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Live Feed Updates-September 8-Day 83

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    and under the covers they go ....


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      Vanessa shows up ...

      Vanessa - as long as i have your word, that F3, even if Johnny Mac is in the game, you take me as your 3rd...

      Liz tells her that she knows who her target is..

      Austin - if we win this HoH... we are in the F3 ...

      Vanessa- as long as Johnny Mac doesn't win the veto ...

      Austin- I think we can beat them.. we are playing for broke this week...

      Vanessa- what do I do then? Do I just tell Steve... as far as jury votes.. you should just let them ( twins ) do what they want...

      Austin - if he asks me again.. I'm going to tell him that as long as he lets them do what they want..

      Austin- Steve ****ed up.. he should have let Johnny Mac win ( the past HoH )

      Vanessa- he's not that good... we got him here.... he was a target from way back when... all of us got him here...

      Austin- I want so badly to be able to send him out .... he should have let Johnny Mac win... there would be no blood on his hands... we all would have still loved him.... but he ****ed up....

      Liz- for insurance to Steve, if he asks... you can say that we asked you to vote the way we want....

      Vanessa says she will tell Johnny Mac, thinks he will vote that way too

      Austin- he ( JMac ) told me that he doesn't care...

      Liz- it doesn't matter... Julia and I are going after Steve... so he ( JMac ) has nothing to worry about .. unless he ( Steve ) wins veto ...

      Austin - us F3 .. is good... because it stops them ( Steve/JMac ) from being in the Finals...

      Vanessa- because they didn't earn it

      Liz- you have to be .. I have to do what is best for my game.. be like if Julia stays.. I ( Vanessa ) am more of a target...

      Vanessa - actually it is better for my game if you ( Liz ) stay....

      Austin - right

      Vanessa- I am willing to do it ... just need you guys to know that's a big show of loyalty from me... that is .. and I need that in return...

      Austin and Liz agree...


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        Liz- You know who I am going after (Steve).
        Vanessa- the deal is Johnny Mac's ass will be on the block next to him

        Vanessa - They (JMac/Steve) have to go. They cannot be in Final 4 together...... them in Final 4 together is terrible

        Vanessa- if it comes down between the two of you ( Austin/Liz ) you need to decide who wins ( HoH ) ...

        Vanessa tells Liz that she should let Austin win the HoH .. to minimize the target on her ( Liz )

        Vanessa- just like if it comes down between me and you ( Austin ) I will let you win

        Austin- I will take it.. I will love to take it ...


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          Talk turns to last season's reset button ...

          Austin and Liz say that if there's a button .. no one should push it...

          Vanessa agrees...

          They wonder why there's been no other twist in the game...

          Julia joins them...

          Talk turns to the "cheap" Chinese food they ate tonight...


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            8:24 p.m. in the purple bedroom with Liz and Austin snuggling (ugh, please BB let Liz be evicted this week). Vanessa comes in and tells them that she was trying to sleep. (Let the game talk begin).

            Vanessa tells them that if they give her their word that she stays she will vote to keep Liz. She thinks it would be better if they cut Steve next week. She asks them to take her to F3 with them. It is risky for her. Liz says she is a bigger target than Vanessa. Austin says if we can win this HOH we will make F3. Austin says that if Johnny Mac wins this week they are fu**ed. He believes they can beat Steve/Johnny Mac.

            Vanessa says that she can go to Steve and tell him that Austwins are mad at him already so he should let them do what they want (decide which twin stays).

            Austin says he will tell Steve that if Steve allows the twins to do what they want this week, he will be good with them next week.

            Vanessa says that she believes that Johnny Mac and Steve are a pair. Austin says that Steve messed up and should have thrown ‘’that’’ to Johnny Mac (I assume he means HOH). Austin questioning Steve’s motive (because he doesn’t know that Johnny Mac threw it to Steve). They continue to talk about the move and Vanessa says that Steve isn’t that good. Austin says that he has made a bunch of bad moves and now he is going against scamper squad. They got him there.

            Austin wants to send Steve out especially since he was the BB historian. Steve should have sent Johnny Mac out but it was a stupid move (to put up Liz and Austin rolling eyes). Austin is so surprised that Steve put them up. They continue to tell Vanessa that if one of the twins goes home, the other one is coming after him (Steve).

            Vanessa tells them that if Liz stays it will be better for her because if they take Austin out she needs a strong player to help her. Austin says that it will keep those two fu**ers from getting to the F2. They didn’t earn it, we made it a good season on TV. I mean I’m going to the casino with my money. We just take it all next week.

            The final point from Vanessa is that it will be a big show of support for them if she votes to keep Liz. If Johnny Mac wins next week and puts up Steve and Steve wins veto and she goes up on the block they have to vote to keep her. Austin says Steve has to go because he drinks all the milk (and you eat all the eggs Austin). They tell her that she has their votes.

            Austin says he hopes this weeks comp is the Days comp because the shovel comp means he will have to get into a gymnastics mode. Austin says that the girls should stand in the middle of the shovel and figure out how it works while Austin puts pressure on Johnny Mac to make it harder for him.

            Vanessa talks about who should win F4 HOH and how she will throw it to Austin, but not to Liz.

