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Live Feed Updates-September 14-Day 89

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 14-Day 89

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    4:00 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      8:58 AM BBT

      Steve is at the kitchen table surrounded with rubber gloves and paint. He wonders if there are any directions?

      We are now on



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        ****FLASHBACK**** to LAST NIGHT 10:15-10:21 PM BBT
        Verbatim conversation between Vanessa/JMac to seal the deal to blindside Austin and vote him out.

        Steve and JMac in the kitchen talking about where past BBU members were from. Vanessa comes out of the HOH, and from the upstairs railing, asks JMac to come upstairs to finish the convo with her that they did not get to finish earlier. He says, yes, and I want to listen to Moby. Steve is going to do his laundry.

        Vanessa: Come into my lair.

        JMac: Let’s do it baby.

        Vanessa: So, I’m ready to do something crazy.

        JMac: Okay

        Vanessa: I just wanna to do something crazy.

        JMac: Okay

        Vanessa: I want to make a BIG move. I’m tired of doing everything ****ing predictable kumbaya bull****.

        JMac: Okay

        Vanessa: Like literally, like let’s leave our mark on Big Brother history, like let’s do something that no one’s ****ing done this season, we’re gonna blindside someone

        JMac: Okay

        Vanessa: and I want to do it in a big way, and we like we need to anyway, we’ve got to say to the jury , like ****, like this is what we did, like we took down a big target, and quite frankly Steve is not it.

        JMac: Yah Think? (with sarcasm)

        Vanessa: You think Steve’s a big target?

        JMac: For us, no, in these competitions, no.

        Vanessa: No, he’s not a big target. Austin’s a big target. I mean, at the end of the day, as much as I’m friends with him and I want to, its asinine and stupid and here’s why. Even if you can guarantee that you get to F3 more often, doing whatever kind of deal you can come up with or whatever it is you can finagle, you’re going to get to, there is no way to get around this part, you are going to get to F3, 50% of the time with a couple, which means you have to win

        JMac: Yeah, Yeah, I have to win

        Vanessa: outright, and the odds are against you. Whereas, in the other situation, I am in the same exact spot. In the other situation at least we have arguments we can make to each other, like something can be done, it’s not a total, it’s stupid, like how did I not think of this before, like the fact that you have to actually win half the time, I was only thinking about the part of GETTING to F3, not the part if you want to actually do that, you have to ****ING WIN.

        JMac: And you put it in your head that Steve and I are a showmance, that’s…

        Vanessa: that what, that you guys were a showmance?

        JMac: That’s why this is all, you know

        Vanessa: Well, I mean, I guess it’s, you know what, he did kind of actually, Austin started last week, he started saying things like if they get to F3 together, they are taking each other, taking each other, and I guess it just kind of worked its way into my head.

        JMac: I wanna win.

        Vanessa: Yeah, so,

        JMac: or I want money.

        Vanessa: Okay, yeah, I’ll take money.

        JMac: So we’re basically on the same page.

        Vanessa: Yeah, so basically here’s the deal. They cannot ****ing know its coming.

        JMac: Yeah, yeah

        Vanessa: I’ll ****ing do it, like I will swear to you on something we’re doing it. We are doing it. You and me are doing it. Steve can’t know, Austin can’t know. I don’t want anyone to ****ing know. I’m going to deal with the Liz aftermath after he is gone. Its gonna be fine. You’ll be fine. She’s gonna be like ****ing really mad at me, but I’m gonna explain it to her, I’m going to be like look, I kept you off the block, I kept you safe. I wanna win this game, and getting to the F3 with a couple is not the way to do it. That’s just it and I’m sorry I came here to win. And I honestly didn’t know I was going to do it until just now. Austin is coming. So to him we are just telling him we are keeping him, okay.

        JMac: Yeah, yeah

        Vanessa: So as far as he’s concerned, you are going to vote to keep him.

        JMac: Yeah

        Vanessa: You really want to do this? You believe it’s better for you too, right? We are in the same exact spot.

        JMac: Yeah

        Vanessa: So when he walks in here right now, you are going to vote to keep him.

        JMac: We have to take him out.

        Vanessa: We’re going to do it. It’s a big move. Honestly, quite frankly for your game it’s great because you haven’t won an HOH and without you this move couldn’t be done. I think people in the jury are going to cheer. It’s got to be done. I mean Steve’s not a threat. I mean look how Steve’s falling apart down there, come on. He’s not, he’s not, I can’t explain it. Like I’m a big energy person and it comes to I got to feel like is he in a good frame of mind to play next week? I don’t think so. It’s going to be very emotional. It’s going to be like a big emotional bomb dropped on Liz. It’s gonna be, we’re big favorites there. It’s like we’re making a chess move, taking the king out.

        JMac: Putting the king out.

        Vanessa: But they are going to think that you are going to vote to keep them, fine, but we’re not. Deal?

        JMac: I’m gonna tell them that your heads all over the place, but it doesn’t matter because I’m voting.

        Vanessa: Perfect, perfect, okay. Alright, so, when it happens, it happens. It’s gonna be a big bomb on them. You can keep it together, right?

        JMac: Yeah, you know me (pointing at her), you know me better than anyone.

        Vanessa: Perfect, so alright (zips her lip with her fingers).
        They shake hands.

        JMac: Can I listen to Moby.

        (That was only a six minute conversation. Austin never did come into the HoH. He and Liz played chess outside the HoH and JMac stayed in the HoH listening to Vanessa’s music while Vanessa sat on the bed. They intermittenly talked about music.)
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