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Live Feed Updates-September 18-Day 93

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    Steve won Round 2

    Steve and Vanessa will face off in Round 3 on LIVE on Finale Night ( Wed)

    The winner of that round will then determine who they want to take with them to the F2 ...


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      Steve- It's done
      Vanessa- We're in finals. That's it.
      Steve- Holy **** .. it's over
      Vanessa - it's over that's it ...

      Steve - I never would have guessed we would have pulled this off.
      Vanessa- I did .. I told you.

      Steve -you did! You ****ing did and you still trusted me when Liz was HoH .. when all the Johnny **** went down ...
      Vanessa- you apologized .. we let it go .. yeah .. **** happens. I told you you were going to win ...
      Steve- Oh My God ...

      Steve- you probably figured out it wasn't HoH order...
      Vanessa - We'll definitely sit down and tell her... there's no reason to right away
      Steve- I trust your judgment
      Vanessa - I know her very well.. I'm going to think about the way to do it ...
      Steve - Derrick and Cody gave Victoria that courtesy last year. I'd love to give that to her.
      Vanessa- It's the right thing to do...
      Steve- I know .. so she won't stress...
      Vanessa- hmmm mmmm
      Steve- then we are essentially playing for bragging rights with the jury

      Steve - I should have beat her by more than 3 minutes.. don't you think?
      Vanessa- I think so .. you have the speed.. know it well.. what tripped you up?
      Steve- nothing
      Vanessa- so she did very well
      Steve- yeah
      Vanessa- damn

      Steve- but it doesn't matter cause it's done
      Vanessa - I'm probably thinking... let it sit tomorrow,.. we'll tell her Sunday or Monday
      Steve- I trust your judgement ...
      Vanessa- I think the later the better...

      Steve- but if we tell her that we've been working together ...
      Vanessa- but then she will feel excluded...
      Steve- Vanessa, I trust you.. you know what's best... you tell me what is best and we will do that ..
      Vanessa- okay

      Steve- I can't believe it ... $50K guaranteed ...
      Vanessa- it's insane...
      Steve- I got $50K for my mom


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        BB announced - Vanessa, Steve, Liz please report to the Head of Household bedroom

        Liz- I can't .. I'm in the shower...


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          Vanessa and Steve head on up...

          Steve -That was close.
          Vanessa- Very.
          Steve- That was close. Too close for comfort

          BB announces again for Liz to report to the HoH Room...


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            Liz joins and the talk is mostly about "why are they up there" ...

            Steve is listening to " the Lion King" ... ( we can hear it through his headphones just a bit )


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              Liz- oh my gosh .. who gets Lion King?
              Steve- the nerdy 22 year old who sleeps with his Teddy Bear and has life issues...


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                ** just to note... during the whole Steve/Vanessa convo ... Vanessa sorta/kinda kept apologizing to Steve for not showing that she was excited for him.. she told him that it's the meds she's on for her neck... that they sedate her...


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                  12:01 AM BBT

                  Steve has decided that he will shower.. and just wear the HoH robe downstairs afterwards to get his clean clothes...

                  Steve tells Liz he has everything.. towels, soap .. etc.. except for his back brush...

                  Liz- you are such an old man!


                  • #24
                    About the time Steve turns on the shower...

                    BB announces that the lockdown is over ...

                    Liz- what the hell?

                    They all head down ...

                    Liz to Vanessa- do you need help getting down the stairs?


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                      Liz tells Steve she's going to make Turkey Burgers...

                      BB - Liz please report to the DR

                      Liz- oh no! I'm not going to be there for another 20 minutes ... sorry


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                        Steve is doing a LOT of muttering to himself

                        One thing he said is - -- she (Vanessa ) might be on to me


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                          12:12 AM BBT

                          Vanessa - okay guys .. goodnight!

                          She heads to bed...


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                            Steve is getting ready to shower ( naked he announced )

                            Liz is drying her hair.... trying to get herself ready for the DR session...

                            Steve and Liz talk about how "Vanessa is out of it" because she's had muscle relaxers


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                              12:25 AM BBT

                              Liz in the DR
                              Steve out of the shower looks in to see if Vanessa is sleeping
                              She appears to be..

                              He heads into the other bedroom... muttering away ... ( it's super hard to hear him )


                              • #30
                                Vanessa to Steve - did you call me?
                                Steve- I did say goodnight Vanessa.. I thought you were asleep
                                Vanessa- I was sleeping...

                                Steve- that's okay... you deserve to sleep ... you earned it with your apples ( endurance comp )

                                Vanessa asks where he's sleeping ..

                                He tells her that it's comforting to him to be in the same room with everyone..


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