            Julia comes in and they talk briefly and now Austin is trying to put the moves on Liz but Julia breaks that up. She wants to know where Vanessa is. The girls are so sure that Vanesa is going to keep Liz and they are talking about what Julia will do when she gets to jury. (She is going to ask Meg for Liz’s robot).

            Mark 9:00 p.m. and check out Austin’s dirty feet while lying in bed. The three talk about when Austin got his first tattoo. They talk about which tattoo came first, second and third.

            Meanwhile Johnny Mac had been kicking a ball around in the back yard all by himself and now he lays in the hammock just thinking (?).

            I am out now because the only thing going on is Austin talking about himself and I. Just. Can’t. He is talking about how he outed one of the coach in a magazine article and then says that WWE can see that he is healthy now and ready to wrestle for them. They should pick him up. Austin says he can’t talk about the article but he’s sure that Julie Chen has told everyone. It is confidential and continues to talk so BB gives us FISH.
            When we come back he once again says he can’t talk about it, but then says that WWE is such a good company.


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              9:09 p.m. Steve heads out to the hammock with Johnny Mac. JMac tells him that Vanessa was out there telling him that Liz wants to stay. They talk about who should stay and how each has done in the comps.

              They talk about them needing to win the upcoming HOH and veto comps. JMac is sure that he can win the shovel comp and thinks that Liz will be easier to beat than Julia. We get FISH from Austin’s story about WWE.

              Steve and Johnny Mac continue to talk about Vanessa and which twin to keep. Steve knows (from Johnny Mac) but they are wondering if Vanessa will tell Steve. JMac says that Julia has better balance than Liz if it’s a shovel comp. Steve says that it might not even be that HOH comp for this week. It could be the F4. JMac continues to talk about comps from different years (and Steve doesn’t realize he is a superfan ?). They talk about what they will do if JMac wins the HOH and JMac says he will nom Austin/remaining twin. They then talk about how long they think Vanessa will stay loyal to them (they aren’t sure).


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                They talk about Liz blabbing about an alliance during the double eviction. Liz: There are people I have been working with for a long time. John asks Steve if there was a name and Steve says there was but he doesn’t want to say the name. Steve asks if Vanessa has mentioned the alliance or the name and John says no.

                They talk about how it could have gone the other way and Steve would have been in an alliance with Becky and John.

                Steve asks if Austin has talked to him about what the twins want to do. John says he has just said he is letting the twins decide.

                Now they are studying a little bit for the days comp (just in case).


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                  They are talking about the fact that the backyard hasn't been locked down yet. Now they move to when the next comps will be shown to finish off the season. John wants to know if Steve can win F4 HOH and the both agree that the veto holder is the money position at that time.


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                    As I head to bed I find that Vanessa is lying in bed ''thinking'', Austin and Steve are playing chess. Liz has been called to the DR and Julia is lying in the bathroom waiting for her facial (mud pack) to harden and eating fortune cookies (that crunch like crazy). I have no idea if JMac is still in the backyard or not.


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                      Vanessa and Johnny Mac talk about how they ( twins ) want Liz to stay
                      Johnny Mac says it doesn't really make any difference to him... "they are twins" ...
                      Vanessa tells him that she agreed to it ... even not knowing exactly how she feels ...


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                        Vanessa tells Julia that they've decided that they will vote her out .. .because after all "isn't that what she wants" ...


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                          Vanessa tells Liz that they will be voting to keep her...

                          Liz tells them thanks... and tells them that they know who her target is ( Steve ) ...

                          Liz- You take out my twin, there is going to be consequences

                          Liz- it means so much that you guys are willing to honor our decision .. it really means a lot ..

                          Vanessa- you get more time with Austin ...


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                            Vanessa keeps saying that she "hopes Steve won't be too mad"
                            Johnny Mac says " he doesn't think he will "
                            Liz says if they feel like she needs to talk to Steve for them she will...

                            She goes on to say that she and Steve are good now.. that she knows that it wasn't personal ... and the reason she got so emotional during the nomination ceremony, is that he brought up Team Sis and other things that made her emotional...

                            Liz- he's a good little speaker...

                            Talk turns to how Liz will have to make a speech...
                            She says she's not good at it all all.. forgets what she wants to say ...

                            ( I'm out for the night... if anyone wants to jump in, any help is greatly appreciated )


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                              Laying in wait for Julia so they can scare her...

                              ( I'm really out )


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                                I only have time for a quick update .. here's a few convos that happened after I left last night ...

                                Liz to Julia- Vanessa made us a promise on these ridiculous ass terms if they were going to keep me

                                Julia -
                                She is playing both sides.... she's guaranteed to make Final 3.. but she cant win, cause then she's choosing sides

                                Liz - We promised her ... but I'm not following through with ****. I don't give a ****


                                Austin- Vanessa said she is going to do it
                                Julia- it's the least she can do.... She's the traitor, playing both sides of the house

                                Austin tells her that Steve asked him "for a hammock date" with him and Johnny Mac

                                Julia- you need to blow her the **** up. She has a Final 2 deal with everyone.... that's bull****

                                Liz to Julia- On Thursday... you need to blow her up. You need to do this for us.
                                Julia- I will


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