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Live Feed Updates - July 3- Day 16

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    Clay and John in the bathroom discussing what the "Last Laugh" could be. Speculating that it might have to do with the next houseguest eviction.

    Jason just came in and headed into his "Cold" shower.
    Jason - Just gotta do it. (He's jumping up and down). Yep, it's cold; this will wake your a$$ straight up.


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      10:43 AM

      John has went back to bed. Clay gets called to the DR. James just finished his shower and is in the bathroom area by himself.

      Cams 3 & 4
      Clay walks into the HOH room to put on a shirt. Says Good Morning to Shelli. They chit chat a little and Clay heads to the DR.

      BB: Da'Vonne, Vanessa, James there are fresh batteries in the storage room.


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        Nothing going on. Everyone basically back to sleep...


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          1:10 BBT

          Davonne talks to Shelli in the Hammock room to ask her how she became a target when she thought Audrey was everybodies target this week.

          Shelli responds that either of them could be the target, but the reason Day is up there is because she and Shelli haven't developed a game trust.

          Davonne goes to the Have Not room talks to James and tells him, and asks him if he knew she was going up.


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            Clay, Meg, and Steve were chosen.

            Shelli drew HG choice and chose Clay.

            Davonne is still in the Have Not room going off about people being afraid and tip toeing around Clay and Shelli. She says that's why she is being targetted, because she does't tip toe around anybody.


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              Davonne is packing up her stuff in the Have not room. She asked James if Meg and Jeff were with Shelli and Clay. he said he didn't think so.

              Jeff came in. Davonne started talking about she was getting the vibe from the house that even if Audrey was on the block with her she would go home. They are trying to tell her tht that's not likely.

              Now Davonne is saying that she shouldn't have exposed Audrey and she should have let other people do it because that is why she is being targetted now. After she took the blood for everybody.


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                Day is saying that she came in the house with one strategy and it didn't change until yesterday. There was talk that someone (I don't know who they were referring to) is afraid to go to bed. Jeff says yeah, he goes to bed and them gets up in the middle of the night and things have changed.

                They're talking about the ones picked wouldn't use the veto. Jeff is telling her that if Audrey is up there he thinks Audrey would be voted out and Shelli wouldn't put any one else up because that would expose them.

                Vanessa (I think) comes in and Jeff leaves. No talk really in the room now.


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                  Yes that was Vanessa. When she leaves Day says that she has an alliance with them. They say she has no alliance but it's Lies, LIES. She has an alliance probably with Liz too and Austin.

                  Steve comes in and asks if it's ok if he comes in to take a nap. Davonne says yes, she's done and leaving. James doesn't want to go out there because he doesn't want to give them an excuse to put him up.

                  Camera 3&4
                  Liz and Austin in lounge

                  Austin says he keeps telling Audrey she is not allowed to talk game. She's like Jace, she just can't help herself.

                  They're joking that they need an exorcism to get the demon out of her. She can't stop gaming.

                  Liz asks Austin if he has talked to Becky. He says "before?"

                  They're talking about with Shelli as Hoh, she and Clay are seen as the power duo rather than them. They think that Day is the target, especially with the way she is acting today. Austin is saying that he thinks Steve trusts him because Austin was trying to tell him last night that he was probably going up. Austin says that he hopes that Shelli just wins it.

                  Their thoughts on people-
                  James, Jason, and Day have been scheming in the back room. Jeff on both sides. Jackie is kind of fringy. She's talking more to this side. Audrey can't stop. They need to talk to Becky because noone else will talk to her now that she has no power.

                  Darn they switched to storage room with Day and Meg.


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                    Camera juggling.

                    Liz and Austin now on 1&2 but it's the end of the conversation and Liz leaves. Vanessa in the bathroom getting ready. Meg come sout of toilet.

                    Switch to purple room. Clay talking to Jeff who is in bed. Jeff is relaying Day's conversation with him on why she is the target now. Jeff wants to finalize the people they have now. Clay is asking if they have talked to Jackie. Jeff says that they HAVE to get rid of Audrey next week. Clay is telling Jeff that he is not trying to f him over this week. Shelli is trying to avoid her and Clay keeps telling Audrey to keep her mouth shut this week.

                    Switching to Shelli and Meg in HoH.


