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Live Feed Updates-September 15-Day 90

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 15-Day 90

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    Reminder: The Live Feeds are down until 9pm PST/12 midnight ET tonight.


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      "Live" Votes:

      Liz - Steve
      Johnny Mac - Austin

      Vanessa makes the tie-breaker vote - Austin

      Austin has been evicted from the Big Brother 17 house.


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        Austin to Vanessa- you can't win the game, you won't have the jury votes.
        Vanessa - I know and I'm okay with that.
        Austin- Oh My God, I knew this was too good to be true.

        Austin walks out the door in his bare feet...

        Vanessa immediately crying, telling Liz she's sorry, she had to.


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          Austin tells Julie Chen that Vanessa won't win the game. And, that she didn't have to "scumbag" him like she just did.

          Austin to Julie Chen - Judas got Judas ...

          It's time to vote for America's Favorite Player at

          Head of Household Competition: What the Bleep?


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            As the players watch clips from other houseguests, words are bleeped out and they need to answer True or False as to what the word is.

            Steve has one point and takes the lead...
            Johnny Mac and Steve tied with 4 points
            Liz has 3 points ...


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              Johnny Mac and Steve tied with 5 points
              Liz is out.

              Johnny Mac and Steve face off in a tie breaker question: How long did the "Under the Rainbow" competition last, in seconds?

              Johnny Mac answered: 3600
              Steve answered: 601
              Johnny Mac is over.

              Steve is the New Head of Household!


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                Live eviction episode takes place tomorrow night at 8/7
                The Live Feeds return tonight at 9 PM BBT - where we'll find out who Steve nominated and who won the Power of Veto Competition... Stay with us!

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                  9:00 PM BBT

                  Feeds are back....

                  No sign of Johnny Mac yet

                  There's talk of playing Sling Band next....


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                    9:00PM BBT

                    Feeds are back

                    So far have seen Vanessa, Liz & Steve in the kitchen eating... talking about playing 'Sling Band'

                    Dont see JMac yet...


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                      Found Johhny Mac, he was in the bedroom.... Vanessa told him, they are about to play Sling Band...


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                        Vanessa went into the comic bedroom ..JMac was lying down in there. She tells them they are about to start "Sling Band" if he's interested...he comes into the kitchen to play.


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                          Steve talking about making eggs to eat...liz wants to finish her salad...

                          Vanessa asks if they are not going to start sling band soon then? Liz says they can start whenever.

                          Vanessa tells them to just let her know when they are going to start

                          Vanessa - I'm gonna go lie down and be antisocial

                          She goes to comic room, gets into bed, covers her eyes with her knit hat

                          Liz sits at the table to finish eating her salad, Steve starts making his eggs, JMac sitting at the counter just hanging out


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                            Vanessa is back up and out of bed and buzzes to go into the DR


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                              Steve asks if they are ready to play

                              Liz - Vanessa just went into the DR

                              Steve - just went in? I didn't hear them call her.. (I dont think they did..I didnt hear it)

                              Liz says she has a feeling they are going to be interrupted (their game)

                              She says she hasn't even been called in (to the DR) yet

                              Steve says she will probably be called in as soon as Vanessa comes out


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