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Live Feed Updates-September 12-Day 87

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 12-Day 87

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  • #2
    4:20AM BBT

    All HGs sleeping


    • #3
      9:44 AM BBT

      Cams 1 & 2
      Vanessa eating in the HOH Room.

      Cams 3 & 4
      Everyone else in bed.


      • #4
        10:00 BBT

        Lights are on, but everybody is in bed.


        • #5
          10:40 BBT

          Vanessa is up getting ready to shower it looks like in HoH. The rest are still in bed.


          • #6
            11:10 BBT

            Steve comes out of the DR and Vanessa goes in.

            She wasn't in long and Vanessa is in the bathroom blowdrying her hair.

            John called to DR. He went to the bathroom first and then the DR.

            Vanessa went back upstairs. Steve is back in bed. Liz and Austin have barely stirred.


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              11:51 BBT

              We've gone to Jeff clips.


              • #8
                12:55 BBT

                Still Jeff clips


                • #9
                  2:00 PM BBT
                  We still have Jeff clips


                  • #10
                    2:50 BBT

                    3 hour mark on Jeff clips


                    • #11
                      4:00 BBT

                      Still Jeff clips


                      • #12
                        4:42 PM BBT

                        Feeds back...

                        Either Vanessa or Johnny Mac won the PoV...

                        Liz and Austin are stressing ...


                        • #13
                          Johnny Mac won the PoV


                          • #14
                            Liz and Austin are worried about what decision Vanessa will make....

                            Liz wants Steve out of the house ... say she could work with Johnny Mac, but really can't trust him either...

                            Austin - If Steve goes, either me, you or Vanessa is winning the game...... Johnny Mac, if he made finals, is not winning the game


                            • #15
                              Steve asks Vanessa if they can talk ..

                              She tells him that "she's not capable" right now... she's saying things that she doesn't want to say ..I need to "shut it down" ...

                              She tells Steve she needs a minute to calm down...


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