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                      Meg is in bathroom talking to Shelli trying to figure out what the plan is because apparently Shelli didn't talk to anybody. Meg tells her that her concern is that if somehow John goes home this week then people like Becky, Jackie, Steve are not going to trust her because the house target is still there. People are coming by.

                      Jackie has been called to the DR and they say it must be about to start. Jackie is the host.

                      Clay has come in and they move to the lounge. Meg is saying that if Audrey does not go up everyone is going to be livid. Clay is saying that if anyone says something just tell them that the house can get her out next week. Meg says that they are thinking that since Becky put up Jason and Shelli put up Day they think they are trying to put up a power couple. Shelli thinks that for her Day needs to go home first even though she knows Audrey is dangerous and needs to go home.

                      (Someone needs to tell Clay that if they kick the can down the road with Audrey then noone will get her out. Happens so many times)

                      Meg is just advising them that the others will not understand and they need to talk to them. Megs says that she wants to win just so Day doesn't.

                      Anybody out there that can help out?


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                        Some talk about Jason knows he's a target now. He said that he knew Day wouldn't go a long way in the game, but he feels like he's a target. Jeff is ok, he understands and James seems to be ok.

                        Fishes and then Jeff. The POV comp has started.


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                          3:30 BBT

                          Still on Jeff clips.


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                            Production Camera Mishap during POV set up

                            Cam 3, 1:00:54 and goes on for about 35 seconds


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                              Meg and James are talking about who they are going to put up.
                              Shelli and Clay are talking to Becky in the HoH explaining to her why Da'vonne is the target.
                              Shelli came down to get John to talk. He is with Vanessa and Shelli says Vanessa can come up too.

                              Before John comes up it sounded like they are going to talk to John about not using it.

                              Shelli is talking really fast and is breathless. She sounds nervous/

                              Shelli says that there are two options.
                              1. He doesn't use the PoV
                              2. If he does, he chooses the person to go back up. (Then the blood is on his hands.)

                              John says that he is using it. If he doesn't then it would out them. He says he doesn't care who they put up.

                              Vanessa says that she doesn't want to say in front of all of them. Vanessa goes through the guys that could go up are now safe, so it hs to be a woman. Liz no because Shelli could still work with her. Jackie-Shelli says no she promised her. Becky-no, Shelli says she deserves to be safe this week. Vanessa says Meg. Shelli doesn't want to put up Meg. Shelli says that that only leaves putting up Liz.

                              Meg comes up to go to the bathroom and barges in. Vanessa leaves. Shelli tells Meg they talked to Becky.

                              Clay and John come back in.

                              Meg is saying they don't want it to look like they're just putting up a pawn. Clay and Shelli say they don't care what it looks like. Meg brings up the twist and how that could affect it.

                              Clay says he would do it. Shelli says no.

                              Meg says they (the other side) trust Jeff, James,

                              Liz comes up again but they're afraid that she has noone to fight for her but Day does. They go through James and Jason and who they would vote for. It comes back around to Liz.

                              Shelli wants to talk to Liz, Austin, and Jeff. Meg says to do it separately.


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                                Shelli and Clay continue to go round and round upstairs.

                                meanwhile downstairs...

                                John is changing clothes in the bedroom, VAnessa is in bed, and Austin comes in. VAnessa tells Austin that they asked John not to use it. She and Austin both tell him he has to use it. That in the past when someone didn't use it they went home. Congratulating John.

                                Now Jeff comes in with a blow up giraffe. His name is Geoffrey he says. Meg comes in too and tells him it could be girl and throws out female names, Jennifer.

                                They have decided on Giselle for the giraffe and say she is a wh*re. They are putting clothes on the giraffe.m Clay comes down. James is also there.

                                Camera switches to comic book room. John is talking to Vanessa. Vanessa is talking to him. She tells him the odds of him going home if he doesn;t use are extremely low, but with the twist it's hard to tell.

                                Vanessa says two more weeks and it's going to get weird. Vanessa is talking about it being awkward for the HoH to ask your opinion. She doesn't mind but she really doesn't want Day to go, she gets along with her, but...

                                John saying again if he doesn't use it it will be sketchy.

                                Looks like Shelli is talking to Jackie upstairs.



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