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Live Feed Updates-September 8-Day 83

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 8-Day 83

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    3:35 BBT

    All HGs are now in bed, but Steve seems to be restless. He was up a little bit ago, wandering around upstairs outside the HoH room. He was down on the floor at the far end of the balcony, by that door.


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      9:16 AM BBT

      Still sleeping.


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        10:03 AM BBT

        BB has played the wake-up music and we see JMac (who was already awake) Vanessa and Steve on camera. Steve is futzing around in his HOH room, JMac is getting a bowl of cereal and Vanessa is outside. Steve comes downstairs and whispers something to JMac. He asks JMac if it bothers him that Steve jokes about that and JMac admits that it does but he doesn't want Steve to stop. <shrug> Vanessa comes in and she chit chats with Steve about his hair.


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          11:02 AM BBT

          Everyone seems to be back in bed sleeping.


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            11:57 AM BBT

            Picture time. Austin and Liz sleep through it.


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              (some quick highlights from today to catch us up)

              1:00PM BBT
              Austwins have been in the kitchen eating/cleaning
              talk about doing 'beach day'

              Liz turns to Julia and says - she's up to something (apparently Vanessa)

              Julia - I knooow...what are they talking about out there?

              Liz says something about after the Veto ceremony ...'they' were talking and then when she (Liz) walked out 'she complemented her jeans' (Vanessa complemented Liz)

              Julia - she probably wants to bring him (?) to F2...

              she talks about how Vanessa always says "everyone hates me in jury"

              Liz - she's up to something

              Julia - I just dont think...that they're just talking ...I mean what do they have in common?

              Liz - I think she's gonna throw the next HOH because she's good with him and she's good with me & Austin..

              Julia - yep and JMac is gonna try to win you two need to win it

              Liz - that's why one of us needs to win it because then we can start getting information out of them

              over on cams 1 & 2 BY couches JMac & Vanessa

              Vanessa asks JMac if Austin has talked to him at all about which of the twins he'd like to stay?

              JMac says no and he doesnt think they will decide anything until last minute

              Vanessa - and then we will just....have already decided?

              JMac - yeah..we can do whatever the f**k we want

              Vanessa - technically I'm supposed to vote whatever way Steve wants..I definitely gave my word on that if Steve doesnt care, then it's different

              Vanessa- he doesnt seem to care..he should care..from one of them comes for revenge perspective

              JMac - yeah

              Vanessa - seems kinda obvious

              JMac - probably wants Liz out

              Vanessa - unless he hasnt thought it through but he probably has

              discussing Julia vs Liz.. how they might do in comps

              Vanessa - it's kind of a toss up

              She says if Liz goes it will also affect Austin's game ...he will miss Liz and maybe want to just go to Jury with her so won't play as hard

              JMac says there are pros & cons to keeping/evicting either twin

              they discuss going forward and keeping their word to each other and not putting each other up, etc
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                1:30PM BBT
                Austin & Liz in bed talking about Vanessa

                they say she's up to no good

                Austin - I think if you go, she thinks everyone would take her to F2... you're the only one who won't

                Liz says Vanessa told Julia she was a feminist and that she'd 100% take her to F2

                Austin - well she's told me she'd take me

                Liz - so she's lying

                Austin - told JMac she'd take him

                Liz - yep

                Austin - that's what I'm saying..that's why I worry about Julia staying ...afraid she'd take her over me

                he says Julia trusts Vanessa so much

                Austin says if she wins HOH (Vanessa) this week..she can't go against them or everything comes out

                Liz - America is going to hate her if she goes against us (delusional much lol)

                Austin - yeah so she has to throw HOH or try and help us but if you go, then she can pretty much do what she wants

                he says then it would probably be him & Julia back to back (evicted) or if he won Veto, Julia follows Liz out the door...JMac won't vote out Vanessa

                Liz - she's up to no good

                Austin says he can tell Vanessa has stopped the way she talks to him/them..she doesnt talk game to him anymore. says when she's on your side she talks game to you 24/7

                Liz - next week it's only us two & JMac playing..she's good with both sides

                Liz says Vanessa can manipulate Julia

                Austin says she will go to F3 with Julia & JMac....throw the final HOH to JMac so she doesnt have to make decision cause she knows she's good

