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Live Feed Updates - July 3- Day 16

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 3- Day 16

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    Becky and Shelli made their nominations and we have new Have Nots for the week - CLICK HERE for that update


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      You can also catch up on yesterday's Live Feed Updates Thread : )


      ( I'm out if anyone is up and wants to update )


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        We are at Fish. Possibly the Battle of the Block going on right now.


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          Back. Steve and Jason won the Battle of the Block and dethroned Becky. John and Davonne remain on the block.

          Audrey approached John and asked him to choose her if he had the chance. She would like to fight for him.

          They are speculating that the PoV will be later today because of the holiday (they only want to pay a skeleton crew for holiday and weekend pay)


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            Have nots (Meg, James, Jason, Davonne) have gone to bed but are strategizing on PoV and who can go up.

            Jason said that they will be picking PoV players later today and then Veto

            Shelli and Clay are in bed in HoH talking. Shelli feels bad about asking John to throw it. He has asked to talk to her so they think someone else talked game with him. She says that he was upset. Clay offered to go get him but Shelli said no, that would make it obvious.

            In a whiny girly voice she says I need a hug, I feel bad... (Blech)

            They settle down to sleep.

            Back to Have Nots-Jason says that everybody better pray to the BB gods that Shelli really does backdoor Audrey. James says that he has a gut feeling that she will send Audrey home. Jason feels that while Clay puts on a face that he is mad at Audrey, Shelli is closer to Audrey

            Switching to bathroom now. Becky and Steve in the bathroom. Liz/Julia is also there and Jeff comes in. Talking about Becky's basket, pictures, sisters.

            Video switched to HaveNots, but the audio is still on bathroom.


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              Jason is speculating on a twin twist, but he thinks it's a guy that's switching. If there's a twin twist it must be John. Jason is telling them about the twist in season 5. They're laughing because of the JohnnyMac nickname and whether Mac could be because of the Matthew that Audrey heard.

              Meg wants to go stare at Johnny. LOL Jason says he looks way more attractive then he usually does.

              Meg goes out to look at him and Jason follows him.

              They pass Liz and Austin in the living room as they are on their way to bed. Meg went in to the bedroom to stare, I think Audrey was awake watching her.


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                Jeff comes in and they are telling him the theory. Season 5 had two additional twins (Diane and Drew) in addition to the twins that were switching out. They say John is the only one generic enough and showing no personality to do it.

                Jeff goes over and is teasing and poking at Meg.


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                  John goes upstairs and they turn on the lights.

                  Shelli wants to make sure he is okay. He says that he didn't want to be too excited. He says that Day did soooooo bad that he thought maybe she was throwing it, which made him a little nervous.

                  They reassure him. Shelli feels better. Laughs, High Fives. Clay reassuring him too.

                  John is asking them who he should pick if he gets HG choice. They say Clay, but if he is already picked he can get Vanessa.

                  John tells them that Steve told him he's good.

                  They assure him he will not be the perpetual pawn. They're going to stick together.

                  In the Have Nots they were talking about the hinky vote and are pretty sure Audrey did it.


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                    Steve is eating, wanders in to the Have Not room. Meg says she is not eating the slop this week.

                    John still talking with Clay and Shelli telling him they'll ride together. They talked about Davonne being so controlling.

                    John leaves.


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                      Some of them are staying up because they are still doing DRs.

                      The Have Not crew are now talking about Jace and how he was on the show for exposure because he's a singer. He would sing all the time. Jason says that he sealed his fate in the first three days. He was so dumb and said things like he was going to buy a space ship.

                      Meg teases him that he is being such a bully. They then move to how they are being portrayed.

                      Davonne is out of the DR. She runs to get something out of her bag and then goes to the bathroom. As she goes through the kitchen John and Steve are there talking. John talking teeth and toothpaste.

                      Davonne in the bathroom is talking to herself telling herself to get it together. She is crying and trying to get it together.


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                        10:17 AM

                        We have FISH so they are probably waking up the houseguests.


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                          10:28 AM

                          Cams 1 & 2
                          James, Clay & John in the bathroom area.

                          Cams 3 & 4
                          On sleeping houseguests in the Have-Not room.

                          BB announces that the lights must remain on during the day so someone gets up and turns the lights on in the Have-Not Room.


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                            House is waking up. Dentist room lights are on and general chit chat; Jason just walked in and making sure everyone is up in Dentist Room. Jason complaining that they kept everyone up until 9:00am this morning..


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                              Starting at 10:34 AM

                              Cams 1 & 2
                              Clay & John in the bathroom area still. Clay in the mirror getting ready for the day and doing his hair. Clay & John talking about comedians and what the twist might be.

                              Cams 3 & 4
                              James goes in the HN Room and tells everyone to get up. He's getting his clothes together and says he's getting ready to take a shower... a cold shower.
                              He heads back to the bathroom area.
                              Gets in the cold shower and is cussing.

                              Nothing really going on right now.


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