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Live Feed Updates - July 1 - Day 14

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 1 - Day 14

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    5:42 AM
    Cams 1 & 2
    Sleeping houseguests

    Cams 3 & 4
    Jace in the backyard by himself trying to juggle apples.


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      5:45 AM
      Cams 3 & 4
      Jace still in the backyard by himself but he's went from juggling to stacking/placing stuff all on and around the thing that holds the dumbbells, including shoes, beach balls, towels, shovels, pool sticks, rackets, a glass, chairs, etc... like he's trying to make an art piece or something.

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        6:06 AM
        Cams 3 & 4

        Jace lying on the hammock staring at his project. Starts talking to the Live Feeders. Says for you live feeders that are wondering what the hell that is, it's live art. I have nothing to express myself with. Can't sleep. Looks like I'm going home and I didn't even really get to play. He says his live art is called, "I'm Leaving". He says that's what happens when you don't have a pen and paper, kids. And you can't sing. He says don't get it wrong I am grateful to be here. Says he should have played different. Tough game, guys, tough game. Gives out his Instagram address. If I would have been quiet and reserved I'd probably still be here. Should have played like Derrick. If I would have f***ing shut up. If you guys ever get the chance to play in this game, trust no one, not even the all-American girl or all-American guy. When I come out of this house you guys could hate me. I don't know what footage you saw. If you get a chance to come in here act like you suck at the game. Says he should have tried to get on the block because he could have easily got himself off and then would be safe. He says it's no one else's fault but himself, not James, not Audrey, no one but himself. Says it's just a minor set back of his dreams. Says he doesn't know if he's suppose to be talking to us so he won't look at the camera. If you are a fan I'm sorry. If you hate me, I'm not really sorry, seriously. I'm sure some of you do. Sorry mom, sorry dad, sorry uncle. I let you guys down.
        (Note: all of this isn't word for word, just the basics of what he said)
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          6:18 AM BBT
          Cams 3 & 4

          Jace heads in the house, washes his feet off in the shower and uses the bathroom. Washes his hands and heads to bed. Now all houseguests are in bed and/or sleeping.


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            7:11am BBT

            All hamsters still sleeping.


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              8:49 AM BBT

              Still sleeping the day away.


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                9:01 AM BBT



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                  (Have a teleconference in 10 minutes so can't stay long)

                  11:11 am BBT
                  Storage Room
                  Clay and Jace

                  Jace: So if there is a way to save me and not get any blood are your hands, are you willing to do it?

                  Clay: Yeah (distractedly as he's putting on his microphone)

                  Jace: I think I can secure the votes but these people that I have are going to be very weary of you and Shelli. I have a plan. The people you are working with are going to be just as quick to cut you out as they were with me.

                  Clay: I'm not worried about that.

                  Jace: I get that but you were. I don't blame you for the backdoor thing. I know that you may have known about it but there was nothing you could do but now that I'm in this position I really need your help. It's a slippery slope. I mean, I can't say anything but I have a plan how I'm going to get you all in the same room and convince everyone to vote for me.

                  Jace proceeds to tell Clay that he's going to get Clay and Shelli together at 5am. Wants Clay to get Shelli on-board by talking to her today and then letting Jace know later if she is in. Jace says he will never turn his back on anyone that saves him. He is their shield, gun, weapon, etc. because they too a chance on him. Clay questions whether or not people are just telling Jace they are with him. Jace says they are and they are all going to get together at 5am. This could be the first real alliance, etc. Jace thinks James is power hungry and wants to hold the meeting in a place where James can't see. Clay agrees but is very nonchalant about it. Jace leaves.


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                    1120 am BBT
                    Cams 3 & 4 are in kitchen
                    Liz (Julia?) is doing dishes and Johnny Mac is sitting at the kitchen bar.Jeff walks in and there is mild chit chat.

                    Cams 1 & 2
                    Bathroom area
                    Austin & Jace

                    Jace filling Austin in on his convo with Clay. Austin says that Clay needs to be in a position to put up or shut up. He says there is a good chance people are just telling Jace what he wants to hear. Jace says he has to do it and continues to tell Austin why he might end up staying but agrees it is a long shot.


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                      12:21 PM BBT Cam 3&4
                      Austin and Liz (I think) have been talking forever about the status of the house. Austin is complaining about the way Jace is playing right now. Austin thinks that once Audrey is gone, they need to make Jeff their new Audrey because Jeff is playing both sides too. They have been going back and forth about what everyone has been saying such as Clay and Shelli plan to throw the HOH comp.


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                        12:33 PM BBT

                        Austin thinks if he wins HOH this week, Clay and Shelli will be kissing his ass. Even though he said Jeff was the new Audrey, he is now saying Clay and Shelli are. He is speculating that since everyone is mad at Audrey, people may want to keep her in and go for someone else to evict.
                        Da is in the kitchen making herself something to eat. Everyone else is asleep.
                        BB tells them over the PA to clean the bathroom today including the mirror over the sink.


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                          12:49 PM BBT

                          Austin and Liz still talking. They have criticized every person in the house for their gameplay. Da is still making her slop.


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                            Audrey went upstairs to try to get James help turn Jason and Day to keep Jace. She at her lowest point. She can't get any lower according to her. She told him that Jeff is trying to put together another alliance. She names who is in it Jeff, Meg, Austin Clay, Shelli. Jackie. James doesn't seem to believe her and doesn't really want to take Jace's word for anything because he has a reason to lie to him. Audrey keep telling James to ask Jace.

                            The rest of the house is preparing for prom tonight. Condoms for balloons, but noone wants to blow them up. Vanessa made up a rap to invite Day to the prom.

                            James now is wanting to talk to Jace to get his side without Audrey being there to lead him.


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                              James went downstairs to get Jace, but Jace is cooking and asked for James to give him a few minutes. James is in the purple bedroom now talking to Meg about Audrey craziness. Shelli also sleeping in there.

                              Audrey wet her hair and put it in a towel so she would look like she was in HoH showering. Looks like shee is eating now.

                              The rest are talking, having fun, lots of squealing going on.

                              James and Meg went in to the have not room to talk. I heard James say Jeff and then fish. James asked her about Jeff. She said she couldn't say anything about Jeff's game, to ask him. Meg assures him that she hasn't heard his name come up.

                              James is telling Meg everything Audrey said about Austin and Vanessa doing Jace's dirty work when he is gone and the other outsiders can be flipped because they weren't part of the 8. Vanessa comes in and they talk about her prom proposal and other joking stuff. Lots of laughing.


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