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Live Feed Updates-July 2-Day 15

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 2-Day 15

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    Steve, Jeff, and Meg talking in the bathroom

    Steve has never had a serious relationship. He is saying that he doesn't have pet peeves about people with the little things they do. He doesn't really get annoyed with people unless they are mean or spout opinions about things they are not informed about. He has to ask people about why someone isn't liked.

    Jeff talking about what he's learned in life. What you need in life comes in stages. Talking about women.

    Steve is trying to force himself out of his shell.

    They're talking about their relationship stuff. Steve wants a social butterfly so she gets him out and he can be the cuddling rock for her. (AWWWWW).

    Clay and Shelli are on the other camera talking about food. Shelli wants a napolean, neapolitan, ... something. They're just chatting about random stuff. Getting to know each other.

    Steve is running through the list of BB couples and giving Meg an update on their relationships.

    Camera switches to James and Jeff in the Have not room to see where everyone is sleeping. Jeff kind of sorry about being mean to Jace, but he really can't because Jace was playing Audrey's game. They're looking for some food and Coke.


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      Steve joins Jeff and James in the kitchen. James asks Steve why his pledge name was P**sy Thrasher. Steve says it was as simple as it was ironic because he was exactly the opposite.

      They also discussed the schedule and when the new Have Nots will be named.

      Steve is getting some chinese food now.

      Jeff and James go back to the bathroom. Steve is still getting his food.


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        Jace is in Hammock room now talking to Shelli (Clay is gone) about relationship stuff. There's a girl he's sorry he's not still with. Shelli was only married a year and a half, she realized when they got back from the honeymoon that they had made a mistake. Fish (The ex didn't sign a release apparently).

        In the bathroom Jeff, James, Steve talking. Steve is keeping Jackie. He says she is here to play the game while Jace just get personal so he would rather have Jackie here.

        Camera 3 & 4 Becky is up in the kitchen. James asks her if Jace is the only one sleeping in the Have Not room. Becky goes back to bed and Steve and James start whispering wondering what Jace is talking about with Shelli.

        James goes in and crawls in bed with Clay to tell him about Jace talking to Shelli and asking him if they are talking about game.


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          8:30 AM BBT, All Cams

          All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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            9:55 AM BBT

            Liz, Vanessa, and James are the only ones up. They are in the kitchen making breakfast.



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              10:01 AM BBT
              Liz is giving the live feeders a news update. She says they really appreciate the Chinese food that we voted for them to have. She says they don't know how hot or cold it is outside because they have been on lockdown. She lets us know that tonight is the live eviction, so we should stay tuned.
              Now everyone is chit chatting about their ethnicity.


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                10:07 AM BBT
                Audrey and John are talking in the HOH bathroom. John is saying that he felt bad vibes with a group last night and that the bad vibes were about Audrey. Audrey tells him that she couldn't figure out why Jeff approached Jace and told Jace that Jace needs to blow up Audrey's game before he leaves. John is claiming he has no idea about any of that because no one has told him exactly what was going on. Audrey says she thinks that she is just an easy person to pin everything on and all the people in the big alliance have thrown her under the bus. Audrey tells John that if she wins HOH, he is not her target. She says she is going to target the person she feels is the one who is leading this targeting against her.


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                  10:13 AM BBT

                  Day and James in the kitchen talking. Day is saying that it's really going to hit everybody and they will know that they are playing now. James says 14 days is a long time for one person. Liz comes and joins them and Day tells her that she was just telling James that tonight, one of these pictures on the wall will be black and white.


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                    Gotta run and take my grandson to lunch. If anyone can jump in, that would be great!


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                      10:45 BBT - Fish


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                        10:53 am BBT cam 3 - Audrey in HOH room talking to someone off camera about why she shouldn't trust clay..Sounds like Vanessa. yep, vanessa. Liz was in there, I think because she got called to DR and someone left.

                        Vanessa telling Audrey she shouldn't be giving people so many details about other people because of her skill set, obviously she could be a lawyer - people are scared of her and she needs to placate their fear.

                        that she needs to reintegrate into the group and stop talking game for a few days or she is going to get booted for no legitimate reason. Audrey looks like she's crying, of course.


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                          10:58 bbt...audrey to vanessa saying people have come back even after falling farther than she has fallen and that things that go around come back around.


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                            Liz blows it, but no one catches it.

                            Cam 1, 10:19am

                            James, Da and Liz talking at the dining room table and looking at the memory wall –

                            James – You look totally different in that picture.

                            L – Me?

                            Da – Yes

                            L – Well, I didn’t have these roots, first of all.

                            Da – did you request dye?

                            L – Yes, I brought dye. I knew. That’s how fast my hair grows. That was like 2-3 weeks ago.

                            Da – We’re gonna see pictures of you as a brunette.

                            L – That’s funny though. I started dying it at a young age. We used to….I used to put that stuff called “sun in” and it’s so bad for you.


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