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Live Feed Updates-September 17-Day 92

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 17-Day 92

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    3:30 BBT

    All quiet in the house. Steve and Vanessa asleep in the purple bedroom. I didn't see where Liz is.


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      8:04 AM BBT

      BB starts waking up the f-3.

      8:19 AM

      Liz and Vanessa talking about their soreness from last night's comp. They snooze some more.

      8:48 AM

      Steve has gone up to the HOH for the lockdown. Liz and Vanessa are making another go at getting up. They talk more about the bruising they have.

      9:00 AM BBT



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        11:43 AM BBT

        Feeds are back and everyone is leaving the HOH room. Vanessa heads to the bathroom while Liz squeals that there are only 3 chairs at the kitchen table. BB has given them more champaign. Liz is going to change back into her pj's and go back to bed. Liz says she can't wait to see this episode and watch them doing the recap. Liz says it was so much cute! Vanessa says she is dead to the world now, (she is heading to bed).

        As you've probably guessed, everyone is asleep. Liz gets up to head to the potty. Vanessa is called to the DR. Liz gets back in bed. She looks into the camera and smiles, blows kisses and then waves.


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          Sorry for the lack of updates.... there wasn't much going on ... in fact this .. pretty much sums up the day/night ( for now )

          Vanessa worked with Liz to prepared for her battle with Steve...

          At one point, Steve even helped Liz study ( go figure)

          Vanessa told Liz that she was impressed by her... and that she feels that she's quicker on her feet that Steve will be.

          Liz and Steve both found a place for themselves to use Skittles and/or M&M's as a study tool...

          They also did their "look back" ( Memory Lane ) segment ( feeds were down for that )


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