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Live Feed Updates-September 13-Day 88

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 13-Day 88

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    4:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Flashback to 12:30 BBT

      Austin and Liz are in the hammock and John comes out to talk to them. He tells them that Austin is going up and then tells them about Vanessa going through all these scenarios.

      John tells them that he will do what he has to do and the F2 with Steve has been messing up his game.

      John telling them about when the F2 with Steve was formed and how he was indifferent to it. He said his real ride or die was with Becky. They talk about the situation with Becky and the Gremlins.

      Steve wandered over and they just kept talking about Becky and then Steve and John left.

      12:45ish Austin and Liz go in and Austin talks to John in the bathroom. John tells him that Vanessa is telling him her F2 is John now.

      Austin talks about finally finding someone (John) diabolical enough to work with and make crazy moves with.

      John tells him more about his talk with Vanessa and says he's ready to do bad things. He's staying and there are consequences for him staying.

      Steve comes in again and the talk is finally broken up and John goes to bed.


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        8:50 BBT

        Fishes (Wake up call)

        When they come back Vanessa is out in the backyard laying on a lounger with her sunglasses on. They show the comic book room and Steve getting up. He goes to the backdoor and just stands there looking out at Vanessa.


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          He finally went out and they put up the awnings.


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            After the awnings are up they talk about Steve continuing to work on John to make sure he votes to keep Steve and Vanessa needs to keep working on keeping the others in the dark. Vanessa tells him that John may have thought that Vanessa was going to vote out Steve so he was going to vote with Liz to keep Austin so that he wouldn't be the odd man out and force a tie break.

            After Vanessa goes in, Steve stands there for a few seconds looking around and mumbling, but I can't make it out. He seems a little shocked. (my opinion)

            Austin and Liz got up, changed their batteries and they are getting ready.

            Steve goes back to his bed in the comic book room.


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              HOH room
              9:59 a.m.

              We come into it with Vanessa talking to Austin about what comps might be coming up.

              Austin is wondering how he needs to play the game with John. He says that he doesn’t want John to “know” that Austin has Vanessa’s vote. Vanessa thinks John will vote the opposite of Liz to make Vanessa break the tie and send Steve home.

              Vanessa thinks that John was feeling her out in the conversation. She said he was working with Steve the whole game but he is ok with voting Steve out. I don’t buy it.

              Austin tells Vanessa about the conversation that John had with them last night. They think that it is weird that Johnny Mac wants to vote out Steve. Austin likes his weirdness. They think that John losing Steve is good for both of their games.

              If John wins HOH Austin needs to throw the POV to Vanessa and Liz. Austin says his worst case scenario is Liz winning HOH. Vanessa tells him he needs to win HOH, can he win and he says he needs to. There is no way they will do a puzzle again, will the? They talk about how bad they are with puzzles. It’s not smarts, it’s logical. Austin: The dumb kids do puzzles.

              Liz is called to the DR. John is taking a shower.


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                Vanessa says that she ****s up the rules and she isn’t fast enough to do them. She says if she is ever can come back to do All-Stars she will work on puzzles and getting her endurance up. Austin agrees that he needs to work on both. He is going to do cross fit. Austin goes on to say that he thinks he will be good at the “shovel comp” and days. He doesn’t think they will do days because that wouldn’t be fair to Liz (since she wasn’t in the entire time). He also doesn’t think Liz will do well with “before and after”.

                Vanessa asks him for his word that he will never scumbag her if it’s Austin/Vanessa/JohnnyMac in F3. He promises and asks for her word in return. They say they are not pulling that fuc*ing taxi driver to the finals. Austin says we’re not trying to. They think he will do very well in the F3 comps. Vanessa thinks he won’t be good with his speech to the jury if he gets to F2. Austin thinks he will do good. Vanessa says she thinks he will do well, but she’s not sure about herself.


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                  They talk about the jury questions (i.e., James one mistake in the game was ____ and then they give you two choices) and how it is usually the lesser of the two answers. Austin says they will do better with those than Johnny Mac because he doesn’t really understand the game, but Austin has watched all 17 seasons (I guess if you count the fact that he is on the 17th season???). They are concerned that John can take the endurance but they will just roll the dice and hope they can win the final two.

                  Vanessa gives Austin some advice about John. Don’t let him know that you are the strategist because Liz doesn’t get credit with the jury. Let Liz do the talking to him. Vanessa says we need to figure out a way to get him to pick you over her to take to F3 and I’m not sure how to do that. She says that after talking with him she understands that he is almost a genius. He picks up on things that people say and he puts them together. Austin wants Vanessa to talk to him planting seeds about Liz not being good to take to F3. Vanessa says she is working on him and will talk to him later today. They just aren’t sure if he is as smart as they are thinking.

