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Live Feed Updates-September 18-Day 93

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 18-Day 93

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    3:55 BBT

    All HGS are sleeping. Girls in purple room and Steve in comic room.


    • #3
      9:03 AM BBT

      Still sleeping


      • #4
        11:53 AM BBT

        Everyone has been up at one point or another. Vanessa has seen someone in the DR about her neck pain. They told her to keep icing it. Steve has been jedi training with candy most of the morning. He is the only one awake now as Vanessa and Liz have gone back to bed. One thing of note, when Vanessa sat at the kitchen table earlier to eat, she sat down very gingerly.


        • #5
          12:51 PM BBT

          Liz is up, no idea where Steve went, and Vanessa is still sleeping.


          • #6
            1:07 PM BBT

            Liz is making herself something to eat. Vanessa is still sleeping and no sign of Steve. In case you were wondering, Liz is making Campbell's soup and grilled cheese.


            • #7
              1:13 PM BBT

              There are signs of life from Vanessa. She has pulled the beanie back from her eyes, arms crossed behind her head, and she is staring at the ceiling. Liz, I am pleased to report, is actually dunking her grilled cheese into her soup.


              • #8
                1:19 PM BBT

                Vanessa finally got out of bed and ate the rest of Liz's soup. Again, Vanessa very gingerly sat down. I rewound it to see if Liz did the same, but she sat normally. Vanessa is not feeling well, body wise. I have confirmation that Steve is in bed sleeping. Liz and Vanessa talked a bit about all the banging that Liz has heard going on outside. Liz thinks maybe the comp will be night-ish. Of course, we get lots of FISH! as they talk about production. (Sorry this is so boring).


                • #9
                  1:39 PM BBT

                  Liz- Yoga

                  Vanessa- Sleeping

                  Steve- Sleeping

                  Me- Poking needles in my eyes


                  • #10
                    2:08 PM BBT

                    Steve is up and sitting on the floor between Liz and Vanessa's beds. Steve is chit chatting with Liz and Vanessa is just laying there being very quiet.

                    I am out! If anyone can take over that would be great!


                    • #11
                      Well... there's not much going on ...

                      Example.. I snapped this photo at about 1:30 PM BBT

                      Checked just now 5:48 PM BBT ....and snapped this one...

                      Most of the convos have centered around wondering/worrying/talking/speculating when Part 2 of the HoH competition will begin...

                      Funniest line...

                      Vanessa to Liz- Remember when James said you look like Hey Arnold?
                      Liz- Yeah. ****ing asshole

                      Oh wait.. I take that back...

                      Funniest line...

                      Liz- What if Austin flirts with Jackie in jury house and doesn't like me anymore?


                      • #12
                        6:05 PM BBT

                        Vanessa is giving Liz and Steve a lesson on the power of having a positive attitude ( you know cause she's Positive Polly 24/7 )


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                            7:50 PM BBT

                            FISH to Jeff Loops..

                            Time for Part 2 of the HoH Competition .. Steve vs Liz


                            • #15
                              10:39 PM BBT

                              Still on Jeff Loops..


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