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Live Feed Updates - June 29 - Day 12

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 29 - Day 12

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    01:08 A8M BBT, Cam
    Vanessa Shelli Jackie talking & whispering
    Vanessa 'please let me know ridiculous is a a good name for us'
    *Audre enters
    Vanessa 'glad we handled this issue'
    *Vanessa exits
    Jackie exits
    Shelli 'Jeff said Liz was trying to go from Austin now that Jace is no the block. Now i just made things awkward
    Jackier 'no you are fine you do not need to talk game'
    Shelli 'this game has been too much for this week'
    Jackie 'no one talks to me...i just want to chill'
    Shelli *to Jackie 'if anyone should be laying low it should be you'


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      02:03 AM BBT, Cam 1
      James and Jackie talking
      James What is the Vanessa theory ?
      James *Audrey she is behind every ___ thing
      James i think she is america's player
      Jeff let us get her out and get blood on her hands
      Jackie *Audrey is behind the whole girl's alliance


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        James, Da'Vonne, Audrey, Clay - HOH room
        James - we've got a snitch in our group and I'm gonna find out who it is!


        Jason, James, and Meg are convinced that Audrey is the mole in their alliance and that she's the one that told Jace about the song


        3:15 AM

        Coming in on the convo...

        James - So Audrey admitted she was working with Austin and Jace?
        Jeff - Yeah
        James - She has got to go man

        (I'm not really here.... so if anyone comes along and can update, I would be extremely grateful )


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          8:24 am
          Everyone is still in bed.


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            Cam 1, 11:13

            Jason to Clay - Did you do your "good-bye message?" I did mine last night


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              11:52 AM BBT, Cams 1 & 2

              Jason in the shower. John, Liz, Vanessa & Shelli in the bathroom area. They are talking about the Spice Girls and about Barbie dolls and what all they liked to play/do as kids.

              Cams 3 & 4

              Austin & Clay were in the Kitchen. Clay eating. Then Austin goes and joins the others in the bathroom.


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                I'll try to catch us up as quickly as I can ...


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                  The HG's took advance of a down day by the pool...


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                    Jace works on getting John's vote, he tells him that he might not can get everyone's vote, but he can get enough to stay, and John's vote would mean a lot to him...
                    John just doing a lot of mmm hmmm's


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                        Vanessa and Da'Vonne share some time together ...

                        The convo leads to Da'Vonne asking Vanessa a lot of questions about "gambling" ...

                        Da'Vonne - so tell me about your gambling, I've always been interested, but I've always been afraid ( remember she's a poker dealer )

                        Vanessa- well, there are not a lot of women that do it ... so it's kinda like a guys thing

                        Da'Vonne- okay

                        Vanessa - have you ever gambled? What games do you play?

                        Da'Vonne- no, never.

                        Vanessa- okay ... well it's not like it looks on TV... it's not like....

                        Da'Vonne- exciting, thrilling?

                        Vanessa- don't get me wrong ... it's definitely exciting and it's thrilling when a bad day at work means you lose something...

                        Da'Vonne- okay

                        Vanessa- so you've always got something on the line..

                        Da'Vonne - okay

                        Vanessa- so it is exciting... it's like...

                        Da'Vonne - A bad day AT WORK??? That was like your JOB?

                        Vanessa- yeah... so I gambled for a living before I became a DJ

                        Da'Vonne- REALLY????

                        Vanessa- yeah.. for 2 years

                        Da'Vonne- okay.

                        Vanessa - yeah so .. like... a bad day at the office ... you know you have to take risks all the time... my ex-husband that's what he did ... so he taught me

                        Da'Vonne- oh I think I remember you telling me that ...

                        Vanessa - yeah ...

                        At this point she goes on to tell Da'Vonne all about gambling for a living, what gamblers do, finding an "edge" ... etc.

                        Da'Vonne - so when you win do you have to pay the Casino.. like a tip or something...??

                        Vanessa continues to explain ... about blackjack..... sports betting... poker.... she says "it's a very risky game" ... and continues on ...

                        Da'Vonne just taking it all in

                        Vanessa - I'm a very good poker player....

                        She tells Da'Vonne that it's something she can always fall about on if she needs to from her DJ job... to pay a bill or something...

                        Da'Vonne- my uncle always said... a really good poker player.. become a poker dealer... have you ever thought about that?

                        Vanessa- becoming a poker dealer?

                        Da'Vonne- yeah

                        Vanessa- I'm terrible at that ... like that's like a different skill.. I could do it .. because I under stand the game very well... so I could deal... the problem with dealing is that it's also very physical... like that physical part of it ... pitching the cards... I'm SO bad...

                        Da'Vonne chuckles...

                        Vanessa- I'm good with chips... bad with cards...

                        Da'Vonne- okay ...

                        Vanessa- and it's not the most wholesome environment to be in all the time... all you are doing is making money off of loop holes... don't get me wrong I'm very happy I have that skill and if I need it I can go to it.... but I felt like my heart was dying... so that's why I turned to music... it lifts people up... love writing lyrics... it's so much more fulfilling for me right now in this stage of my life... I suppose that is a gamble... and a lot of the people you are around all the time.... a lot of gamblers have a lot of vices... so it's not something I want to be around all the time... so that's why I got into music...

                        ( she never reveals to Vanessa that she's a poker dealer )


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                          Meg, James, Da'Vonne and Jason had a whisper-fest about "Audrey"

                          They all agree that they just have to tell Audrey what she wants to hear... until they find the perfect time to take her out ...

                          Meg tells them that Jeff has been trying to work Liz and he told her that 'she picked the wrong people to hang out with and he will try to help her out, but he will owe him a favor, so maybe have her ( Liz ) or one of the people that she's friends with, win HOH next week and THEY get her ( Audrey ) out ... not them...

                          Jason says he's not throwing any HOH's ...

                          Meg- yeah ... that's just what he ( Jeff ) is talking about ...


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                            backing up to catch Austin//Liz talking about Audrey ...

                            Liz tells Austin she is "laying low"

                            Austin- yep... but there is a monster in me that's going to rage... soon ... he's growing.

                            Austin tells her "that its' smart of her to lay low... and that Jace didn't understand that"

                            Austin- if we do get HOH ... then we can do this ... we will have to back door her... it's the only way to ****ing do it.. it's the only way ...

                            Austin- I can't believe they expect me to believe that James put up Jace, without getting some sort of deal out of it

                            Liz- oh I know

                            Austin- they said they know nothing about it ... yeah right... he's got an alliance ....

                            Austin- I just want to be able to chill.. don't want to stress about talking too much to her ...

                            Liz agrees

                            Austin say he will never trust James and doesn't think he can trust Jackie

                            Austin- they are playing too fast, talking too much ...


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                              Da'Vonne told Meg and James that Vanessa is a pro poker player.


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