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Live Feed Updates-September 12-Day 87

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    Vanessa- okay...
    Steve- this stays between us?
    Vanessa tells him yes..
    Steve- I am telling you Liz ...

    Vanessa - I find that strange .. that you are a life long game strategist ... Clearly the better strategist of the two is Austin. I'm actually shocked you would say Liz


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      Steve- can I think about it..

      He says he thinks that Austin is the better strategist of the two..

      Steve- now I'm thinking I would vote for Austin. That alliance was led by him. You're right


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        Vanessa asks Steve .. who does he think the jury would pick between Austin and Johnny Mac

        Steve tells her that he'd vote for Austin and so would James/Meg/Julia/Liz


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          Vanessa - if Liz wins HoH and you win veto..... your option is to take me or Johnny.
          Steve- I'd take you. I can beat you at the end

          Vanessa- you don't think you could beat Johnny?
          Steve- it would be harder...

          They go over Jury Votes..


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            Steve - I feel strange sitting here telling you I think I can beat you.
            Vanessa- It's okay.... I don't disagree with you


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              7:35 PM BBT

              Vanessa - are you willing to .. swear on something important that if Liz wins HoH .. or Austin wins HoH .. that you will take me over Johnny to Final 3

              Steve- that if I am in the voting position ... next week.. and I am choosing between you and Johnny .. I would chose you.

              Vanessa- if you won the veto..

              Steve- if I am in the position ... I would bring you to the Final 3.. that is what you are asking me to confirm? Yes.

              Vanessa - okay.. what can you swear to me on?

              Steve- what do you want?

              Vanessa - I don't want to ask for something like that... I want that to come from you .. I don't know what you are comfortable doing or not .. or where your ethics are on that ...

              Steve- I don't want to do a bible.. I feel like that is tacky... do you want it on my family? My Mom?

              Vanessa- I don't want.. again what did I just say....

              Steve- I can give it to you on my mom...

              Vanessa- so what are you saying?

              I can swear to you .. on my mom that if I am in the position next week... where I am voting and have to choose between you and Johnny, I will bring you to Final 3..

              Vanessa- okay. I trust you and I believe you and I will let you know that if you do that ... you will have my word that I will always take you to the Final 2...

              Steve- if you win the Final HoH

              Vanessa - if I win the Final HoH ... and it's always been that way ...


              • #52
                Vanessa - if Johnny won veto and Liz or Austin are HoH, what do you think he's going to do?
                Steve- I feel I'd be the obvious choice
                Vanessa - right

                Steve says the deal ( between Austin/Liz/Johnny Mac ) makes his doubt that .. and he's surprised to hear it ..

                She reminds he that he's keeping that between them.. he's not to say anything to anyone else...

                Steve - you are the tiebreaker vote I need.. I'm ****ed if you don't chose to keep me...


                • #53
                  Steve - My gut is telling me that he (Johnny Mac ) would take me but my brain is telling me he wouldn't
                  Vanessa- I think he'd take you. I think he's a loyal guy.

                  Vanessa- who do you think is more likely to win HoH next week? Liz or Austin?

                  Steve says it depends on what competition is is...


                  • #54
                    Vanessa - If you won HoH and veto, who are you taking to Final 3 if it's Austin, me and Johnny?
                    Steve- Gut instinct me, you and Johnny


                    • #55
                      Vanessa - What if it's me, you, Johnny and Liz?
                      Steve- I think I definitely would cut Liz. She's harder to beat and better with jury


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                        Steve tells her that he thinks that Johnny Mac would get Liz out over them.. and he thinks that Johnny Mac would also take out Austin ...

                        Vanessa- why?

                        Steve- because he's loyal to me and he thinks he can beat you ...

                        Vanessa- okay.. interesting...


                        Vanessa- this is going to get brutal...


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                          Vanessa to Steve - You are not going to go home this week and I'm going to vote the way I told you I was

                          She tells him she's not a scumbag... she always planned on keeping her word to him

                          He tells her that he hopes she knows, he's proven himself to her too

                          She says she does.

                          Vanessa - so .. well.. okay.. this is going to be a ****ty thing...

                          Steve - and by the way Vanessa, thank you. I actually wasn't as nervous as I should have been.. but thank you.

                          Vanessa- that means you trust me.. but you had to be worried... I would be freaking out if I were you ...


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                            Vaness to Steve - You have the most trustworthy person on your word is good


                            • #59
                              Vanessa - I guess I'm just grieving the loss of the potential for two people (Austin/ Liz) to not totally hate me in jury... but that's that...

                              Steve - they are going to be just as mad as me as they are at you ..


                              • #60
                                Vanessa - If you were me, which one would you put up? ( Austin/Liz )
                                Steve- Can I get back to you on that answer?
                                Vanessa- No

                                Steve - you need it right now?

                                Vanessa- yes because I don't want you to tell me what is best for your game. I want you to tell me what's best for my game and if I give you more time.. you would come up with a more cognitive answer.. what do you think I'm stupid.. she laughs

                                Steve laughs and says he can't disagree with her..

                                They go over jury potential votes


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