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Live Feed Updates-September 15-Day 90

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    Steve asks Liz is she is okay

    She says she is hangin in there....she thinks/hopes she'll be okay but she's not going to stress/worry about it

    Liz says she would just like to know her fate ahead of time (if she's leaving) and not be sent out like Austin

    Steve - he went out in true Big Brother fashion

    Liz - as in??

    Steve - expect the unexpected

    Liz says she thinks he knew...he (Austin) said "I knew it"

    Steve - I don't think he did..otherwise he would have put shoes on like I did

    he says he put shoes and nice shirt on as soon as Julie called them in

    Liz looks over and says - you think there's hope for me?

    Steve whispers - I don't know, I'm not the one casting the vote

    Steve says he just feels badly about things that have gone on the last couple of days

    they talk about how it's just...they came here to play a game...can't take things personally


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      {{ this fever is kickin my butt...I feel horrible so I'm sorry but after this one I'm gonna have to go ...hopefully someone else is still here to post LFUs }}

      Steve asks Liz if she really wants to try a long distance relationship with Austin. Liz says she doesn't knoooooowwww-uh (lol)

      they talk a bit about deal that are made F3, F2..when they usually are done .... talk about last season Derrick having F2 with Victoria & Cody ..

      Steve says Victoria did nothing but sit and be pretty

      Liz - ewwww she's not pretty

      Steve says Victoria was pretty.... Liz says she probably had to cake on makeup like Jackie (this season)

      Steve says he thought Jackie was pretty... Liz says yeah but did you ever see her without makeup and fake eyelashes (mean girl coming out again)

      Steve asks her what she plans to get/do after BB...what she might get from being on this show... more TV or what?

      Liz says she has a Business degree and doesnt need/have to do TV

      she would like to have an online store

      move on to talk about Finale night and if Austin will be 'getting lucky' ... she says what makes you think he'll get lucky like that?

      they talk about it's been like 90 days (with no sex) and Liz says that's a long time. Steve talks about how he's waited 22 years...being as he's a virgin

      He asks Liz when she lost her virginity...she says age 17....says that's a good age...high school

      moved on to talking about Vanessa had a great talk with him and how she made him feel better...

      they talk about 'getting recognized' after this show (Lord these people are so delusional aren't they?)

      {{ Okay...sorry guys..I gotta cut on now... I'll be back ASAP tomorrow and will play "catch up" here if no one has filled things in .. }}


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