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Live Feed Updates-September 9-Day 84

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 9-Day 84

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    3:50 BBT

    All HGs asleep.


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      9:09 AM BBT

      Still sleeping


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        9:34 AM



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          10:14 AM BBT

          Julia and Vanessa are the only ones that seem to be up. They are in the bathroom getting ready for the day.


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            11:09 AM BBT

            Everyone is asleep except Julia. She is outside on the elliptical machine.


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              11:47 AM BBT

              Vanessa has joined Julia in the kitchen. They are making small talk. Julia needs some makeup when she leaves the house because she and Liz have been sharing and Julia will leave it for Liz since she will still be on TV. They are chatting about how often the twins would switch.



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                12:11 PM BBT

                Steve and Johnny Mac are awake. Vanessa is out on the elliptical, so not a lot of talking going on at the moment.


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                  12:42 PM BBT

                  Liz and Austin are up and in the kitchen. Austin has been feeling under his left armpit and Liz looks at his pit also. He has a bump that is very painful and has gotten bigger, but has no head on it like a pimple or ingrown hair would have. Liz tells him he should go to the DR to get it checked out. She says her mom had something like that and she had to have it drained.

                  Vanessa comes in and she is talking about her exercising so she will be skinnier for her girfriend, Mel.


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                    12:50 PM BBT

                    Julia and Liz are outside. Liz is going over her speech that she is going to give on the live show. Julia is trying to come up with her speech too. (Haha) they are arguing whether it's "tops the cake" or "takes the cake".

                    Meanwhile, JMac and Austin are in the bathroom talking. Johnny is talking about falling asleep last night and wondering if anything happened. Austin says no, just that he talked to Steve about Liz vs Julia and how there is no real advantage to getting one out over the other. Not knowing what the next comp is going to be, either twin is capable of winning. They talk about the jury house and who may or may not be mad at them (JMac & Austin). They talk about neither one being able to have a good enough argument to beat Vanessa at f-2. Austin doesn't think he could even beat his own girlfriend.

                    Vanessa, Liz, & Julia are inside and BB puts them on indoor lockdown. Everyone is just chit chatting now.

                    I am out for the day. If anyone can take over, that would be awesome!


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                      Catching us up quickly ....

                      1:30 PM BBT

                      Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that she will throw the HoH to him.. if it's just the 2 of them left...

                      1:50 PM BBT

                      Austin tells Liz that Johnny Mac told him that Becky said ( sheesh ) ... that if Vanessa ended up F2 .. she ( Becky ) would vote for Vanessa to win the game.

                      They discuss blowing up Vanessa's game to Johnny Mac

                      3:00 PM BBT
                      Steve to himself/camera - Next week, if John or Vanessa win, it's the showmance going up... it doesn't matter if one of them wins the veto

                      Steve to himself - If John or Vanessa wins,....which is my best case scenario, Austin or Liz will be going 5th place....100%

                      Steve -
                      Austin/Liz win HoH, whoever is off the block.... he ( Steve) ...John or Vanessa needs to win PoV and use it to force Austin/Liz up

                      Steve- I'm not going home next week unless I'm going into the eviction sitting next to Vanessa

                      Steve -
                      Is she being disloyal to me? She ( Vanessa ) doesn't have a Final 2 with Austin....she doesn't have a F2 with Johnny Mac

                      Steve - I'm her only Final 2 in the house

                      Steve - don't think she will hesitate for a second to throw me under the bus ....if we are on the block next to each other

                      Steve- I think I'm her Cody.... she's Derrick and I'm Cody

                      Steve -
                      John and Austin do not have a relationship.. there's no John/Austin/Vanessa conspiracy, is there? Do I go down there?

                      Steve ( watching spy cam ) Vanessa and Austin are still in there ( bathroom ) .... John's not a part of it ..okay.

                      Steve - This is just affirming to me .... that I can't be on the block next to Vanessa going in to the next eviction

                      Steve - I think this Vanessa/Austin thing goes deeper than I think... Johnny Mac was right. If it's not a thing now.. it will soon will be

                      Steve - I can't
                      beat Vanessa in finals.... I don't care what she says about enemies..... Becky told me she is voting for Vanessa ( in F2 )

                      Steve - ( still watching spy cam ) ... Austin bailed as soon as Liz walked in.... Vanessa walks in, Austin walks in..... Liz makes an appearance....Austin runs like the wind

                      Steve- If Vanessa is in that bathroom right now...she's busted...

                      He heads downstairs and yep.. finds Vanessa in there


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                        Vanessa confirmed to Austin that she would take him F2 over Liz ...


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                          Liz confirms ( again ) that Steve is her next target...

                          Julia- but if Steve wins the veto,... you have to take Vanessa out .. if you put her in an F2... she's got a good chance of winning

                          Liz tells Julia that best case ... Austin wins next HoH...

                          Liz wants Julia to talk to Johnny Mac about Vanessa's game... and let him know that she's made a F2 deal with all of them.. tell him that she ( Vanessa) can't be trusted...

                          Julia worries that if she talks to Johnny Mac about it.. that he might use the info ... and Vanessa will target Liz

                          Liz- no way ... why would she?

                          Liz then says - i
                          f Steve wins veto .... I'm ****ing putting her ass up on the block
                          Julia- You need to keep Johnny Mac


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                            Vanessa tells Austin and Johnny Mac that the jury members "want her head on a stick" ...


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                              Liz and Julia have been packing their suitcases...


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