                Liz - I know...she's up to no good...makes me sick to my stomach

                Austin - she knows what she's doing...she's not dumb..she thinks from every angle

                talk about Vanessa telling Julia to pick Austin to go against in the POV comp

                continue talking about Vanessa and how well she's setting herself up


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                  1:40PM BBT
                  all cams on bedroom where Julia has joined Liz & Austin

                  they start whispering about the others

                  Julia - they wanna make F3

                  Austin says they want Liz out...but they are stuck because they promised they'd vote how the twins wants (which one to evict)

                  Liz says Vanessa has made F2 deals with everyone

                  Julia says when she went outside Vanessa & JMac were talking but Vanessa changed the subject when she walked out ..she could tell

                  Austin - we need to win HOH next week

                  he says he need to talk to JMac and see what kind of deal they can work out but he (JMac) might not be up for anything if he has a solid thing with Vanessa

                  Austin says the HOH comp is probably going to be the shovel and that would favor him & JMac

                  Julia - ok this stays between me & you have a F2 with Vanessa?

                  Austin - of course

                  Julia - so do I

                  She talks about how/when Vanessa approached her to make the F2 deal with her

                  Julia - do you see how she's playing everyone? she has a F2 with everyone we have to stay together

                  talk (again) about Julia picking Austin in POV comp

                  Julia talks about Vanessa saying she has so much on Austin

                  Austin says she only has that they have a F2 like she does with everyone


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                    2:00PM BBT

                    Come in on convo with Cams 3 & 4 in HOH room Vanessa & Steve talking

                    discussing their chances in F2...what their arguments could be to win jury votes

                    Steve says JMac has a lot of friends on Jury

                    Vanessa - definitely..which is why I would have to pick you over him

                    Vanessa discussing who would have whose vote in Jury and why it's best the two of them take each other F2

                    2:15PM BBT

                    Austin & the twins still talking about Vanessa and what she'll probably do going forward

                    Austin says if Vanessa goes against them, that's when they will go to JMac and just lay all the cards on the table

                    Vanessa/Steve convo continues up in HOH

                    talking about how splitting the twins this HOH had to be was the way it had to go.

                    Vanessa says playing smart this is how it all had to be done

                    2:30PM BBT
                    Austin & Liz back alone talking

                    He tells her she needs to go to Vanessa first and see if she's open to keep her (Liz) and if she doesnt agree right away ... then it's "open season" to go to JMac


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                      2:45PM BBT

                      Austin saying they have to nail down Vanessa & JMac's vote today
                      She (Liz) can tell them both "we decided this, please honor it"

                      Liz says they (Vanessa/JMac) can then say they promised Steve to vote whatever what he wants so...

                      Austin says the twins need to have these convos but he needs to stay out of it

                      Liz agrees saying it's best for his game to do so (stay out of it)..says he already did enough post-Veto win

                      3:30PM BBT
                      Cams 1 & 2
                      Austwins in kitchen getting food, milling around and talking a little trash about Jason

                      Cams 3 & 4
                      JMac up in HOH room alone listening to music

                      4:00PM BBT
                      Cams 1 & 2
                      Steve, twins in LR chatting
                      talking about Audrey.... they are saying she was America's Player or a new version of it (lol)
                      Austin is over in kitchen on Cams 3 &4 he is in on the convo as well

                      they talk about that musical thing they did...

                      4:40PM BBT
                      Cams 1 & 2
                      Twins out in BY on hammock talking

                      Liz saying again how Vanessa is up to something... she's getting the worst vibe from her

                      she says 'that guy' (Steve or JMac?) has no backbone...he is like a ragdoll...does nothing for himself ..she has no respect for that (for real? lol)

                      Julia - she's smart..she's playing both sides of the house...she's guaranteed F2 with them two and with us

                      Liz - exactly ..that's why before you go you need to blow her sh*t up.that's the one thing you need to do for me

                      Julia - but I need to know which way she's voting because I'm not doing that if I'm staying

                      Liz - I know

                      Cams 3 & 4
                      Vanessa & Austin in bathroom talking (starting around 4:34PM BBT)

                      they've been in there together a while but not talking until Vanessa asks him if the girls have talked yet..about who they wanna stay

                      Austin says yeah they are leaning towards Liz staying actually

                      Austin says it's so tough for him..he just wants to stay out of it/not influence them and make their own decision best for them (not entirely true there bud)

                      he says today they are back to each wanting the other to stay back & forth and why

                      Austin - so that's what they're saying.

