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Live Feed Updates-September 6-Day 81

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 6-Day 81

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    5:40 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      10:43 BBT

      Fish- Wake up time


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        Come back and Liz has jumped in to bed with Austin and he has her in a vise grip.

        Vanessa wanders in and tells them the backyard has been locked down since at least 8 this morning. Austin says it's most likely just maintenance stuff, maybe the pool. They won't have anything else probably until after the Veto ceremony unless they have a luxury comp.


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          1:45 PM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Austin & John working out with weights. (Steve on the elliptical)

          Cams 3 & 4

          Liz & Julia. I think they're getting ready to go and lay out in the backyard or get in the pool. They both have bikinis on.


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            The fun that's going on right now.


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              I'm catching us up quickly on some of the game talk that happened last night after BBFanShan stopped updating ( thank you BBFanShan for your help last night )

              Johnny Mac/Steve and Vanessa talked...

              Vanessa told them that the twins want Julia to stay because they think that she's not as a big of a target as Liz is...

              Steve ( at that time ) was still standing by his "I'm not making any game decisions just yet" .,.,.


              Liz/Julia talked

              Liz told Julia that she doesn't know what they should do, she feels like she's the bigger target....

              Julia tells Liz that she thinks Austin would take her to the F2 .. with him...

              Julia- I don't think anyone would bring me
              Liz- Yes they would. They think they can beat you



              Austin tells Julia that whichever one of them stays, he will do what he can to support/help them..

              Austin - whoever stays.... I will try to fight for and protect as long as I can....If she (Liz) is in the finals, she is winning this game... she's beating everyone... everyone ...even me


              Johnny Mac/Austin

              Johnny Mac- I'm down with whatever they ( twins want to do
              Austin- I don't know which one is better for my game anymore

              Johnny Mac tells Austin that he should just let the twins decide who goes or who stays
              Austin agrees...

              Austin says if Liz stays that's good "because he loves her" but .. it makes them both big targets...



              Vanessa tells Julia that if Liz stays... she ( Liz ) and Austin will get targeted together...
              Julia agrees...

              Vanessa tells Julia "best case" she ( Julia ) stays and wins HoH ...

              She also tells her that it will be hard for her ( Julia ) to win the game, because she hasn't won much... BUT she could say that was "part of her strategy"



              Julia tells Liz she hopes that whichever one of them leaves... gets applause..
              Liz- I know.. what if we get boo'ed...

              Liz- Why would we get booed? That's ridiculous. I haven't done that much.
              Julia- Homewrecker

              They talk about if they should take a "
              1 in 5 chance of making $500,000 or a "really good chance" of making $50,000?

              Julia tells Liz that the only person that is "scary" next week is Johnny Mac
              Liz - he's not coming after you .. he would come after me...

              Julia says she doesn't mind if Austin won ( BB )
              Then adds that she would really like to see one of them ( her or Liz ) in the F2 with Vanessa...

              Liz - it's time for a girl to win


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                Catching us up on today's events...

                Breaking News ... Liz and Austin made up .. and made out ..


                Vanessa/Johnny Mac

                Vanessa told Johnny Mac that she wants to hear his "strategic thought" over the next few days...

                Johnny Mac wonders if they are "over thinking" things... do they just go ahead and take out Liz .. ?

                Vanessa says they should keep it simple.. make it easier for them to win and HoH ...

                Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that if Austin wins HoH.. she knows that Liz ( and Julia ) want him to target Steve...

                Vanessa- do you think he ( Austin ) will?
                Johnny Mac- that's tough .. I don't know ..

                Vanessa- if Julia wins ( HoH ) Steve is going up 100%

                Johnny Mac says he needs to talk to Austin ...

                Vanessa to Johnny Mac-
                We're not each other's pawn or front door or backdoor?
                Johnny Mac - Exactly
                Vanessa- You're the only person I have that deal with

                Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that if they leave Liz in the game... it makes it hard for them... it makes it where they would HAVE to win HoH this week...
                Johnny Mac agrees... and tells her that if they keep Liz and Austin together in the game.. they might screw themselves...



                Julia says it will be interesting to see which one of them Steve wants out ..
                Liz - it's it obvious? It's me..... he ( Steve ) is coming after me or Austin ..

                I feel like 100% Steve and Austin have a Final 2 deal
                Liz- Seriously? No way

                Julia- who do you think Austin would bring to the F2?
                Liz- probably Vanessa...

