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  • Live Feed Flashback

    This is where you can post any exciting moments from the Live Feeds so that others that have missed it can go and watch for themselves. This can include any arguments, fights, nudity, high-drama moments, etc... that you just KNOW folks would want to watch for themselves.

    Please post the Date, Time (BBT) & Camera Number of the event.

    To Flashback, you simply click on the calendar symbol (it will say "Archives" when you hover over it with your mouse) on the Live Feeds that is right next to where it says, "Live" or "Go Live" and pick the date, time and camera you want to flashback to.

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    If you don't already have the Live Feeds, you can CLICK HERE to get signed up (and help support BBU at the very same time)! Remember this year you're signing up for the CBS All-Access subscription which includes the Live Feeds. Thanks!

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    6-29-2015, Cam 3, 6:04pm

    “The Nom Song’ lyrics
    Created by James, sung by Vanessa and Becky

    “Long hair, don’t care
    Go sit in the nomination chair.”


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      Cam 3, 1:20 p.m. BBT 6-30-15

      Audrey gets the house meeting she wanted. Starts with Day and Audrey, then Vanessa walks in and it goes from there until 1:44 p.m. BBT


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        6/30/15, Cams 3 & 4, Starting about 1:25 PM

        All hell breaks loose...

        Starts out with Audrey & Da'Vonne talking, then Vanessa walks in and confronts Audrey. Da'Vonne gets angry and calls almost everyone in the room (except Jace, Austin & John) and they all confront Audrey.


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          July 1st 1:08 a.m. is pretty funny with Jace going off
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            7-7-2015, Cam 3, 9:52pm

            Da tells Liz (Julia) about the twin suspicion by the house.


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              7-8-2015, Cam 2, 12:54am

              Steve tells Becky about the twin suspicion by the house.


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                7/9 8:21 PM Cam 3

                Jeff "taking care of business under covers" and then wipes it on Julia


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                  7-9-2015, Cam3, 8:18:00
                  Jeff begins polishing his bayonet.

                  Cam3, 8:18:53
                  Jeff – “Ummmm.” Polishing complete.
                  Liz – (Laughing) “I knoooow. OMG, I’ll be right back. Stop. I’m going to the bathroom. You’re the one about to burst before”
                  Jeff – “I feel great now.”
                  Liz – “Yeah, just let it out.”

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                I googled Jeff bb17 and found an interesting one pre-googate. July 5th at 2:50pm. Conversation between Jeff and Liz


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