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Live Feed Updates -September 23- Day 98

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  • Live Feed Updates -September 23- Day 98

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    Click HERE to catch up on some of the game talk over the past 2 days...


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      Currently ~~ They are all dreaming of winning BB17 ...

      Steve, Liz and Vanessa will say "goodbye" to the Live Feeders this morning at 9:45 AM BBT ...

      The live feeds will return around 8 PM BBT for the live backyard interviews after the Season Finale...

      We'll cover that for you right here : )

      It's been my pleasure to be here with you this summer. I hope you've enjoyed the live feed updates.

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        Happy Finale Day!

        9:01 AM BBT



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          All three HG's are up and lively. There is still packing and cleaning to be done. Liz has been making breakfast and talking to us live feeders. She says she will miss us (aww!). Apparently, Vanessa can only stay awake for so long as she has now gone back to bed. Steve says he didn't sleep last night. He and Liz talk about how they never thought they would make it (in the game) this far. Steve asks if they can talk-talk for a sec and Liz says sure. Steve tells her that he and Vanessa have both done some underhanded things in this game and that he has been completely honest to Liz. He asks Liz if there is anything she wants to know from him? Liz says that he has been honest with her, even telling her when he was going to put her up on the block. Now talk turns to general chit chat about getting out of the house.

          Steve feels like he is going to throw up. Liz says she is not going to do the dishes. Now she is back to telling the live feeders goodbye and how she is going to miss us. They talk about what the backyard will look like tonight, how they use pieces from past comps, etc. Liz asks Steve how HG's in the past have said goodbye to live feeds and he says they just said bye, thanks for watching us. Liz has come up with an idea of a special way to say goodbye us. (I will grab a pic when she is finished).



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            9:56 AM BBT

            Liz has finished her bye to us from candy. (I'm thinking BB got Vanessa out of bed for this part). All three are standing around the candied "bye" message and individually saying goodbye to us.

            Liz- Live feeders, I hope you can see this goodbye message I made you. We are going to miss you, thank you for watching us. we are ridiculous and crazy and we love you and we love chocolates as well.

            Steve- I will say that it is very strange to be on the other side of live feeds, it really is. But just let me be the example. If you want to get here, you can do it. Because I was never going to make it here. I was a socially awkward person who didn't do anything but study the casting process like nobodies business and I got here. So there are guests who go to an open casting call completely randomly and get here. It happens.

            Vanessa- I hope we weren't too boring for you guys. Just remember that no matter what it seemed we slept most of the time, we played our hearts out. Everybody here gave it 10,000%

            Steve- Jason didn't really

            Vanessa- We hope you guys will be able to see that and at least found us entertaining. Thank you for being fans.

            All three say thank you for watching us, we love you, etc. (talking over each other)

            Liz- Even though we are the final 3 and competing for half a million dollars, we still kind of like each other.

            Vanessa says that we hate them and Steve says he doesn't really like Liz that much. (hahaha)

            Now they all stand around looking at the candy display, wondering if we can see it ok, and still telling us goodbye and that they love us. A few shout outs to follow them on social media and to tune in to the show tonight at 9:30 eastern. Steve says that's really late and then BB comes over the PA and tells them to report to the HOH room.

            10:01 AM BBT

            Feeds are cut.

            Our Final 3


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              Thanks for being here with us for another season of live feed updates. I have enjoyed transcribing for you and I appreciate that you are forgiving of my typos, (and if you aren't, I probably don't care J/K. Maybe) Don't forget, we have live backyard interviews tonight with Jeff Schroeder. You remember him, don't you?

              Then stay with us as we chat about other shows, post other interviews, and Wil Heuser's final BB17: The Saga. We will be here and hope you will too.

              Love to all!


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                They're back...


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                  Vanessa convinced Liz to drop...

                  Vanessa wins Round One... and advances to Round 3 ....


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                    Liz in the DR - I decide to drop. I just know this next comp against Steve I have to win or I'm going to regret this for the rest of my life.

                    Steve and Liz face off in Round Two ...


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                      Steve wins Round Two and will face off against Vanessa tonight in Round 3


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                        Steve in the DR- I think Vanessa will take me cause she's scared of losing Austin and Julia's votes if she takes Liz.

                        Vanessa in the DR- I feel like my relationship with Steve is strong enough that if he wins he will take me to Final 2.

                        Steve in the DR - I can't beat Vanessa at the end... I know the jury is going to respect me for being the one to finally get rid of her.

                        Johnny Mac arrives to meet the rest of the Big Brother 17 Jury and Dr. Will Kirby...

                        Johnny Mac to the jurors - Why do I always find myself surrounded by LOSERS?

                        As Dr. Will leads the jury to take a look at the Final 3 and their games, there's support for both Liz and Vanessa. The only support that comes for Steve, is based on if he actually wins Round 3 and evicts Vanessa.


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                          Johnny Mac shares that Liz was celebrating when Vanessa won the Veto ..

                          Austin- I can't believe that Liz is at all trusting anything that Vanessa says. It's pissing me off!

                          Dr. Will asked the jury members to raise their hands if Vanessa was responsible for their eviction...


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                            Austin said he would "consider" voting for Steve over Liz, if Steve evicted Vanessa.

                            Round 3 ... Vanessa verses Steve...


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                              Steve wins Round 3 ...


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