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Live Feed Updates-June 30-Day 13

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  • Live Feed Updates-June 30-Day 13

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    Audrey, Shelli, Clay, and Jason are now in bed in the purple bedroom. Day and Meg are outside with Jace. James and Jeff are in the kitchen.


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      Jason, Day, Meg, and James are outside with Jace right now talking about Audrey. Jason says Audrey was the BB jackpot when the producers saw her because she was a master manipulator. Jace wants to call a house meeting tomorrow (Later today). The rest say they have to be more subtle because their games are at stake.

      Jace tells Jason that the "plan" to backdoor Jason did not come from him. Audrey is trying to tell Meg that Jason and Day are working with Jace. Meg asks why would they do that (I don't think she's buying what Audrey is trying to sell).

      Meg went in to go to bed and gets grilled. Clay gets back up and goes outside.


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        James, Day, and Jeff touch base briefly in the kitchen. Basically everybody in the house is on to Audrey and she is going out next week. Everyone has to play to keep Audrey from getting HoH next week. No matter who gets it she is out.

        Meg is back up and outside. Says she can't keep lying to people. She is telling them about Audrey questioning her and asking her why everybody is fighting. Lots of talking about Audrey causing all this drama. Meg just wants to sleep and she doesn't have the energy to deal with all this.


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          Audrey has now woken Shelli up to tell her Jace is outside with everyone. Shelli got up and went outside. Meg, Jason, Day, Shelli, and Clay are talking about they all still need to stick together to get the others out and how nuts Audrey is. Jame is also hovering. They're comparing stories about Audrey and explaining how she has manipulated to make them paranoid of each other.

          They're talking about playing along because she can't know right now. They don't want her to switch to the other side.

          Talk about her being a saboteur. (I also heard her referred to as a Ronnie (BB11)).

          Jason says they need a manipulator bootcamp to deal with her. James says they need to dump everything she has said out of their memory banks. Talk about her dreams, etc.

          Audrey now has Jeff in the bedroom grilling him and throwing the others under the bus. She is really paranoid about what Jace is going to tell them.


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            8:10am BBT

            All hamsters are sleeping.


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              9:59 AM BBT Everyone sleeping except one of the blondes (either Vanessa or Liz I can't tell) is outside on a chaise lounge by herself.



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                Jeff fessing up to "Austin that he slipped up and told Clay about the "evict Audrey" plan. Austin tells Jeff that Clay agreed to the plan this morning with him.


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                  Sounds like everyone in the house believes that Audrey is an "America's Player/Sabatuer" cuz what she is doing doen't make sense. This may be coming on the heels of the house speculation that Audrey is being fed info from the DR last night.


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                    10:25 AM BBT Austin and Clay in the storage room talking about Audrey being the instigator and Jace her innocent victim. Liz comes in and Clay leaves. Austin fills her in on Clay joining their side now.


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                      It sure seems like a Week 2 blindside of Audrey is a go, but time will tell.

                      2 blindsides in 2 Weeks, though normal in Survivor, seems to be a first for BB. I hope it works.


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                        10:48 AM BBT Jeff talking to Liz in the kitchen (at least I hope it's Liz) about Jace throwing everyone under the bus while Jace is exposing Audrey. Jeff says after Jace is out of the house, they will be able to blame everything (?) on Jace. Jeff says that everything is going great (as far as getting Jace out with a house vote and setting Audrey up for the fall next week). Austin has joined the convo and is telling Liz that they need to make sure that Audrey doesn't win HOH next week. Jeff had to change his batteries and when he comes back, he tells Austin that Jace went crazy last night. Jeff says that Jace was cornering everyone last night and telling them weird stuff. Austin asks if Jace freaked everyone out and Jeff says that they were all scared.


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                          10:53 AM BBT James joins Jeff and Liz in the kitchen (Austin left to evacuate his bowels). James tells them that he feels bad and that he has put up an innocent person (Jace). James is called to the DR. Jeff and Liz continue their whisper-fest. Jeff is going over what they should say to Jace (need to vote with the house kind of stuff). Jeff tells Liz that they need to distance themselves from Clay.
                          Dentist John and Vanessa are outside chit chatting.


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                            11:00 AM BBT Austin returns and he tells Jeff that Clay approached him earlier and told Austin that he (Clay) said Audrey was blowing his (Clay) game up and he was done with her. Austin says that Clay shook his hand on the fact that Clay was not with Audrey anymore.


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                              11:10 AM BBT James has rejoined the kitchen crew and he is telling them that he wants to tell Jace that even if Jace should go, he might as well pack Audrey because she is going next.


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