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Live Feed Updates-September 16-Day 91

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 16-Day 91

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    3:50AM BBT
    All are sleeping

    (gonna go grab some very quick highlights (if any) from over night)


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      11:30PM BBT
      Liz went to bed after her convo with Steve
      Vanessa in DR

      Steve in HOH room...he was listening to his music and then starts talking to himself/out loud

      Steve - do I take Liz to F2? I might..I really might

      He wonders if he wants to be in F2 or increase his chance to win. He says he doesnt know what the jury will do. Says if he wins he takes Liz (F2)

      He thinks if Vanessa keeps JMac snd JMac could beat Vanessa in endurance then he (Steve) could win Part 2 and be 'golden'

      He says Vanessa is in it no matter what and he thinks JMac would take him over Vanessa.

      He doesnt know what he wants....he doesnt know what the Jury might do... He thinks no matter what he says Vanessa will send JMac out because she worries Steve would take JMac to F2 and he says he would.

      He goes into the shower so can't really catch what he says


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        11:45PM BBT

        Liz & JMac talk...shake hands and both say they dont want to be blindsided. Liz hopes they both can keep this whole thing amicable

        Just after ..JMac & Steve talking

        Steve asks if JMac knows what Vanessa is going to do...Jmac says he doesnt

        Steve says he's afraid to push her too hard and JMac tells him not to push her...says it's between him & Vanessa

        12AM BBT

        JMac, Liz & Vanessa all in bed trying to get to sleep ..I assume Steve is in cam on him


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          12:15AM BBT
          Steve is up alone in HOH room having a bit of a breakdown/meltdown. He's crying and saying that he messed up. He should have won POV and got rid of Vanessa. it could've been his big move. Says he could have won the game ..he can't beat Vanessa in F2

          Evidently Vanessa talked Steve into throwing the POV and he did it. He's really crying and upset and regrets throwing the POV. He is apologizing to his family because he let them down.He knows throwing the POV was a $500,000 mistake...He knows Vanessa will send JMac home.

          He is really upset..says he needs to talk to someone..anyone..needs his Mom..needs a friend..

          He goes downstairs and wakes Liz and asks for a hug...tells her he was up in HOH crying

          Liz tells him he made it to F3..his family will be proud of him no matter what..he needs to be strong and be proud.

          He tells her he never cries like this ..she tells him it's cute that he's being sensitive and crying that Austin would never do that

          Vanessa had been lying wide awake in bed thinking...she gets up and goes to see what's going on.

          She tells Steve he needs to stop all this ..he needs to go to bed.

          In the kitchen..JMac is up and in there too ...Vanessa tells him Steve is having a little panic attack.

          Vanessa told Steve to sleep downstairs with them so he has gone up to HOH room and brought his stuff down and makes up bed next to Liz.


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            1:15AM everyone is in bed... Steve & Liz i purple bedroom and Vanessa & JMac in comic room ..everyone looks to be having a hard time settling/going to sleep

            a few minutes later Steve gets up and makes a bowl of cereal...he paces for a while and then heads back to bed

            looks like all stayed in bed/sleeping from there on

            (Sorry I may not have gotten every detail...just wanted to 'catch up' with highlights a bit.)


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              8:38 AM BBT

              Everyone is up. By "up", I mean the lights are on but they are still sleeping. Oh! Steve is out of bed and stumbles to the HOH bathroom to brush his teeth. Oh.......he went back to bed. <sigh>


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                9:10 AM BBT

                Everyone is out of bed. Liz, Vanessa and JMac head to the kitchen to eat breakfast and Steve is lying on the floor in the HOH room behind his table. Vanessa heads up to the HOH room. She and Steve talk about the previous night and Steve's anxiety attack and how Vanessa was right in telling him to go to bed. Vanessa tells him she likes it when he tells her she is right and that he is a cute little kid. Mostly chit chat now waiting on the others to come up for the HOH lockdown.

                Vanessa squeals and says that tonight they will start part one of the final HOH comp. Steve is less than thrilled though. He feels that there is no way he can win an endurance comp.


                • #9
                  9:42 AM BBT

                  Liz has joined Vanessa and Steve in the HOH room. Steve says he needs to stop being a little bitch and be thankful for the position he is in. ON another camera, I see that JMac is asleep in his own bed. Now we have FISH!


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                    9:53 AM BBT

                    Steve, Liz and Vanessa are still in the HOH room, laughing and kidding each other about who was going to nominate who whenever. JMac is still in his bed downstairs.


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                      10:20 AM BBT

                      Same three in the HOH talking. They have gone over this season and past seasons chatting about comps and the winners. Vanessa quietly listens as Steve and Liz talk about people in the jury. Steve thinks that JUlia will still be mad at him. Liz tells him that Julia will have gotten over it by now. Vanessa asks Liz if Julia was ever mad at her and Liz says no. Liz tells her that Austin probably is pissed at her. Vanessa says she will lose a lot of respect for Austin if he can't vote on gameplay. Meanwhile, JMac is sound asleep in his bed downstairs.


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                        10;27 AM BBT

                        Oh joy! We now have all four cameras on JMac sleeping.


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                          10:35 AM BBT

                          JMac is up and heads to the HOH room. Everyone is now in the HOH room and shockingly are going back to sleep.


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                            10:52 AM BBT



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                              12:54 PM BBT

                              Vanessa/Johnny Mac

                              Johnny Mac- anything you'd like to talk about?
                              Vanessa- no, I know what I'm doing.. but Steve is stressing out. He wants to know, but I'm not going to tell him. It would just put him in a weird position if I told him.
                              Johnny Mac - yeah that's true... he's more nervous than I am ...

                              Vanessa - literally ... that kid is freaking out... I set him straight this morning.. told him to chill the **** out... like you ( Steve ) are going ( F3 ) one of them ( Johnny Mac/Liz ) is not ..
                              Johnny Mac - yeah

                              Vanessa- he gave me his opinions on it.. and it's weird.. I feel like he was pushing me to keep her ( Liz )
                              Johnny Mac- really?

                              Vanessa- yeah .. which is weird....but whatever.. I am making my own damn decision ... but like.. whatever.. that's the feeling I was getting... he was like trying...

                              Johnny Mac- for real?

                              Vanessa - like not in an obvious way .. but in a way like...
                              Johnny Mac- I've been throwing him under the bus for weeks... so its' fine...

                              Vanessa- in a way .. like trying to imply .. if I take you .. I have to win in Final 3.. just like he'd have to win in Final 3... because we would always take each other .. right? Because we would always take you .. over him... He thinks he wold have an easier chance to win over you ( rather than taking her ) so that was his argument...

                              Vanessa- did he try to throw this last HoH to you?

                              Johnny Mac- no, he hasn't told me that .. he said he "forgot the Zero" ...

                              and we went to HIGHLIGHTS at that point...


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