                      He says he told them to talk to Vanessa about it because he doesnt want to influence it..he's too emotional about it

                      He says he just knows he feels they (he and whoever stays out of the twins) has to win HOH this week

                      talking about if JMac wins ...Steve isn't going up

                      he says JMac & Steve won't scumbag each other... says it's everyone's worst nightmare for Steve & JMac to go to F2

                      Austin says his biggest thing is breaking that (JMac & Steve) up.... before it's too late

                      says Liz staying is best for the chance to do that (break up JMac & Steve)

                      He says he can see that if Julia stays it might save him next week but...

                      they talk about having to win from this point..that's what it comes down to now

                      Austin says if the comp is the shovel's JMac's odds on favorite to win

                      He wonders if he should go to JMac about making a deal

                      Vanessa says it won't make a difference what anyone's not logical. If Liz stays there's no way they won't be on the block together (if they don't win HOH)

                      She says if JMac wins HOH ...there is no incentive for him not to put up Austin & Liz..he will never put up Steve and he's not gonna put up her (Vanessa) and Austin

                      Vanessa says she can tell him what he wants to hear but she tells it to you straight

                      Vanessa - I'm ambivalent about the whole thing

                      She says if Steve's ambivalent about it then she can do whatever she wants but if he isn't and makes her stick to her promise with him..she will have to keep her word and vote how he (Steve) wants


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                        JMac interrupts Vanessa/Austin talk asking Austin about what to do next (working out)

                        when he goes back out

                        Vanessa goes back to she will vote to keep whoever they (twins) long as Steve doesnt care and lets her do whatever she wants

                        Austin - he's told me he doesnt care

                        Vanessa - I'll do long as I'm only the backdoor and you guys save me in that case and in the Finals you throw it and let me fight it out with Liz

                        Austin - I would have to

                        Vanessa says she & Liz would both take him....he knows that

                        She says if that happens (Steve doesnt care) ..she will do it (vote to keep Liz)

                        Austin - okay cool

                        Austin goes out to workout with JMac


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                          for a while after her convo with Austin Vanessa moved around the house, lying down here & there and doing her "serious thinking" thing

                          around 5:34PM BBT
                          Austin & Liz talking in BY while working out

                          Austin - Steve may try to make nice with you

                          Liz - how do you know?

                          Austin tells her about his convo with Vanessa and how Vanessa said as long as Steve's okay with it, she'd be fine with keeping Liz

                          Austin - I knew she was gonna do that

                          he says he's going to go up to Steve and ask him to let people vote to keep Liz and honor that and as long as he does then he's cool with him (Austin) next week

                          Liz says they need to say to Vanessa if she doesnt vote how they want, they'll be coming after her

                          Liz - whose side is she on?

                          Austin - she says she's on ours but she gave her word (to Steve)

                          Liz - she gave her word to us too though

                          Austin - I know better hold her to that

                          Austin - so we'll see... Steve told me he was ambivalent but who knows what they were talking about upstairs and Steve looks like he's been thinking for the last few hours so..


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                            ((hopefully I didn't miss too much while skipping along through the day lol))

                            Currently...(and for the last few minutes)

                            Liz & Austin in purple bedroom
                            mostly smackin (kissing) on each other here & there as they get clothes and such to shower/change after work out?? I think)

                            Steve & Julia have chatted on hammock for a while...just chit chat about life and relationships and such... JMac joined them for a bit

                            Vanessa is showering ...they are all talking about what they are going to do tonight...if they'll have Chinese to eat

                            (( gotta go get some stuff done around back later... if anyone else is around, please jump in ))


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                              Currently ~~ 8:17 PM BBT

                              More of this ..


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