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Live Feed Updates-September 15-Day 90

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  • Shan
    {{ this fever is kickin my butt...I feel horrible so I'm sorry but after this one I'm gonna have to go ...hopefully someone else is still here to post LFUs }}

    Steve asks Liz if she really wants to try a long distance relationship with Austin. Liz says she doesn't knoooooowwww-uh (lol)

    they talk a bit about deal that are made F3, F2..when they usually are done .... talk about last season Derrick having F2 with Victoria & Cody ..

    Steve says Victoria did nothing but sit and be pretty

    Liz - ewwww she's not pretty

    Steve says Victoria was pretty.... Liz says she probably had to cake on makeup like Jackie (this season)

    Steve says he thought Jackie was pretty... Liz says yeah but did you ever see her without makeup and fake eyelashes (mean girl coming out again)

    Steve asks her what she plans to get/do after BB...what she might get from being on this show... more TV or what?

    Liz says she has a Business degree and doesnt need/have to do TV

    she would like to have an online store

    move on to talk about Finale night and if Austin will be 'getting lucky' ... she says what makes you think he'll get lucky like that?

    they talk about it's been like 90 days (with no sex) and Liz says that's a long time. Steve talks about how he's waited 22 years...being as he's a virgin

    He asks Liz when she lost her virginity...she says age 17....says that's a good age...high school

    moved on to talking about Vanessa had a great talk with him and how she made him feel better...

    they talk about 'getting recognized' after this show (Lord these people are so delusional aren't they?)

    {{ Okay...sorry guys..I gotta cut on now... I'll be back ASAP tomorrow and will play "catch up" here if no one has filled things in .. }}

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  • Shan
    Steve asks Liz is she is okay

    She says she is hangin in there....she thinks/hopes she'll be okay but she's not going to stress/worry about it

    Liz says she would just like to know her fate ahead of time (if she's leaving) and not be sent out like Austin

    Steve - he went out in true Big Brother fashion

    Liz - as in??

    Steve - expect the unexpected

    Liz says she thinks he knew...he (Austin) said "I knew it"

    Steve - I don't think he did..otherwise he would have put shoes on like I did

    he says he put shoes and nice shirt on as soon as Julie called them in

    Liz looks over and says - you think there's hope for me?

    Steve whispers - I don't know, I'm not the one casting the vote

    Steve says he just feels badly about things that have gone on the last couple of days

    they talk about how it's just...they came here to play a game...can't take things personally

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  • Shan
    now all four are together in the bathroom... chit chatting

    Vanessa wondering why they (DR) haven't called her..why dont they wanna talk to her

    talk about Steve having 3 HOHs and all have been short time

    Liz talking about having less time than him

    JMac had flossed and brushed his teeth...he left the bathroom and went back to comic bedroom ...back into bed with bandana over his eyes...lying kind of propped up

    Vanessa is called to DR

    Steve says he is going to take a shower and go to bed

    Liz & Vanessa say they bet that he will not go to bed..he says he will *attempt* to go to bed

    Now he says he will first spend some time aggravating "Elizabeth"

    Liz asks who won Sling Band...Steve tells her he did

    Vanessa leaves to go to DR

    Liz whining about not wanting to take off makeup in case they call her again...says it's such a struggle to try to sleep with makeup on. She says she has so many zits because of it (sleeping in make up) He says he thought she said that was from stress

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  • Shan
    Vanessa telling JMac he has gotten her into flossing now. She says her dentist is always telling her great job flossing even though she has never flossed

    JMac talks about people having periodontitis ... he looks in Vanessa's mouth and says she's a grinder isn't she

    They laugh about how weird it is when JMac is in dentist mode..they always think of him as 'rock star' or 'joking/silly' ...can't imagine him being professional/a dentist

    JMac says he is serious when he's in the office.

    Liz pops up on cams (she must've been in the DR all this time)

    no more 'game talk' at the moment as JMac is up/around now

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  • Shan
    My computer restarted on me...grrr (lol)

    Back on feeds...Vanessa & Steve still talking in bathroom but JMac has joined them. He's flossing, not talking

    Vanessa is saying she has just thought of a great idea..but she doesn't want to say it ...someone will steal her idea

    Steve asks if it's like a BB Fan website idea..she says sort's a money maker...

    Steve says he is planning to sell Skype calls on Ebay (really?)

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  • Shan
    Cams 1 & 2
    Vanessa & Steve continue to compare points on Liz & JMac... who is best to send out/keep..which of them could win (the game) based on points they are making/comparing

    Cams 3 & 4
    on JMac lying in comic room ...same as pic above

    Vanessa tells Steve she knows she is odds-on favorite to get 2nd...and she'd rather do that sitting next to him (Steve) she says she expects to get to Final and expects to get 2nd/not win

    She says she would be so happy for him either way....she says she is so blessed in many ways ..has everything she needs/pretty much everything she wants

    Steve talking about how fortunate he has been in life.... how he's never really experienced hardships that most people have by his age. He says this is why he keeps losing perspective in this game... this (Big Brother) has been the hardest thing he's ever done

    He tells her he can't believe she evicted Austin...they seemed so close

    She says she knew she would fall three or four to them and that's why she made F2 with Steve. She adores Austin but he got involved in a showmance and that's when things changed.

