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Live Feed Updates- June 28 - Day 11

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  • Live Feed Updates- June 28 - Day 11

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    Cam 3, 3:10 am

    Vanessa opens up to Austin and tells him about the Jace Plan.


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      8:51 AM BBT

      The Power of Veto Ceremony is today and should provide some drama, however since Vanessa gave Austin the heads up on the plan (see Joe's post above ) the drama could start sooner than later...

      (I"m out for just a bit today, so if anyone wants to jump in and update once the HG's are awake, you're help would be greatly appreciated )


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        9:04 BBT

        Vanessa just got up, made coffee and went outside to lay in the hammock. She must have fallen back to sleep because she fell out of the hammock and got up and moved to another seat. Evidently she's gone back to sleep because she isn't moving.
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          9:28 BBT

          Austin is up and has gone outside to sit with Vanessa. (For some reason I'm not getting any sound so I won't be able to do this unless I can find the problem).
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            10:42 BBT


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              Camera 1

              John and Justin sitting outside in the sun. Today is Dr. John's birthday and he's being made French toast by Liz. Vanessa is cleaning on the kitchen Nothing important being discussed other than Big Brother talk as far as when jury starts and some of the ins and outs of the game according to what can be expected according to Justin. No game talk going on as far as conspitacies. Austin has come out to sit with them.


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                (I'm going to have to leave this alone until I learn more about how to post on this site)


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                  11:04 BBT



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                    Cam 1, 11:39

                    Here is a LF close up of supposedly, Julia. It is rumoured that Julia has a mole on her left cheek and Liz does not.


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                      bbt 11:55

                      Everyone is up and grooming for the veto comp.

                      Somebody told Vanessa the plan to backdoor Jace and she Austin who relayed it to Audrey who has told everyone she's come in contact with and is trying to figure out who told Vanessa the plan.

                      Cam 1 - James is pacing on the catwalk

                      Cam 2 Steve, Jackie and Shelli are eating breakfast in the kitchen

                      Cam 3 & 4 is on Jason and Meg watching Audrey put on her make up in the bedroom


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                        bbt 12:15pm

                        Have not room: Clay talking to Austin and Liz as soon as he left the room Austin told Liz that whole conversation was bull, Clay is working with Audrey but they need them to keep thinking they have no idea.

                        Jeff is now in the Have Not talking to Austin and Liz. Earlier Austin told Audrey that he thinks Jeff doesn't like him and his face is obvious... of course Audrey told Jeff and now he's on damage control with Austin.

                        Jeff and Austin discussing who the common denominator is in all the information. Austin says everyone talks to Audrey but he trusts her.


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                          Jeff, Austin and Jace discussing how James is getting ready to make a big move and try to get out one of the guys. Austin is trying to give Jace the heads up so he isn't totally blind sided.

                          Austin and Jeff figured out Audrey has told them both that they are each gunning for each other. They've both agreed to not tell Audrey that they've talked.

                          Jace is freaking out... realizing, odds are he's going up.

                          Austin telling Jeff that Jace is going to go nutz and flip the table when he's nominated.


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                            Jeff now in the cabana room talking to Da'vonne telling her that Audrey is a problem. Da is nodding and agreeing. Jeff says their group will never be strong with Audrey messing things up. They are both saying they need to get Audrey out.

                            Jeff says they need to start meeting with Jason, without Audrey even though she's in their alliance.

                            Jeff tells Da he thinks Audrey is playing the other side too because Jace already knows he's going up. Doesn't understand why everyone is blind.

                            Da' says they need to be subtle because everyone trusts her.

                            They hug it out and split up.


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                              bbt 12:33

                              outside lockdown... getting ready for veto ceremoney


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