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Live Feed Updates-September 20-Day 95

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  • Live Feed Updates-September 20-Day 95

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    6:00 BBT

    All quiet in the house. The HGs are sleeping.


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      10:20 AM BBT

      Cams 1 & 2
      Steve & Liz are letting the awnings down over the windows in the backyard. Liz is complaining. Says she's not doing it again. Steve says he hates to break it to her but they are the only two that can do it. Liz says how did Johnny Mac do this every dayyyyyyyyyyy! ()

      After they finish, Big Brother says, "Thank you for your cooperation".

      They head back in the house.

      Liz still complaining. Saying that was hard work.

      Cams 3 & 4
      Vanessa sleeping.


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        10:23 AM BBT

        Cams 1 & 2
        Liz brushing her teeth. Then heads out to get something out of the backyard fridge. As she passes Steve she says she thinks that was a dig at her (BB thanking them for their cooperation). Steve says he thinks they were actually trying to be nice.

        Cams 3 & 4
        Steve sitting at the table shuffling cards.

        10:24 AM BBT
        Vanessa called to the DR.


        Liz goes and gets back in bed in the Purple room.

        Vanessa sitting at the table eating chips & dip.

        Vanessa & Steve talking. Says she is at about 20% (back to healthy). She doesn't think she'll be back to 100% by Wednesday. She says this isn't normal. She definitely injured her neck.


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          10:31 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2
          Liz sleeping.

          Cams 3 & 4
          Steve & Vanessa sitting at table talking. They were whispering (I guess talking about Liz) so I couldn't hear what they were saying. Then they start talking about how many days until finale. Can't wait to see their family. Steve says something about being done since Day 3 (he's ready to go).

          Just general chit-chat. Talking about playing "52 Pick-up" with the cards. Vanessa knows what it is so Steve says he'll play it with Liz when she gets up. Vanessa says she won't like that.

          (In case you don't know, if you ask someone if they want to play "52 Pick-up" and they say yes, you just throw the whole deck of cards on the floor/ground and tell them to pick them up. There are 52 cards in a full deck)

          (Ok, that was just a couple quick updates. Just general chit-chat now. Nothing major going on.)


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            This morning .... 2 AM BBT

            2:05 AM BBT

            Steve paces around the backyard, practicing what he hopes will be his Final 2 speech to the jury.

            He goes over it several times, rearranging the words, restructuring his sentences, trying to get it "just right" ...

            Here's the jest of it ..

            Steve - about 5 or 6 weeks ago Johnny Mac told me a very simple line... that at first seemed absurd to me. But, the more I thought about it the more I realized it's true. Vanessa is Derrick.

            Steve - Vanessa, you have played the most brilliant game. I mean this as a student and super fan of this game..... you are the most brilliant female player this game has ever seen. Based on what I have seen, you just might be the single most brilliant female player that this game has ever seen.

            Steve - We’re kinda the Hitmen.... that makes me Cody. And because Derrick drove the Hitmen alliance.. Derrick is the one that won the Jury vote and Cody is the one who made the $450,000 mistake by taking Derrick to the end. I can’t make the same mistake Cody made last year.

            Steve - I have been in awe of your game play. I have no idea how you got Austin to put me and Johnny up. I h
            ave no idea.... but I was amazed. I have no idea how you talked Liz in to dropping out of the first part of this HoH, but I was amazed. I have no idea ... how you ... when James was HoH and wanted to go after revenge for Jason’s eviction, I have no idea how you got him to go after Shelli and Clay instead of you. You have repeatedly amazed me with your game play. I have been trying to get you…

            Steve - So... if you're Derrick, that makes me Cody.,,, and we’ve been in a Final Two all season that makes me Cody. I worked with you.. but you were the master manipulator... you were the strategist... you were the one driving the alliance...

            Steve - You drove our alliance ..... way more than I did.... if I were to take you to the F2.... much like when Cody took Derrick to the F2 last year, he lost because of it. I can’t make the same mistake that Cody made last year. Vanessa, I’m so sorry, but I do have to vote to evict you.

            Steve - I'm so sorry that I've had to lie to you over the past few days.. I'm so sorry that I ...

            At this point, Steve talks about past seasons of Big Brother and how the Final 2 have ended. He circles back to comparing himself and Vanessa to Cody and Derrick. He talks about how Vanessa is one of the best strategists in the past 17 seasons of Big Brother. And again how she's Derrick and he's Cody and therefore has to vote to evict her.


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              8:38 PM BBT

              And things are hoppin' ...

              Steve's napping but BB won't let him turn off the lights...

              Vanessa and Liz are playing Gin and drinking Port Wine Sangria ... ( a combo of champagne, apple juice and port wine that Vanessa concocted )

              ** no game talk ...

              ( I'm out .. if anyone would like to jump in if anything interesting happens, that would be greatly appreciated )


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