                Julia - I feel like one of us leaving is best for our game... won't be a threat anymore...

                She tells Liz that she wished her ( Liz ) and Austin "weren't a thing" ..

                She says she thinks if Austin was gone.. and it was just the 2 of them.. Liz would 100% be the one to stay

                Julia talks about ( if Liz stays ) how she thinks Liz and Austin would certainly be nominated again ...

                Liz- from here on out .. if I don't win ( HoH ) I'm going on the block.. you're not touching the block ... if you stay and win HoH .. you are good.

                Liz to Julia- we can't say what we are doing with the money ever..
                Julia- that's what I told you.


                Johnny Mac/Steve

                Johnny Mac tells Steve that they would have to take out the other twin F4... because otherwise the couldn't trust each other not to take the twin to the F2 ...

                Steve- yo want to get rid of Liz this week?
                Johnny Mac - I think that makes sense for us... but ultimately we will do whatever they want
                Steve- they would pick a move that's better for them..
                Johnny Mac- there's no good move for them.. either way .. we have to win HoH ...If Liz stays, she and Austin are a huge target still.... she she ( Liz ) goes.... Austin is a free agent to do whatever he wants
                They talk more about having to win HoH .. PoV's...

                Steve tells Johnny Mac that he needs to keep building a relationship with Austin.

                That's pretty much it in a nutshell...


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                  Currently - 6:53 PM BBT


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                    Catching us back up ( sorry lots going on here with me )

                    Vanessa and Steve talked about who they think they want in the Finals with them and who might be targets next week

                    Vanessa told Steve that she thinks that Johnny Mac and Julia will be the next targets

                    She also told him that she thinks the only person she could beat in the F2 is Julia...

                    Steve says he doesn't know who he could beat...

                    Vanessa says she would like it to be her, him and Austin as the F3

                    She told him that she thinks he would/could win the game

                    Steve to Vanessa - Then why the **** wouldn't you target me?

                    She told him that he's no bigger threat to her than any of the others and any path to the F2 is better than none ...

                    Steve tells her he would take her to the F2 ... that they had a deal ... gave their word to each other .

                    Vanessa to Steve -you are 100% not my target.

                    She tells him that every scenario she has includes him, in the F3 with her,

                    She tells Steve that she hopes that Julia stays... if the girls want Liz to stay, she doesn't know how she could change their minds...

                    Having said that, she tells Steve that she plans on "if she wins HoH" next week, to nominate Austin/Julia

                    Steve to Vanessa - there's no reason for you to sit next to me at the end if I'm going to beat you.
                    Vanessa- Yes... there is... if I think everyone is going to beat me

                    She tells him that she accepts that she's playing for 2nd place.



                    Austin told Steve that he would like to vote to keep Liz, and have the two other votes, decide which one stays.

                    He says he think Liz would probably beat him in an F2 ...



                    Vanessa asks Austin what is best case scenario F3?
                    Austin- Ideally me, you and a twin

                    Austin tells her that it would be scary to think about a F4 with him, her, Steve and Johnny Mac ...

                    Vanessa- you and I agree that if one of them (Steve/Johnny Mac ) ( wins veto ) ... Julia is the pawn ...
                    Austin - I'll make that deal


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                      11:19 PM BBT

                      Julia says she's under she needs to smoke....

                      Julia joins her ...

                      Julia to Liz- we have to keep our heads up.. we are not going to cry and we have to figure out who ( between the 2 of them) is going to win that ****ing money ...


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                        Vanessa's in bed...
                        Johnny Mac in the HT
                        Austin close by talking to him...

                        Steve/Julia/Liz talking about smoking... etc.

                        Steve and Johnny Mac have never smoked...

                        Steve says his thoughts are .. if it makes you happy .. and it's not hurting anyone else... do it.


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                            Liz joins the crowd above...

                            Steve talks about colleges...
                            Johnny Mac talks about the city of Boston

                            Julia- Is there anywhere ( in Boston ) you can go see the Salem witch trials?

                            Johnny Mac- that's in Salem...
                            Julia- oh .. but ...


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                              11:42 PM BBT

                              Liz and Austin playing pool...

                              Johnny Mac and Julia naming off PoV's they've played in ...

                              Steve here and there ...

                              Vanessa in bed...

                              Julia says she didn't know that Live Feeders could watch endurance competitions...

                              ( I'm out for now .. if anyone can jump in, it would be greatly appreciated )


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