                  Vanessa asks how Liz is doing. Austin says she seems fine and she is glad that Austin is going up. Vanessa says that John doesn’t think he can win against Steve in the F2, but Austin/Vanessa think he can’t beat either of them at all. They are sure that Steve honestly believes he can win it all. Austin assures her that if he and Liz are in the jury they can work on James/Meg and perhaps Jackie to get them to vote for her. They talk about Shelli and whether they can persuade her to vote for Vanessa. Vanessa says she would vote for JohnnyMac over Steve. He had a big comeback and he wins a lot of comps.

                  Austin says the downside (of John’s game) is that he slept halfway through the season so he was never a target. We were playing all the time and we had a big target on our backs. Steve was fine with being with us until he was the target. Austin thinks that who wins the most in these last two weeks will matter with the jury. Vanessa says John has 10 2nd place finishes.

                  Austin (ego intact) says but he’s Johnny Mac, are they going to let him be the winner of our season. (You mean as opposed to you and Vanessa???).

                  Austin: I think it’s absurd that he wins the game.


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                    Austin walks by and notices Vanessa candy arrangement. He asks if it’s Steve’s math and she says no, it’s hers and not to mess with it.

                    As Austin heads downstairs, he starts to complain about pain in his hip.

                    We find Steve/Liz/Johnny Mac in the kitchen waiting for the POV ceremony. Vanessa has been called to the DR so she is busy getting herself ready.

                    JohnnyMac/Liz/Steve talk about something happening between 11 a.m. and noon and I can only assume that is when the renom ceremony will happen. Steve reminds them that this will be the last time they will go to the DR to cast a vote. Liz ask how it works and Steve explains how it will work. Vanessa comes in and she is surprised as well.

                    Liz asks Steve if he is nervous and he says everyone is, and then they say everyone but Johnny Mac and Vanessa. Steve says he has nothing to complain about because he got to F5 (like Frankie) so that is good.


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                      10:25 a.m.
                      Austin/Johnny Mac

                      Austin is telling Johnny Mac that he trusts him after their conversations. Johnny Mac says that it is the best for his (Johnny Mac’s) game. Austin says that is great because he doesn’t completely trust Vanessa to keep him.

                      Austin says if Johnny Mac needs anything from him and needs to have him shake on it to let him know. Johnny Mac says he might do something to increase his odds to win veto next week. He tells JMac that Vanessa is assuming she will win veto next week. JMac says he would love to win both HOH and POV. Austin: That will be the ultimate power. My goal is to get to F4 and then see from there.

                      JMac worst case situation is that he ends up on the block with Vanessa next week and she will have some good reason for them to vote him (JMac) out. Austin says his would be being on the block with Liz. JMac promises him that he will take care of Austin next week if he can. Austin says he just isn’t sure what Vanessa would do if she had the veto for next week. He is worried that she will take Liz over him.

                      John tells Austin how she had every possible scenario laid out last night. They are going to go with their guts. Now they talk about what they think the next comp will be. Neither one believes it will be the shovel puzzle. They have been studying the days and haven’t gotten that comp yet.

                      They head inside and we find Vanessa out of the DR and going over her candy diagram again.


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                        10:45 p.m.
                        Johnny Mac/Steve

                        John asks if Steve has his speech ready for the renom. They go over Dr. Will’s speech to vote him out and if they don’t he will make their lives miserable. And they vote to keep him. Now Steve is going over past seasons with John.


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                          John is asking about names of former houseguests and asks about a Robert. That is his middle name. Steve tells him his name is really bland and that isn’t anything like his personality.


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                            HOH Room
                            11:11 a.m.

                            We come into the room in the midst of their conversation. Steve is telling Vanessa that he doesn’t want to look like he is nervous (to John). Vanessa asks if it is in John’s best interest to keep him. Steve thinks he would because there is some tension between Vanessa and JMac and if Steve leaves JMac would have to work with her against the showmance.

                            She points out that he would have to out of necessity. Steve argument is that JMac would be better off with Steve. Vanessa tells him that is a bad argument and he needs to find a better one to go to JMac with. Steve sits and thinks for a while and can’t come up with anything else. He will have to ponder it. Vanessa says he needs to say he will take him to F2 and he needs to point out that everyone else will take someone else over Johnny Mac to F2. She tells Steve to say that if JMac goes to F3 with Steve, Liz will take Johnny Mac over Steve because Steve sent her sister home. Vanessa is getting annoyed at him and says he needs to start thinking about this (his argument). She doesn’t want to have to play his game. He says he realizes that he needs to point that out because he is giving JMac more credit than he should. JMac might not be thinking about that. (Vanessa is shoring up her deal with Steve just in case.)

                            Steve says he has talked to John very briefly but hasn’t talked to him about game and was waiting until after he knows who will be OTB with him.

                            And we get FISH. John was called to the DR so I can only assume that the renom ceremony is going on.


                            • #15
                              We come back to Austin complaining about his hip still. He thinks it is “out” and wants Liz to pull on it to see if she can pop it back in. He is now lying on the floor and trying to get it to pop for him.

                              Johnny Mac is getting his shoes so that Austin and he can work out.

                              Austin did say to Steve “well it’s you and me” so I am sure that he is now on the block.


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