twins)

                        Liz wonders if there's any way Steve will nom someone else besides her as renom annd Vanessa says no way, it makes no sense

                        Vanessa said between them she was going to save Liz (if she had won POV) but if Julia tells that, she will deny it

                        Cams 3 & 4
                        bedroom with Liz & Austin

                        Liz saying she doesnt know what to think right now

                        Austin - in regards to what?

                        Liz - are you hiding stuff from me?

                        Austin - is that what Vanessa is saying to you?

                        Liz is upset. Austin asks her why she is still believing things Vanessa says

                        Austin says he's been protecting three people this entire game almost cost him his game back in week 5 and it almost did this week. He *had* to win Veto

                        Liz is talking about who picked who (to go against in comp)

                        Austin saying that they put him in a bad position/strong armed him saying they were trying to take out one of the twins this week... what was he supposed to do/say

                        He says he knew the whole time they were setting him up...he believes he was the target all along.

                        Austin - James & Meg were right..we should have stuck with them.


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                          Liz asks Austin if there's something she doesnt know that he's keeping from her... that Vanessa knows and she doesn't

                          Austin - no

                          He says he doesnt understand why Vanessa is saying things like that. Because he won POV and is here next week?

                          Liz - so they want to take us out? (um, duh)

                          Austin says of of them...they got put on the block

                          Austin - Liz whatever people say, you have to believe me

                          Liz says she knows that's why she was upset when Julia picked him

                          Austin says he doesnt understand why Julia doesnt trust him. Second time in the game she's tried to take him out.

                          back over on Cams 1 & 2

                          Vanessa & Julia still talking in bathroom

                          Vanessa telling Julia she'd be shocked about stuff she could tell her. she will probably tell her at some point when he goes (Austin)

                          Vanessa saying she would never play Julia..the one person that trusts her in the house. She would never.

                          She says Austin's mad because Julia made the right move in comp...he would never have thrown it to Julia. She doesnt care what he says.

                          Vanessa says the twins told her their worst case scenario would be up against each other on the block...but the only way that was gonna the way it is now. (Austin winning Veto)

                          Liz comes in and says Austin told her..he isnt using Veto on her, he will use it on himself.

                          Vanessa says obviously....and that's their worst case scenario and why she advised Julia during POV to pick Austin.

                          Julia - and if he was going to throw it to me, why didnt he throw it to me in that round

                          Liz says she doesnt know whaat to think about him... she says she learned a lot today...she learned that Austin is selfish and he is no Clay ..he is no 'knight in shining armor'


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                            over on Cams 3 & 4
                            Austin & JMac talking

                            Austin saying never trust a woman

                            He says he's getting blamed somehow.

                            Austin - what? I'm not supposed to win?

                            talk about Vanessa....she set him up... just like she set JMac up earlier. He tells JMac that Vanessa convinced him JMac was the renegade and that's how JMac ended up out

                            JMac tells Austin he needs to mend things with Liz and Austin says he & Liz are going to be fine

                            Austin - at this point, I need someone I can ride to the end with and I'm good with you

                            He says it's time to bury this hatchet for real

                            they shake hands...say let's do it

                            Austin say one of them will win next HOH

                            they need to really try to keep Liz. z

                            Austin talking about Vanessa...has set herself everywhere. Was her all along ..

                            Austin - unbelievable..this game

                            Apparently Jesse "Mr Spectacular" was there for comp (oh joy)
                            and he gave Austin the POV necklace


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