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Live Feed Updates-September 12-Day 87

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    5:53 PM BBT

    ( or not... after some kissing... there's movement under the covers )


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          Vanessa gives up and heads to bed...


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            6:06 PM BBT

            Johnny Mac is in the comic book room ...


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              7:14 PM BBT

              Vanessa and Steve in the HoH Room ....


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                Vanessa - I know you're freaking out.
                Steve- Okay. I'm not.
                Vanessa- Well it's a ****ty situation. You know you're staying on the block
                Steve- right
                Vanessa- and you know the votes you were counting on are going to get split.. and I know you know I know and I'm not trying to freak out .. but I want you to know that I found today frustrating on quite a few levels... and that my stress has nothing to do with .. that there is nothing personal against you


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                  Vanessa - you have to realize the position that I'm going to be put in ... People are going to be pulling me in every direction now. I really wanted to avoid this


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                    Vanessa- do you understand?
                    Steve - yes
                    Vanessa - and I really just wanted to avoid this .. I don't know why my HoH's... do you realize that every ****ing time... the person that can't win .. does ... every time to me this happens..
                    Steve - I do
                    Vanessa- like **** ...


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                      Vanessa- I want to ask you a few things
                      Steve- you want to game talk?
                      Vanessa- yes
                      Steve- I didn't think you did ...
                      Vanessa- I don't have time to **** around...

                      Steve- okay


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                        Vanessa- are you sure ( the eviction ) happens on Tuesday?
                        Steve- that is my best guess.. I don't know for sure ..

                        Vanessa- this stays between us... If I get wind of any of this not staying between us, it's going to be bad for you... this is when I really need to know I can trust you ..

                        Steve- okay

                        She asks him if he knows about
                        a deal that John made with Austin before PoV.

                        Steve tells her no..

                        She tells him about Johnny Mac offering to throw the veto ... to Austin/Liz ...
                        She says "they made a deal" ...

                        And, that he ( Johnny Mac ) was going to throw it.. until he saw Steve doing so well (today in the PoV comp ) ... so then he decided not to throw it ...

                        Steve says he knows nothing about it ...
                        She tells him that Austin/Liz would not have honored it... then says that she doesn't know if "it was a deal or not" ...

                        Steve- but you heard this from Austin/Liz and not from Johnny

                        Vanessa- yes...

                        Steve- I think Johnny was trying to cover his ass in case he didn't win today...

                        He tells her that it's been awkward between him and Johnny Mac, since they were on the block together ... and she used Rock Stars in her speech ... and that he can see how Johnny Mac could be upset because he ( Steve ) outed Rock Stars...

                        Steve- I think he ( JMac) is frustrated and wanted to cover his ass in case he lost ..

                        Vanessa- you don't think he would have thrown it to him?

                        Steve- nooo.. F5 and you are on the block?


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                          Johnny Mac to Austin - I'll tell you my whole game. If you guys want to know from day one


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                            Vanessa- if they are in the finals.. Liz and Austin .. who do you think is winning?

                            Steve - can I go through the jury?

                            Vanessa- yes

                            Steve - Liz and Austin in the finals.. ( he looks down at the skittles she has on the table )

                            Vanessa- do not touch my skittles...

                            Steve- can I have the pile of skittles?

                            Vanessa - yes...

                            Steve- I would like to know what this is, if I'm allowed to ask...

                            Vanessa- you're not ... I'm sorry.. it's my own private thing.


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                              Steve - okay ...

                              He goes throw what he thinks the jury votes will be...

                              Shelli- Liz
                              Jackie and Becky - Liz
                              Meg and James - James would vote for Austin.. Meg I don't know what she would do
                              Julia for her sister..

                              That leaves me.. you and Johnny ...

                              Vanessa asks how he would vote ..

                              Steve- between Liz and Austin?
                              Vanessa- yes
                              Steve - I really don't know .. but you want an answer..
                              Vanessa -I need an answer

                              Steve- probably Liz
                              Vanessa - really?
                              Steve- maybe.. I'm leaning that way
                              Vanessa- how come?

                              Steve- I think they had a huge obstacle overcome that Austin didn't ...

                              Vanessa- and how did they overcome it

                              Steve says by getting to the point, avoiding eviction until the twin came in

                              Vanessa- but didn't Austin have a hand in helping them..

                              Steve- yes... so you would vote for Austin?

                              Vanessa- I didn't say that.. these are questions I'm asking of you .. this is not going to be a time that you get information out of me.. I'm not in the mood for it ..


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                                Vanessa- you think Liz deserves to win over Austin??

                                Steve- Austin avoided the block until Final 6.,, that's a big deal... but it's actually a really hard vote... I'm still kind of leaning Liz. Liz played a better social game


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