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Live Feed Updates-September 7-Day 82

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 7-Day 82

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    4:55AM BBT
    All HGs sleeping


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      Rolling back to last night, after I stopped updating...


      They talked about who should go, Liz or Julia ..

      Liz tells him that she thinks she's the bigger target .. and that she wants to give Julia her opportunity ... to win ...

      Austin tells her that she ( Liz ) can stay, if she wants, that they can fight together...

      He tells her that she needs to make the decision "with her heart" ... and that "people at home would be very upset" if she left...

      Austin to Liz - I know this game really well. You're probably going to win America's Favorite anyway
      Liz- Oh please. Johnny Mac is...

      Liz tells Austin that she has a feeling that he wants her to go
      He tells her that's not true.. he "doesn't want to be away from her for one minute" ...

      They talk about how "showmances" never make it to the F2 ..
      Austin says he doesn't care about that..

      Liz to Austin - who would take me to the F2?
      Austin- I will ..
      Liz- you have a F2 deal with Vanessa, I'm not stupid.

      Austin tells her that everyone has F2 deals with everyone.. they don't mean anything other than people just trying to secure themselves in a F2 spot.

      Liz to Austin- I feel like if I stay in this game, it will tear us apart...

      They continue to circle around whether she should stay or go ...

      Austin to Liz- I love you
      Liz to Austin- I love you too.

      Liz asks Austin to promise her, if she goes, that he will go after Steve
      Austin to Liz - of course.

      Liz tells Austin that Julia "has always gotten the short end of the stick" ...
      They continue to go back and forth on if Liz "should let" Julia stay or not ...


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        Currently ~~ 10:18 AM BBT

        BB woke them up just a bit ago... they are starting to stir....


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          Austin used the PoV on himself.

          Steve nominated Julia as the replacement nominee


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            Vanessa tells the twins that America will love them.


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              Steve tells Vanessa he's worried that America hates him now ...


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                Steve and Liz talk about how Austin's speech was beautiful ..

                Liz tells him that his ( Steve's ) and Austin's both were.

                ( I have to jump out... if anyone can jump in that would be most appreciated )


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                  It's been a lazy Labor Day inside the BB house ...


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                    Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass stopped by the jury house today... with #DougtheDog


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                      Julia to Vanessa - If I stay .. it's you and me
                      Vanessa- I have your back 100%


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                        Steve talked to himself again in the HoH room - saying he doesn't trust Vanessa..


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                          6:24 PM BBT


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                              6:40 PM BBT

                              They have alcohol

                              ( the twins were screaming/screeching) ... as a result...I might be deaf in my right ear


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