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  • Shan
    Poor JMac

    Vanessa & Steve discussing their fate (Liz/JMac)

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  • Shan
    She asks Steve if he thinks she should take Liz... he says he doesnt know
    She says she'll know tomorrow....

    Steve says what he likes about keeping JMac is that it ensures that they (he/Vanessa) take each other (to F2)

    Vanessa - that's what I like about it to

    Vanessa - what have I always said?

    Steve - Incentives match promises

    She repeats that and says it's soooo tempting to take someone like JMac to F2 because she thinks he's easier to beat at F2.

    She says if they want a 'shot in Hell' to win the game... if the Jury is voting based on who they are friends with or who they like more...then it won't matter (who to keep/take to F2 between JMac & Liz) ..but if they vote strategic... JMac is easier to beat

    they continue to discuss which is better to keep at this point

    Vanessa tells him to stop stressing...she's been telling him they were getting to F2...she's a pro gambler...she is telling him..they can get to F2

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  • Shan
    Vanessa saying that Liz is easier to beat in the coming HOH rounds.... that JMac would be tougher to beat to *get* to Finals. She believes they both can beat Liz to get there.

    But that once at the end (F2) JMac would be the one easier to beat (to win the game)....but that only does one of them (Steve/Vanessa) any good (the one that ends up in F2)

    They discuss well each of the can/can't do in types of comps...

    Steve saying he does not think he can beat Vanessa in endurance comps. He says he will have more of a fire out there tomorrow

    Discussing how Liz does/could do...what the comps might be...if Liz could win.

    Vanessa - I think Johnny is better than me at a lot of things... I think Johnny is better than you at a lot of things

    She says maybe if JMac thinks they would both take him (F2) he wouldnt try so hard

    Steve says then they (he and Vanessa) would have to take each other and she says of course

    they talk about taking Liz would be stupid..she already has 2 votes locked

    Vanessa talking about they would probably both lose to Liz in F2...but that it would be worse/harder for Steve because Liz is a 'sweet girl' and people want a 'sweet girl' to win.

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  • Ladycop
    Vanessa says that she thinks the jury will want a sweet girl to win and she isn't a sweet girl. She is kind hearted, but not sweet. Liz is sweet.

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  • Ladycop
    Vanessa and Steve in bathroom talking about who they should evict. They are talking about the pros and cons of each one. They both believe that John would be better in the comp than Liz. Steve says he would have to beat Liz in a physical comp. Vanessa is so sure that she will win round 1 of the HOH. They talk about endurance comps and Steve says she hasn't played an endurance comp and she says the egg comp was physical. They once again talk about how Liz could win the next one (which will be tomorrow) from what they are talking about. Vanessa says if they tell John that they are taking him (each one) he might not try as hard.

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  • Shan
    Steve, Vanessa, JMac in the kitchen (missed where Liz went? DR?)
    talking about how many are in the Jury House right now close they are to the end

    Vanessa 'pep talking' Steve telling him to enjoy this experienced as the Super Fan. He's living his dream. He agrees that he's been in a foul mood for a while and should stop now and really enjoy it

    They all leave the kitchen... JMac goes back to comic room and lays down ..awake ..thinking. He looks down and out

    Vanessa & Steve in the bathroom... she is still 'pep talking' him..telling him how great he is. How he will be successful in life no matter what happens in this house, etc

    She is 'putting things into perspective' for him. He is agreeing with her

    they briefly touch on what the comp (POV) was.... sounds like it was the days type deal

    She tells him to calm down, enjoy

    He says he far exceeded expectations with his social issues, etc He says "he made 3rd"

    Vanessa asks what does he mean he made 3rd....he made *at least* third

    Steve says to her "dont tell me you don't know what you're doing" (about who to keep/send out)

    She says she really doesnt ..she is going to let them (JMac & Liz) do their campaigning...and will marinate on it

    Steve says he wants to talk to her later tonight... then says nevermind he will just tell her now...

    He tells her he threw..or *tried* to throw... "Getting Loopy" comp but did not throw (or try to throw) the HOH comp they just did. He says he thought she felt he had been "being sketch" and wanted to clear that up

    Vanessa says he hasnt been acting sketchy so why does he even think that. She believes him anyway and says it doesnt have any bearing on her decision now.

    She asks if he has any thoughts about it (who she should keep)

    He says he's back & forth...she agrees it's the same for's very tough

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  • Shan
    Stepped away from the feeds for a few..sorry :/

    Looks like nothing happened while I was away? they played Sling Band. game wrapping up right now

    JMac & Steve saying they are getting very sleepy.

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  • Shan
    commented on 's reply
    no worries Ladycop... I'm about to step away for a few minutes so glad you're checking in case I miss anything while I'm gone lol Although it doesnt look like it at the moment

    Thanks for all your LFU'ing!! We really appreciate it!!

  • Ladycop
    Sorry BBFanShan, I refreshed and saw nothing. I will let you continue.

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